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aLL aBouT buGG!

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R O C K * O N
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buGGz FrenZ

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bY AmY bRowN
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buGGz GirLz!

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buGGz XtraTerresTriALz!

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buGGz boYz!

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LisTeN to buGG!

Free Mamograms-- !FREE!

Feed The Hungry --- !FREE!

Fund Healthcare for Children --- !FREE!

Fund Books For Children --- !FREE!

Fund Food For Animals --- !FREE!

Preserve Endangered Land --- !FREE!
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Please re-post this or add these to your site, and if nothing else, save this bulletin and click once a day. You will save lives and help around the world.....and it only costs you a click a day!

<center><b>Save The World - One Click At A Time!</b><br><br>On each of these websites, you can click a button to support the cause -- each click creates funding, and costs you nothing! Bookmark these sites, and click once a day!<br><br><a href=""><img src="http://imag... read more
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<b><u> *At the End of the Line*</b></u>
At the end of the line,
It's a lonely place,
Why even have me if this is the case?
At the end of the line,
There can be no joy
A pile of rocks for my only toy.
At the end of the line,
No pat on the head
A bowl full of food, if I'm lucky, instead.
At the end of the line,
No people to greet,
Although I'd be friendly to all that I'd meet.
At the end of the line,
A cold hard wet flo... read more
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A Christmas for Cats is now open for bidding.  The auction will run until December 18, 2006, with proceeds going to Cat Care Society to help with the general operating costs of running a cage-free shelter for homeless and abused cats and to fund some special needs for 2007, such as equipment for our veterinary clinic and a new roof for our thrift shop.  Auction items range from pet related, to exotic vacation getaways, to Denver sports memorabilia guaranteed to delight and surprise.  So, tell... read more
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buGGz FrenZ saY....

April 23, 2005
i haven't offically met buGG, but i think she totally rocks! *great profile* your Tribes kick-ass! thanks for sharing...

April 14, 2005
Everything I know so far about buGG rocks my world! Beautiful, talented, sweet, funny...and did I mention the dogs? If we had met when I lived in Denver, we'd still be best of friends, I'm sure! She's just good people! buGG is the perfect name for her, cuz she's "as cute as a..."
March 10, 2005
☆ buGG ☆
A beautiful graphically name for a beautiful girl.
Her beautiful main pics/icons/avatars or whatever you'd like to
call em are beautiful and add instant beauty to She's a
hottie,this is for sure. She is a respectful lady and if anyone messes with her I got her back so watch your ass.

☆ buGG ☆
10 star hottie
March 8, 2005

Just recently have gotten to know *buGG* and i'm glad to have had the
chance. She's so easy to talk to and respectfull of who a person is
not to mention thoughtfull. It sounds cliched, I know, but in this
case anyone really would be lucky to have her as a buddy. Here's to
years of friendship yet to come, *. ( can i call you "*" for short??)
March 3, 2005
Bugg is one cool chick! I have always respected her. She is a very loyal person and ya don't find that too often in this world. That is why I embrace her friendship and will never take it for granted. Stay cool sweet thang!
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buGG Recommendz...

"Fallen Aurora,CO Soldier"
"Best Lacrosse! :)"
"Yummy Sandwiches made FrEsH!"
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