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My "Footprints in the Sand"

   Wed, April 11, 2007 - 9:04 PM
Sugar Beach, Costa Rica

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Fri, April 20, 2007 - 12:28 AM
This is a powerful image for me.

My parents had several photos from a day we all spent at the beach when I was no more than four or five years wise. Some time after my father returned to the Essence in early 1990, I came upon the lyrics of part of a Bruce Springsteen song that I associated with those old photos and my Dad (in a heartbreaking way). The words were:

"All I remember is being five years old
Walking behind you at the beach,
Tracing your footprints in the sand,
Tryin' to walk like a man."

I still get a lump in my throat whenever I say those words out loud. This photo brought on all the same associations. The photo is more beautiful because of the things I associate with it.