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poly grip at the Cathedaral of NOTRE DAME` on x-mess eve "MIDNIGHT MASS" ~love and fois gras~ Poly Grip
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trip[ day 4/5

So heres the deal sorry i have not been blogging regurlarly. ive been in paris since the 20th its crazy here!!! alot better than the cunt-ry side busy busy busy. so here is my journal entries leading up to arriving in pari! more to cum. this morning is x-mess eve. nothing to do tommorow but drink and watch movies in the apartment.................. & blog.

day 4

Jet Lag is setting in. around 4 0r 5 am i wake up toss and turn then fall back asleep. then in the morning around 11 or 12noon, i get really sleepy. But trudging through it none the less. we have been in beaune for a coupla days. its a cutie midevil little town. the street here as in Nice are like 10ft wide and curvy w/ old old old buildings going up like 8 or 9 stories. Very beautiful. Windows with wood shudders that open out, and the actual glass opens in. With laundry strung across the street drying. BEAUTIFUL! many people on motorcycles, poly is dying for a ride on one!!! Paul took me into my first Gothic Cathedral. WHOA! this place is real creepy, beautiful, but very creepy. Really dark and well,...... gothic. There is all these people in there praying & is very quiet.
Its a trip. Its like all these people are here to let go of their “sins” and the building reaks(sp?) of their unwanted energy that they come here to be relieved of. Its kinda gross in its own beautiful way. all the energy the people let go just kinda sticks to the walls and almost drips from them. Like a lint filter from a dryer that has not been cleaned in a hundred years. Or a cigarette filter used over and over again.......for a hundred years.

French men are all fuckin sissy’s!!! You cant tell a gay man from a straight man! AHHHH MY GAYDAR IS MALFUNCTIONING!!!!! all the men here are DONE bitch! fur coats, gay hair, and perfume!! and all the men here are flamboyant as hell, then lean over to make out with theeir girlfriends. VIVE La FRANCE!

Day 5

Wine Wine WIne
we are in the burgundy region. today we went wine tasting. we tasted lots of local wine. the pinot noir grape is from here and that is my favorite red wine. i ended up liking the chardonnay way better wich tripped me out cause i really dont care for whites. But these are good and bold like reds.
The language barrier is intense. I feel like they take me as arrogant that i would come to their country (of which they are very proud) and not know their laanguage (also of which they are very proud). I also keep catching them throw dirty looks when they think we are not looking and then smile real big when they notice i notice! FUNNY. But today i decided that i am putting out to much energy by trying to make eye contact and smile all the time. Cause frankly they could care less.

The coolest thing about the wine tasting was we went into a wine cave in the basement of this castle that was built in 1050 a.d. it was awesome and the wine was great. Suzie made me laugh hard today. I was asking her about her favorite place to visit in the world. after tossing around paris and rome. she decided “France. I love France. the people here are shits, but its the most beautiful place in the world” LOL. I agree although to me the most beautiful place in the world still is Northern California, then france would be second.
Tommorow is a travel day. we head to Paris. VERY EXCITED. we’ve been in small towns thhus far. Im ready for the big city. i am glad i got to warm up to france b4 i hit their biggest city. but i am ready for the night life of europe! Love and light from 7000 miles away ~~SOL~~
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shopping! shopping! shopping!
today is surgio’s 34th birthday. he is suzies hubby. he is a great spirit. the four of us are constantly laughing and giggling. the trip is extremely fun thus far. we had bullyabase (definatly spelled phonetically) for dinner. it is a fish stew. lobster, sol, flounder, mussels, ect. it wasnt my fav but it was interesting. we ate a $200 cochroach of the sea. it was a like a huge shrimp or bottom feeder of some sort that only lives in the mediteranean. was full of flavor. it also was as big as 3 lobsters IM SERIOUS! it was fuckin huge! then after dinner we all stumbled back to the hotel, drunk on wine. we get back to the hoteel and paul ddoesnt wanna go out to the gay discoteque. so surge decided to come with me. we caught a cab, went to the bar. it was a trip, you walk in to your left is a sex shoppe, to your right is the bar, and straight ahead is the seex club. my kinda place bitch! you walk in get a drink find a boy, then go upsairs and DO HIM! how lovely, i love the french! the bar had LED lit floors that changed from purrple to green to pink to white. it was tres fab. it had no sleazy vibe like upstairs. well i wouldnt know i never made it up there. surge and i laughed and laughed about what i coulnt tell you but it was great. i saw real poppers the real deal and got a coupla bottles. surge had never done them!! im such a bad influence. it hard to cruise boys when you dont know the language & neither do they. i cant tell if im really attracted to french boys or the novelty of the newness of them are in control. anywho, surge and i got REALLY WASTED, and went home to bed by 4am. we gotta get up and pack for tommorow is a travel day. can we say HUNG OVER!!! i cant remember the last time i felt this shitty cause of booze. good thing its a travel day.
We are traveling to Beaune (bone) today, and stayng at my firrst 5 star hotel. i am very excited to say the least. this trip is such a dream come true, i always new it come here but was not prepared for the luxury of it all. im mean im the son of a biker hippie woman. 27 and on my way to a 5 star hotel! sheezus! the drive is five hours from Nice. the french country side is soooooo cool rolling brrown hills with little towns sprinkled here and there. Also there are tons of middevil castles right off the freeway. totally rad! so i would say france is about the size of texas. we started at the bottom at the french rivera making our way up the eastern side then over to Paris. WOW. well more later TA TA caio bye bye ~SOL
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Europe Day 1........TINA TURNER!!

Hi guys im wish all of you were here its afuckin TRIP! A good trip! so here goes.........
I get to the airport in PDX@ 5am only to find out that i MISSED MY FLIGHT!! Shiza Minelli! I was about to cry when George (the lovely man works for Continental)fixed IT. THANKS GEORGE and many blessing to you! Its seeems in all my preparing for this trip i forgot to look at the date on my itenerary, i was arriving on the 13th not leaving, dur!
So i get to the Paris airport WHOA! Fuccking huge georgeus but huge. & they all speak french go figure? Im totally not able to communicate which feel strange let me tell ya. Im very confused and have to change flights smke a couploa cigs and catch the next flight to Nice (niece). Crazy. spent a goodd hour looking for new airline. find it checck my bags, and they are too heavy. SHIT! so i gotta go get some euros, go back and pay for 15 euro. did i mention this airport is HUGE? Find a money xchange and give them 40$ they give me 25 euro. OH MY DANG! gotta do it. go back pay, get my boarding pass, smoke, go through security with an hour to spare!! WHEW!
So the people watching here is marvelous! Fashion! Fashion!! Fashion!!! Linah, every other woman is wearing something fur its not even that cold here, and im sitting in the airport. Scarfs, boots, coats. All tha coats are trey fab. Long 3/4 length leather ones with fur lapels (sp) the leather blows in the wind like silk! GEORGEUS! Time to ccatch the nexxt flight.
Now its time to head to Nicee. Slept the whole flight needed it. Get here the airport is really cute. its right in the mediteranean sea. spaious cool art. Jualdo, they got hot pink christmas trees eeverywhere. I catch a bus into towwn with all my shit.get a bit lost, the streeets here are soo small and the street signs are so diferent. Im lost. but then my inner compass kicked in thank god, and i aarrived at the Hoeel Massina and check in . paul & co. are about 3 hrs in the car on there way. Get to the room, take a shower, smoke a non rushed relaxed cig on the balcony. AAAAAAHHHH Nice is nice! So here is the T bitch. I decide to go for a little walk around the hood. GUUURL, YSL, armani, guccci, d&g, chanel. So im at the chanel window drooling, and a woman and her man come clicking up neext to me. she says "I like those shoes". Im like i know that voice? i cock my head to the side SHUT Da FUK UP! Its Tina Turner! allo together now "TINA TURNER" (ohmigod i totally do her on stage!) i gave her the POLY GRIP SMILEtm and turrned around and walked away for fear of staring and giggled all the way back to the hotel. DAY 1= crazy, surreal, & trey FAB! -sol

PS those chanel shoes, were totally Tina Turner stilettos (sp?)
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addicted to blogs!!!

heres another poem please feel free to tell me if im over goes....

Several times unconsciously I've stumbled on the path
And seen a mountain in the mist
Rain falls on my shoulders, sun rises in the east
I'm worn and bruised but I am here at least

I guess I'm just an obstacle a thing to overcome
If I can sneak around myself again I'll know I've won
The moment seems to hand and float before me with no end
'til I'm released awaken beasts I'm on the road again

And now I'm soaring far too high
A fleck of dust up in the sky
Where tiny clouds go sailing by
Pull me down today
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Madonna vs. Gwen

so as I was being a butch construction worker mudding walls and such. i was listening to the radio when I heard that MoMo was publicly calling Gwen Stafani out saying that Her stage show was a rip off of previous Madonna tours. Then in a reply to the press gwen was quoted as as saying "Of course im influenced by Madonna, What woman MY AGE is'nt!" Love Her!!!
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