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Such As Changi, Suvarnabhumi Also Got A Cafeteria ' Secret '

Not only the airport in Singapore that Chang had a cafeteria confidential, Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok also had. Traveler bag perfect for backpacker-style.

The restaurant at the airport were indeed identical. But like Changi Airport, Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok also have a cafeteria style dining employee named Magic Food Point. detikTravel else had time to stop by there some time ago.

Although cheap and tasty culinary options have many, not many a traveler who knows the existence of Magic Food Point. The reason, the location of this hidden enough places to eat like a cafeteria employee at Changi Airport.

Actually, this Point is not a Magic Food Restaurant but the cafeteria foodcourt. In it contained dozens of food vendors which vary from halal and non-halal. The price of makananya also belongs to cheap rather than an airport restaurant.

There are culinary pad thai, noodles and fried rice, capcay, chicken or duck and others. Drinks are available here also brvariasi of mineral water, soda, juice, and tea and coffee.

Before buying the food, the visitor Magic Food Point to buy coupons 100 Baht ($ 38,651), consisting of 4 sheets coupon 20 Baht ($ 7549) and 4 sheets of coupons 5 Baht (USD 1,887 nurses throughout). Afterward we buy food to taste.

For the muslim traveler, there is one counter with halal food in the form of mixed rice or biryani rice. Additions of biryani rice and chicken just 50 Baht (USD 18877) and mineral water 20 Baht ($ 7.549).

Because of the cheap price of makananya, a traveler can also come across a fellow backpacker to employees of Suvarnabhumi airport. Everything comes to eat well without spending much money.

The way to achieve it is actually not difficult. From wherever you are, come down to the 1st floor Suvarnabhumi airport. Look for places where the passengers waiting for the bus destination Bangkok or out of town. In the left corner, that's the Magic of Food Point, the cheapest place to eat at Suvarnabhumi airport.

So in the middle of traveling to Bangkok with a limited budget, make sure you stop by the Magic Food Point located at Thailand's Suvarnabhumi airport. Calculate save spending.
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5 Specialties of Bali which is mandatory in the Sample

Talk about the typical food of bali, this is certainly closely related to the beauty of the natural attractions of bali are much preferred by tourists and also domestic travelers. The beach and the historical development of bali also became one of the tourist destination, but it felt incomplete if not taste the specialities of the island of bali.

If you visit the island of gods, so please stop by to restaurants or stalls around the beach. There is an awful lot of people who sold Balinese specialties, ranging from snacks to the giant dish. If you are confused, here will be given some examples of genuine food of bali.
She Is An Example Of Typical Balinese Food

Try cuisine lawar

One example of typical Balinese food is to taste the laawar, the audience is one type of cuisine which contained a mixture of some vegetables that have been steamed. Examples include coconut that has been roasted, vegetable toge, spinach, papaya and there are also meat is very tender. This meat can be chicken, beef, duck or other, according to your taste.


Srombotan this is the typical vegetables of klungkung, this vegetable is a vegetable mix i.e. stir-fried long beans, cabbage and spices already. Its usually a seasoning coconut milk that was already given turmeric, onion, coriander and also a little plant kencur. If you want to try this food, then its price is not too expensive Yes buddy, so can invite families at home.

Ayam Betutu

Typical food of bali next is try this food, betutu chicken is a type of side dish that's been given the seasoning, then chicken or flesh should be soft so that the first massage. Once completed in massage, usually chicken betutu this will be wrapped with banana leaves, and then baked. If you are a hobby of spicy food, then it can order Chicken Chili with betutu.

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Taste The Porridge Mungguh

The porridge is derived from the area of buleleng of bali which is usually served at the moment of the ceremony, the material it is made from the pulp of coconut milk and rice also. Then added with chicken shred an already watered by using chicken gravy is thick. For flavor, this slurry had a savory, spicy flavors and also very tasty so it can make the person adding it again.

Jinggo Rice

Rice is rice jinggo provided on top of banana leaves, after that disekelilingnya will be met by a full side dishes, accompanied with spicy chili. If you're curious with the taste of rice jinggo, then don't forget to stop by the restaurant bali because there's definitely always there rice jinggo.

That was the last Balinese specialties 5 can you consume, hopefully can add to knowledge and could feel the delicious Balinese-style food.
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4 Fruit Durian Consumption Dangers

Durian became one of the seasonal fruit are very awaited by the arrival of the bird lovers there. Most of the fruit durian lovers are not the responsibility-the responsibility of consuming this fruit and impressed not forget yourself. Consuming excessive durian fruit is a thing that is not recommended because it can be dangerous to health.

Durian fruit is a tropical fruit that grows with our country, lush fruit durian also got the nickname the King of fruit. Although dubbed as King many also don't like this fruit because the strong scent caused. Overseas course many bulek doesn't like durian with even in the presence of airline rules for not consuming or carrying the fruit durian.

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There are some negative side effects that will be caused from eating the fruit of this heat is excessive. Moreover, the fruit of the durian contains alcohol and a variety of other compounds that are harmful to health. If you do not know what are the negative effects arising from the fruit durian, here we will provide the information.
4 negative effects of consuming Excessive Durian Fruit

Blood pressure be increased

The first side effect you have to know is can increase the blood pressure in your body. so, if you do not want your blood pressure rise try not to eat the fruit of the durian in berlebhan. An increase in blood pressure related to some diseases such as hypertension, coronary artery disease and some other diseases.

Not good for diabetes

For those who had problems with diabetes it's good avoid buahan fruit duian this one because what else matures contain a fairly high glucose could even turn into alcohol. The existence of this content can cause diabetics must be careful if eating the fruit of the durian.

Constriction of blood vessels

Narrowing of the arteries also can not be avoided when you are eating the fruit of the durian is excessive. This is because the presence of alcohol compounds contained in the fruit durian, not just the high blood pressure and strokes will also be lurking for you.

Gain weight

Weight will be increased by consuming this fruit is excessive. This is because the fruit durian contains 1350 calories for every 1 kg. So by eating just one kilogram of sufficient capable of 68% of the calories the body needs.

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So if you are a fan of the durian fruit then konsumsilah this fruit with reasonable and not excessive. We recommend that you control your appetite so that your body is not interrupted because of the side effects caused by durian fruit. In addition, when eating the fruit of the durian you should not consume alcohol, coffee and tape as this will negatively affect you should simply reproduce the consumption of white water after eating durian fruit.
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4 benefits of Jackfruit To Vegetable body health

Sayur nangka is one type of vegetable that's pretty tasty if cooked correctly, there are a variety of ways to cook delicious vegetable jackfruit. Examples include jackfruit stir fry, vegetable jackfruit fed thick coconut milk or boiled in a way. But it turns out there's not much know the benefits of jackfruit vegetable especially for health.

If you are a hobby consume vegetable jackfruit then here are some benefits of jackfruit vegetable that you should read, here the authors have prepared a couple of important points that would have been very useful, examples of the benefits of vegetable jackfruit.
What the heck 4 benefits of Jackfruit Vegetable for the health of the body?

Smooth Skin Naturally

One of the benefits of the jackfruit is the first vegetable can smooth skin naturally, jackfruit seed was said it can be used as a mask for the face. But if you do not want to do it, then it could be with them on a regular basis only. Vegetable consumption is three times in one week, or it could be with as you wish.

Overcome Digestive Problems

The fiber present in vegetable jackfruit turned out to be useful to overcome digestive problems, well if you experience diarrhea or sambelit then kekurangzat could be just the fibers in the body. To overcome digestive problems, then you can consume vegetable jackfruit, in addition it also jang forget to drink plenty of plain water.

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White water is very instrumental to fight dehiderasi, because at the time of sambelit or diarrhea usually lack body fluids, so it had to much to drink. This turns out to be white water can help you in your slimming stomach.

Contains Vitamin A

Benefits of jackfruit the third is vegetable contain vitamin A, vitamin A this is much-needed mainly for the organ. By consuming vegetable jackfruit, then health organs eyes will stay awake so that spared from eye diseases. The more often eat this vegetable, then the better it also senses your eyesight.

Contain Lots Of Calories

This turns out to be Jack fruit vegetables contain calories, therefore it is no wonder people easily feel full while consuming vegetable jackfruit. In addition, this very tender Jack fruit vegetables to eat, so parents or kids can even consume it.

For your hobby to dry dishes, then this vegetable can cook spicy sweet gravy without any, is right for the elderly can be cooked with a little coconut milk to mix the way to make it more palatable.

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4 benefits of jackfruit vegetables last may can help you in knowing what are the uses of jackfruit vegetables for our bodies.
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