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bonnie rose

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open your eyes

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question your comfort

challenge your conditioning

inspect your habits

examine your beliefs

scrutinize your reasoning

analyze your motives

interrogate your"SELF"

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Burning Man

the wonderful people of Spikes Vampire Bar ~
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we've crossed paths 10,000 miles

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and gosh darn it people like me...

October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweeen
November 2, 2005
Though it seems that I'm just joining the bandwagon of Bonnie Rose Admirers, I'll give my two cents. Bonnie is a bright light that shines in many directions. She is constantly evolving into new places of her heart and mind, as well as sharing her beauty and perpective with others. She's as gorgeous inside as she is outside. I'm glad to know her. (I'm glad to know you.)
October 30, 2005
Not having met Bonnie Rose (yet), she seems one of those most fun people you'd like to meet.
Since I'm a fun person myself, I expect our first meeting to be most enjoyable. I should most definately bring a camera, and maybe the game of twister :-)
October 19, 2005
my sweet and delicious bonnie rose - how I adore you! you are brimming full of love and passion ... it envelopes every aspect of your life ... your friendships, your lovers, your art ... you are delicious fun bundeled in a package that is too beautiful for mere words to capture ... the balance between inner beaty and outer beauty makes you truly unique ... someone I adore, treasure and admire ... smooches and love to my sweet bonnie rose
October 18, 2005
I want to take the chance, just to say... I know Bonnie Rose just a little, but since I've met her i've been appreciating a load of things in my life i didn't even care about before ,this probably won't mean anything particular to all u out there but it does to me, crazy and wild, such an interessing person, gets me wild weird and crazy, I'd just like to know her better and i'd be afraid i could never get to all,she 's a fantasy, like the wildest and the hottest u can ever get, she's a dream, a light sparkling bright on thru the rain, to me I feel she definetly has some kind of key, it'll probably be opening some doors in her future, I feel this from the heart, otherwise I wouldn't be saying. I don't know much, this is all i know, but as I told ya, u'll hardly know all...check it!
September 13, 2005
Roo, I'm so glad you were there. I knew my first burn would be unforgettable. But with you there it was unforgettable... on a trampoline... watching the sunrise after a crazy night. I'm so glad we met. I feel like my eyes reopened.

I now know that I've neglected my art for too long. Your enthusiasm and that of the rest of the Playa woke me up again. Ideas keep running through my head.

Thank you for reminding me that life is about living the moment, unafraid. -= Grinn =- ;)
September 13, 2005
Roo is a glimmering tempest that stormed unexpectedly into my life, took my breath away and ate all of my cheerios. I had SO much fun getting to know this fabulous woman during our adventures on the playa. Bonnie Rose carries the divine stamp of Muse approval. XOXOXO
September 12, 2005
great painting on Spike's stage!

Wow you are awesome in many ways!

yeah - it's true - I state the obvious... You rock... yep. *nodding head sagely*

I barely know you and it's already apparent - Your artwork jumped out at me - I like it a lot and I want to see more!

I admit I have not yet read your whole profile, but I will, to discover more of your richness of qualities.

To extoll your physical beauty would be banal, but I will anyway - I just reviewed some of your photos - wow! you are sure cute! and hot! oh my!

O.K. eyes back in sockets now, recovered composure...

I've enjoyed your posts in your lovely tribe, where sweetness and love prevails.

You are obviously amazing, and also a very fun and interesting person.

I look forward to getting to know you better and appreciating ever more.

just add mine to the stack of testimonials!
September 12, 2005
Scratch a sex kitten, rouse a tigress. Fair of face and form, indeed she certainly is; a demure bystander, though ... not even close! Much more accurate to call her a globetrotting adventuress, with gi-normous curiosity about the world and its wonders, a bottomless well of heart and passion, and unfair portions of talent and drive. While you're doing a risk analysis on one or more of your aspirations, she's up to her lovely eyes in a big undertaking, damn the torpedoes. This 'bonny' rose definitely has thorns...and for once, we don't mind them a bit.
September 10, 2005


sorry, but had to post this after you hit
me with your sex truck thing XOXOXO
August 17, 2005
Every joule of energy coming off of this angel speaks volumes to my heart like gospel testimony... an interaction of original intensity, a unique spark, flaming potential... I am still so far away from the end, but could she be the light at the end of the tunnel? Anything is possible.........
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se voui cominciare capire mia

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Radical Lizzie

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foot prints...

cure for the lost
( miscellaneous » websites ) "the threat" threaten them. the best thing i have found is black male and blatant threats. if you make it clear up front that they need to obey you or be left behind forever then it usually is efficient. but really if you just accept the motto of while you hav... read more
recommendation posted on Fri, May 20, 2005 - 1:53 AM
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~-~good vibes~-~

I just want to be someone known to you as me; and i will bet my life you want the same -- Bobby Darin

Henry David Thoreau said, "There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself."

Dance free upon the earth
Swim deep in the ocean of love
Soar high with the birds in the sky
Live love laugh dream create until you die
- carpe diem - Savannah Skye

Independent travel is one of the most powerful forces for tolerance, understanding and democracy the world has.

We each have the responsibility to continue the growth and evolution of humanity. Be aware that what you do and what you create will have a lasting impression on generations to come. With this awareness, create beauty that will nurture and sustain these future generations and contribute to a more loving and beautiful world for them to live in. Allow yourself to visualize and recognize what you can offer as an unconditional gift for the future of humanity.
-Voice of the Galaxy, by Stacia Alana-leah and Raymond Mardyks

There's always a way - if you're committed.

You know youre brilliant; i know you're brilliant; so lets get together and start a revolution!

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product of my passion....

'old man's youthful face' by bonnie rose
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☆it's better to wear out than rust out☆

about me
I'm an artist, consultant, interior designer, friend, sister, lover, bitch, free sprit, fun loving, orginized, on time, careing, worrior princess, from all around the west coast. i can appreciate a romantic gesture, i'm sensitive enough to be kind, caring, and i really want to help people, i'm strong enough to deal with anything life throws at me and i wont let people push me around, i'm ubber independent, i set my own path and am prepared to follow it through. I see the humor in thing, i play with my own style, make art, never overlook "the details", like to eat sushi - sea weed is cool sea weed is fun it gets its food from the rays of the sun, have goals, have dreams, will make you laugh-even if its at me, have quirks, appreciate art, take care of myself, am never afraid to laugh at myself, like dogs and kittens, try to always be there for my friends, try to really listen, appreciate tattoos, talk too much, always want more, feel sexy in a tshirt & jeans, appreciates music, am moving forward,open minded, love to smile, choose to be happy, always obsess about my ideas and persist in advocating and spreading them no matter how it is accepted by society around me, i'm pointed towards the future but am in the moment, but most of all I'm interested in life and enjoy living every BIT of it, even those bits that some times fall on the floor and your not sure if you should pick them up, so you look around to see if anyone is looking, oh yeah I pick'um up, and eat them! 10 second rule. ("if you want to live, jump in my mouth").
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expression of my passion

'tan' by bonnie rose
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Dear Theo;

Bartender Myths - SO TRUE!
Current mood: amused

For all my fellow service industry friends... READ! So funny, and so true!

The Barman Speaks

Our resident bartender skewers the Top 10 myths about drinkmasters

By Ryan Osterbeck

Most people would sell their soul along with Grandma's house and their yarbels for the ability to roll into work at 9pm, pour drinks, drink said drinks, listen to music, dance, party and flirt. Such is the perceived life of a bartender. Sure, we socialize and basically have fun, but some facts need to separated from fiction.

Most bar patrons have severe misconceptions about the actual lives of bartenderswho we are, what we do and why we do it. Also, remember that the interaction between bartender and customer is a delicate one; it's both an economic and a social relationship that has stood the test of time. Most other relationships in life are fleeting but, if managed properly, the partnership between drinkers and their bartenders is sacred. Consider this a pocket-size operating manual for our mutual good times. And, if these points are taken to heart, we can continue to raise our collective glasses and toast to our long, drunken future together.

So forget all those third-person fluff pieces you've read everywhere else. Here it is: the plain truth about bartending, from someone who knows.

Myth 1: Bartenders have the best job.

Swing and a miss. Our job may or may not be more fun than yours, but take a moment to swallow down this shot: While all of you are drinking and having fun, we're working. It is, after all a job. If it was all fun and games, they'd call it something else. And, after you guys are sitting comfortably at My Burger, Denny's and the Mini G with your double cheeseburgers, grand slam breakfasts and Monte Cristos, I'm most likely wiping down bottles, cleaning floor grates and counting money with one eye.

Myth 2: Bartenders love their jobs.

We don't. We do it for money, plain and simple. Bartending gives us the freedom to do other things with our lives, like ... drink with other bartenders.

Myth 3: You can out-drink the bartender.

A more wrong statement has never been uttered; you can't, so don't even try. But, if you're buying, I'll certainly entertain the challenge. I don't care how much you think you can drinkany bartender anytime, anywhere can put you under the table, period. I once made a quick Benjamin by betting that my 110-pound hottie co-worker could down a Three Wise Men shot faster than this supposed "anchorman" drinker from some nameless frat could. Needless to say, the taunts of "You got beat by a chick" echoed loudly and relentlessly through the bar all night long.

Myth 4: Bartenders need to earn tips.

We don'twe need to earn good tips. Tipping a dollar per drink is your obligation by virtue of stepping through the door and walking up to the bar. Everybody should be prepared to do it. And that's dollar as in papercoins scream cheap ass. If you say "Keep the change" and there happen to be coins involved, that's OK. If the coins in any way touch you, however, they're yours. We make minimum wage and rely on our tips to survive, I don't need the extra 15 minutes of parking. If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to drink in a bar.

Myth 5: Whistling to get a bartender's attention is appropriate.

Are you going to fill my food bowl and play fetch with me, too? Really, there's no better way to ensure that you won't get a drink. If you need to get my attention, make eye contact or raise your hand slightly. Believe me, we see you; we know who has gotten a drink and who hasn't. We also know the exact order in which patrons arrived at the bar. There's a line; get in it.

Myth 6: Bartenders will wait for you.

We won't. If you hesitate more than three seconds after I look at you, you really must not want a drink. If you're buying drinks for friends, give me the whole order at once. And for God's sake have your money ready; you know it's going to cost something, so be prepared. Never turn around and ask other people what they want while the bartender is standing there. Never ask what's on tap or what's goodthe taps are usually right in front of you and we don't distill the liquor fresh every morning. If the bartender is slammed, we don't have time to get into a lengthy discussion about your personal tastes and preferences. And don't forget: you really don't need a half shaken, half stirred, super dry, slightly dirty premium martini with a twist, three olives and an onion to make yourself look good or feel better.

Myth 7: You're smarter than the bartender.

You're not. Probably 90 percent of bartenders have college degrees or master's degrees and can most likely whoop your ass at Jeopardy. Also, never argue your tabyou're drunk, we're sober. There is no malicious force putting unwarranted drinks on your tab; if it's on there, you drank it or bought it for somebody. It's a moot point whether or not you can remember it.

Myth 8: Bartenders remember everybody's name.

We don't. We remember drinks. If you say "Put it on my tab," then tell me your name. Also, if a bartender asks you what you want, don't say "another" unless you've been sitting at the bar and drinking the same thing for a while. If you haven't been at the bar for a while and lift an empty glass, I have no clue what once occupied it. If you say beer, please tell me what kind, and if you order a drink that can be served in different ways, tell me how you'd like it: salt or no salt, on the rocks or up, draft or bottle. If I was a mind reader, it's a sure bet I'd be in Vegas.

Myth 9: Bartenders are responsible for you.

Actually, this could go either way. If I know your name, I care about you, but ultimately you're responsible for your own actions. If you spill a drink, clean it upand no, the bartender is not required to give you a new one, unless they actually spilled it. If you do get a new one for free, tip. In fact, you should always tip on free drinks. If you're drunk and need a cab, the bartender will get you one, but don't expect me to pay for it or give the cabbie directions. Once you're out the door, you're on your own. If you spill a drink on the floor or break a glass, alert a staff member and they'll clean it up. Never break a glass and just leave it on the bar; if I get cut and start bleeding like a sieve, everyone suffers.

Myth 10: Bartenders want your phone number.

Hey, if you come in regularly, tip well and don't cause a ruckus; of course the bartender will recognize you and probably float you a drink, but this in no way joins us at the hip. Which brings us to phone numbers. We'll take it ... but will we actually use it? I could wallpaper my house with all the phone numbers via cocktail napkins that I've gotten. Never ask for a bartender's phone number; we don't give them out. You already know where we work, and asking for a phone number or sending flowers to the bar is creepy. But you can sure as hell buy us a drink to get in our collective good graces. Guys, female bartenders do not want your number. They are not flirting with you because they like you; they are flirting because they are genuinely friendly or, if not that, because they like your money. Bartenders are not just looking for the next lay; that would be akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Nine times out of 10, bartenders are in a solid relationship; flirting is just part of the job. If you want someone else's phone number at the bar, the bartender will certainly help you, but keep in mind that I am neither Dr. Ruth nor Dr. Phil, and really don't care if you score or not.

Last Call: Bartenders are not rock stars, we all lead painfully normal lives and shouldn't be pigeonholed because of our jobs. Buy us a drink and we'll take care of you; treat us how you'd want to be treated and we'll do the same. But, treat us wrong and be prepared for a sober night of ridicule and shame. Yeah, we're in some way obligated to serve you, and believe it or not, how we serve you is entirely in your hands.
Sun, July 2, 2006 - 10:40 AM permalink - 9 comments

paint the sky with all the dreams you wish to live

dance apon the waters of the life you wish to drink up

sleep in the beds of grass you long to nest in
Tue, May 23, 2006 - 12:20 PM permalink - 8 comments
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