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Predictive Index - Behavior Test

   Thu, August 2, 2007 - 11:37 AM
So for a job I just interviewed for they had me take the Predictive Index test. This consisted of two questions where you had to check off adjetives from a list of about 30. Here are my results
The results of the Predictive Index® survey should always be reviewed by a trained Predictive Index analyst. The PI Reporter® provides you with a brief overview of the results of the Predictive Index® and prompts you to consider many aspects of the results not contained in the overview. If you have not yet attended the Predictive Index® Management Workshop, please consult someone who has attended in order to complete the report.

Matthew’s PI Pattern is extremely wide, which means that his behaviors are very strongly expressed and his needs are very strongly felt.

Matthew will most strongly express the following behaviors:
- Strongly socially-focused, he quickly and naturally empathizes with other points of view, emotions, or troubles. Positive,
accepting communication designed to reduce conflict and increase interpersonal harmony.
- Very open in sharing information about himself and what he knows.
- Needs a collaborative environment where he can be a
big help; rarely says ‘no’ when asked for something.
- Needs collaborative team environment. Puts team/company goals before his own. Promotes teamwork by widely sharing
- Relatively informal and outgoing with others. Communicates in an open, lively, flexible manner, drawing others into the
- More interested in people, building relationships, and teamwork than technical matters. Generally affable, optimistic, and
- More focused on goals and the people he needs to get there than the details or plans; comfortable delegating details.

Matthew is an outgoing, talkative, very friendly individual, a lively and stimulating communicator. He is a good mixer, poised, active and responsive in social situations. The complete extrovert, he is informal and uninhibited in his behavior, understands people well and is capable of using that understanding to gain the friendship and cooperation of others. It is important t him to be liked and accepted, and he expresses himself to individuals or groups with warmth and enthusiasm. He easily understands and accepts other viewpoints, ideas, and feelings, and can be
effective at getting diverse groups to come together and collaborate.

Relatively unconcerned about details and often inclined to consider them unimportant, Matthew expresses himself in general terms, aimed more at gaining the interest or attention of others than in communicating specific, factual information. His interest in details and specifics which are not crucial to his success is, at best, casual. As such, he focuses on the ‘big picture’ goals for himself, and if appropriate, his colleagues, subordinates, or team. He’s flexible about how he attains these goals, often thinking ‘out of the box’ and collaborating widely to get there.

His work pace is faster-than-average and he can learn quickly, but rather generally, if left on his own. Because of his strong social orientation, group learning, mentors, and coaches are most effective. Cheerful and upbeat, he makes friends easily and enjoys doing things for people, although he is rather
casual about exactly how he does things. His friendly, enthusiastic style makes others feel welcome. Strongly persuasive, he has complete confidence in his ability to gain others’ trust and buy-in; he’s persistent and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

To maximize his effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Matthew with the
- Frequent, regular contact and communication with people
- Recognition for work done right, bearing in mind that rewards which give Matthew additional status in the eyes of his coworkers, friends, and family are particularly valuable to him and are strong motivators for him.
- The opportunity to be involved in a variety of different kinds of activities
- A flexible work environment, where he’s evaluated on his results, team-building, or ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions, rather than following an exact process to get there
- If necessary for his kind of work, thorough training, with intense concentration and discipline in teaching him the details, routines and systems which are basic to his work. Follow up will be necessary on any specifics or details.


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Thu, August 2, 2007 - 4:25 PM
social, flexible, and informal... sounds very beige, and very you.
Mon, July 21, 2008 - 3:45 PM
More on Predictive Index
If you want to know more about Predictive Index, go to
Sun, December 21, 2008 - 1:55 PM
snake oil
To determine personality, psychologists use the PI survey as ONE component of many surveys and interviews. Using it by itself as a viable indicator of personality is advocated ONLY by those people who are MARKETING IT to HR departments for financial gain. The consensus in the scientific community is that using this tool singularly to determine personality profiles is pseudo-science, with as much credibility as astrology.
Fri, January 28, 2011 - 6:32 AM
Use of assessments
Mike, I agree that there is far more to a person than can be determined by a single instrument. We teach this to our clients and show them how to get a bigger picture of the person in question. On the other hand, there is an enormous body of scientifically based validity studies showing the relationship between specific behavioral patterns and performance in specific jobs. It is this correlation that is required for an instrument to be used as a hiring tool. In addition, the insight gained from assessments like PI gives managers a better understanding of the people they manage. Not a complete understanding, I agree, but one that is sufficient to allow managers to become better communicators and more effective leaders.

You can see some of those validity studies at
Fri, June 24, 2011 - 4:02 AM
Predictive Index Atlanta
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