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In the mountains...

   Thu, July 24, 2008 - 6:58 PM
the air is pure. The aura is shared with none but the animals. The serpent hides under the rock, waiting to crawl out when the air has cooled. The builder of the temple seeks for the perfect stones. The forest holds many secrets the city has lost. Deep within the ground there is a power that flows into he who walks softly in the grass with bare feet, treading so lightly that even the birds cannot hear him. The spirits of the trees shudder with the power of the coming storm. Thunder booms in the distance, reminding the walker of that power that is ever present, a power that is greater than any man, a power that has been betrayed by the living dead.

Mother is angry. She is merciless to those who do not honor her equally as the Father. The time of reckoning is at hand, and many have already experienced her fury. Those who dally in their idleness shall not see it coming, for they sleep as the danger comes ever closer, ready to strike at any moment. Those who survive shall do so only by the power of light, through the desire to know the ancient wisdom, and through coming to honor her and helping her in her broken state. The whole of creation treats the created as the created treats the creation. Those who go against the world shall have the whole world come against them. Those who go against themselves shall only find themselves in the same place, yet with even less power to change it. So long as the children die, so shall Mother speak through the fury of the storm to those who do not listen.

Many, indeed many, shall choose to remain blind and asleep, so that those who are awake, even now, strain to maintain what is necessary to keep the world in balance. The work is burdensome. Few even know that it is being done. But it is now coming to light, and soon many will understand and come to see what is happening. Ah, what wonder would be possible if only the power of light was known to all humanity as it once was! But it remains hidden, for those who do not seek to know, and cannot overcome their own arrogance, weakness, and idleness can never know, and so it has been for thousands of years and millions of lifetimes, going on in endless circles, for so very long. Only once in a great many years does a soul find true liberation from this, and even then, it is not easy. This is not how things were meant to be, but in restoring Gaia to her former glory we can only become stronger.

Take a moment and say a prayer for Gaia. Thank her for your life, for your body, for this rare and wonderful experience. Remain mindful of her, and offer to help her, for she has been painted as the slave of demons, and branded a harlot even by holy men too afraid of her to see the truth. She has been raped over and over by those claiming to be servants of the Father, and she is in great need of your love and healing. If one cannot first love her, one can never know the Father. This is the lost secret, destroyed by the patriarchs, that earth and heaven are equally holy, to be equally revered and respected. It is only in this balance that true peace and power may be attained.


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Thu, July 24, 2008 - 7:10 PM Be, my friend...o.0

And our Mother Earth.
Mon, November 3, 2008 - 3:45 AM
Thank you for remembering
May we all be blessed and truly appreciate life in its entirety. Helping Her heal and each other, caring for our fellow sister and brother. Love <3