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What up Peeps!!!!

   Tue, September 18, 2007 - 11:20 AM
'M,Kay, I've been MIA for a time now for several factors: 1. Finances 2. School 3.1st crusie ever
I'm full steam ahead into my second semester of Acupuncture/TCM and have found my center, my home. my life, my way to achieve my dreams. Yes, I, the perpeptual student, have found that Holy Grail of Knowledge Acquisition...something I can be learning for the rest of my life. Which, as a result of said school, now appears to have vastly improved odds of continuing for a much longer & healthier period of time.
As a super extra special bonus with vanilla bean ice cream on top, EVERYTHING I have ever done, studied, learned or worked at in my life has bearing or something to relate to learning this incredible Healing Art (very quickly becoming a fully validated Science as well). Even checking the pH...:) My mind is like a flower blossoming with all the avenues opened up before me. I can even smell the honeysuckle! Which reminds me: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine WORK! From my personal experiences of being treated at the Clinic, I can vouch for the efficacy of being treated. What Acupuncture & Herbs can't outright heal or cure, It can help alleviate symptoms of. It can help with pain (chronic and acute!), stress & emotional disorders, nervous system disorders, congenital disorders, addiction issues of all kinds, build up & support the Immune system (Lupus, Diabetes & HIV pay attention!), treat Stroke & Heart patients, change breech babies positions, and the list, seriously, goes on & on. Virtually any condition can be supported & helped, so please give it a shot! I have noticed with my own treatments that after several treatments, I started getting what I'm gonna call for lack of a better term "caffeine addiction headache syndrome" affect. Allow me to explain: you know that headache you get the next day when you havn't had your regularly scheduled caffeine fix? Personally, when I realize I have a headache & go "yum, Dr. Pepper sure would taste good right now" my headache STARTS to lift. Doesn't go away, but knows caffeine is coming soon, and gets primed. This happens with Acupuncture too, your body remembers! It took me 42 years to get my body as problematic as it is, but after just a couple of months treatment I have noticed vast changes. So please, try this! If you want the mind boggling details of HOW it works, check out this site: www.yinyanghouse.com/theory/...ormation for starters.
It really truly works! If you live here in Houston, its so cheap & accessible that people need to know this resource is here, so tell your loved ones too...the phone number for the clinic is 713-780-9786, and the School website is: http://www/acaom.edu Check it out! MD's can get their Acupuncture credentials after just 100 hours, so tell your Dr.s too...most of them honestly just don't have enough information about Acupuncture. Any other ???? I can help answer, feel free to ask. I'm just not on the computer much, I dast not linger for fear of being sucked into the Tribe Time Trap vortex so if I'm slow getting back to you....its nothing personal, just LOTS going on right now. Good stuff, I assure you.
To all my friends trying to quit smoking: I'm so darn proud of y'all! It is seriously one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life, and I assure you the good feelings you will have about yourself later on blow away any feeling you think you get from a cig. So yayy for you! I found one of the hardest aspects of quitting was breaking the HABITS built in place around it. You know, you get in your car, close the door, put your seatbelt on, light up....or the first drink...or set break or whatever the situation where you normally smoke, you don't REALLY crave the nicotene, your just used to having it in your hand. Once you become aware of these, they don't trip you up. You know why your EXPECTING to have a cig in your hand, and that alleviates the COMPULSION to do so. Good luck! I'm seriously rooting for you!

On to...damn, College is EXPENSIVE! I know I have 3 fairly minor outstanding debts, I assure you they are on my mind but I just flat out can't settle them right now. I will do so ASAP, with interest, when I can. So Freddie, Stine, & David: I know.

Which leads me to: Looking for work! I am a very talented Massage Therapist, and have gotten immensely better since learning about Acupuncture points & meridians. I will come to you for a reasonable price, give you an outstanding massage, and leave you melting in your domicile. I truly want to avoid working for a company, and have reasonably flexible hours to work around schedules. I suggest you get me while I'm still reasonably priced, in another semester my prices increase dramatically (but not without good reason). My email is phlyfiremama@yahoo.com , so hit me there & I will give you a landline #.

My Cruise experience: Amazing fun! Pete is my very favorite person in the world to be around, and his family is just about as nice. His parents, his Brother & his wife, & Pete & I went to 6 Carribean Islands in 10 days. We flew to Puerto RIco (gorgeous Island! I'm in love...)
and went to sea on The Carnival Ship Destiny (Hee hee! Guess who I thought of every time we got back on!). Pictures will be forthcoming, as soon as I can get my Love to give me a copy from his computer. Our 1st stop was St. THomas (6 very enthusiastic thumbs up!), the next day we hit Domenica (quickly, invest your money into this Island before the rest of the world finds it! Invest now, plan on living there in about 10 years...from E. F. Cathy), 3rd was Barbados (surely one version of Paradise, for sheer awesome scenery it won hands down-and the prices reflect it), the 4th Island was St Lucia, & Fifth was Antigua (sigh). 3 words about Antigua: Admiral Nelson's Dockyard Not what you think. One full day back at sea for Carnival to get one last chance at extorting money from you, and back to glorious PR! If you ever make it there, I will give you the information to go on an "off the beaten path" drive Pete & I found by happy accident. BIg Fun! I had to scramble hard when I got back to make up the 2 days of school I missed, but I must say it was worth it.
I have to go for now, but thanks for checking in & I will see you sooner or later...
Take care, safe travels, and keep on keepin' on!


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Wed, September 19, 2007 - 9:20 AM
life is sweet!
Thanks for the update Cathy, and the recommendations re: acupuncture. I can't wait to see your cruise photos! Hope I get to see your busy self soon! xoxo
Wed, September 19, 2007 - 11:18 AM
I'm so happy for you, Cathy! It sounds like blessings abound in your life right now. Don't worry overmuch about the $$... you're doing what you love, so the $ will soon follow ;~) Still, I must say good on ya for telling your friends you haven't forgotten, I know that makes them feel better & frees them up to be happy for you as you follow your bliss. I too can't wait to see pictures of your cruise & get my body's energy flowing more freely thru accupuncture w/ you soon ;~)
Sun, September 23, 2007 - 3:20 AM
What they said! You keep going with your positive frequency, and that healthy chi you're spreading around the world, and you're gonna get a lot more than just money back in return!