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My involvement in this site is to discuss with others experiences of a spiritual and evolutionary nature. I have had life long "wierd moments" of hightened awareness and in recent years a kundalini energy "rush" is the only way I can put it. If this is your interest or experience I am really interested in sharing it with you. I'm not sure how to use this site properly. I've put a full description of this experience in my blog. Hope that's the right place for it. Also naturally I cannot recommend my links more highly !!! Please click on them and have a look !!! It's worth the effort !!
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The reason I joined tribe was to share and recieve feedback on those life puzzles and some pretty insane experiences from people who may not think I'm nuts !!. I don't do kundalini yoga but kundalini found me one day...and nothing has really been the same since. I thought a description of this, and the feelings that went with it may be interesting...and also, whoa, wouldn't it be nice to chat with people who really "get" this, and the enormity of it!.

Some background. From a very young ag... read more
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