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African-American male and law school graduate. Former human rights worker in West Africa helping to deliver food and water to drought stricken and famine victims. Background includes Budget, Cost, and Financial Analyst positions at Fortune 500 Corporations in Defense and Military Contracts, Computer Technology, Investments and Finance. Background also include employment positions in Civil Rights, International Relations, Human Rights, Healthcare Finance and Management, Medical Malpractice from the prospective of the healthcare provider, personal injury law and litigation from the prospective of the patient.

Have worked as a campaign volunteer, or campaign manager on more than 25 political campaigns for candidates seeking elected office. Including four Presidential campaigns such as serving as member of the “Peanut Brigade” during the re-election campaign of President Jimmy Carter.

Currently in negotiations to purchase a 350-acre farm/retreat in New York near the Catskills Mountains. The facility shall be converted to a sustainable living, organic, environmental friendly added value residential Conference Center for Missionary Nurses, Registered Nurses, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Environmental, social justice, women/s rights, and gay rights activists, and their families.

Also in negotiations to purchase Bradford College in Haverhill, Massachusetts in Haverhill, Massachusetts, 35-miles north of Boston. If successful, the campus will be converted into two-year school of Nursing, and a co-ed residential college preparatory school for children from homeless families, and children in transition due to domestic violence.

Like long walks in the park, especially in the Boston Arboretum.
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