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Einstein-Rosenberg bridge (Space-Time)

   Tue, January 2, 2007 - 6:10 PM
Not my math, but it makes the point.

Not going to go into the full history of this, but in essence, a blackhole is actually a bend in space; of which you can get to 1 point to another instantly. example:

Whats the closest point between these 2 things:


a straight line? no.. the closest point, is zero. (fold the 2 points, so they coincide together, becoming a single point in space and time.

So, the problem lays, how do you create a blackhole? This is where my research (or thoughts, actually) lay.

A spear, with magnatized wires, each wire side by side, rotating positive and negative forces with each wire. This in essence, will create an artificial gravity for a nuetral charged atom to reside in. (it will align itself in the absolute middle of the spear).

Now, how to take this atom, and make its density greater than its mass? By rotating the spear, the speed becoming higher each rotation. (the atom tries to move, but cannot due to the magnatism, thus creating higher gravity). At some point in the rotation, the atom's density will become greater than its mass.

the only problem i can foresee is, what would happen if the atom split apart, before creating the mini-blackhole?

i can go more in depth if wanted.. but, any physists(sp?) out there that wish to comment? hehe


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