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March 11, 2007
Brendan is a rocker. He rocks therefore is a rocker. A great guy who should visit more often but is always uber busy. Track down all his music, you'll love it. Peace from the Monkey.
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Somehow right now I'm a computer programmer by day and by night and by the time between night and morning and the part where day becomes dusk and the parts in between, and when you are sleeping, and when you are awake. But what I REALLY want to do is make music. I have been billed in Austria as "Eine Geistkranker Musiker". Would somebody please tell me what that means? I'm always desperate for people to listen to my music and tell me how good I am because my parents are entertainers and instilled me with a set of weird "look-at-me" values which incidentally clash very directly with my intellectual morality-- so I never feel complete except when I am expressing myself through music or high on awesome mindfuck drugs or with really good friends doing either, possibly because my conscious mind is at war with my subconscious and this explains in a sense all the problems of the world. The universe is a maze and I am the cheese in the middle.
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