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First things first. Please join my tribe called "Kathy Does Sex"
I'm a wife and mother who enjoys sex an awful lot. Yes, I do have regular sex with various men with my husband's consent and blessing.

Friends get to see much more, including my face. Also, several of my friends have asked me not to show their faces to the general public. They said it would be OK if it were friends who saw them. So, if you wish to be a friend, tell me about yourself first when you do the invitation.

My husband also enjoys watching me and we have a circle of friends that we meet regularly with for sex. Sometimes one on one or sometimes we set up a party at our home or various locations. I do have several female friends who are either a bit older (mature) or who don't want to be in a relationship, but do miss and crave sex. Our parties and meetings catered to that. It's all about the women, and not the men. There is lots of sex with no strings attached.

We even had a situation where a desperate female friend wanted a baby and asked me for help. I arranged a party with very trusted men and explained to them what was needed. Several volunteered to help her out and she chose one of them and got pregnant. She wasn't shy about it and she is very happy today. By the way, they are a couple now. We had one woman accidentally get pregnant. Things like this are bound to happen.

As far as attending my parties. If you have to ask, then you can be sure that you are not what we are looking for. My husband and I have a method of choosing men to attend. Think of my parties as a place where lonely, women of all ages can release their sexual energies and the men are there to service them free of charge.

I have found that the older I get, the more sex I want. I have many older female friends who are the same way. Most don't have killer bodies. Most are not very good looking. Most are not seeking a relationship with the guys at the parties. They just want pure, raw, sex. No strings attached.

For a man who does make the cut and is allowed to come to my parties, he has to be willing to have sex with all types of woman and ages. I've got a friend who is 67 (she may be lying and might be in her 70's) who often comes so she can enjoy herself. To show you how serious I am, about a year ago my 70ish (she will kill me for that) friend was over and just enjoying herself. She doesn't screw everyone. In fact she is very picky. She has come to my parties at times and saw no one she wanted to be with. In those cases she just relaxes with a few glasses of wine, talks, watches the actions and enjoys herself. Well my friend was at one of the parties and saw a man and talked with him and thought she made a connection. He actually gave her a foot rub (which to her is heaven. The very least you will get from her at that point is some passionate sex). He rubbed her feet, she got very wet, told him that she was interested in him, and when she told him that, he bolted and found another woman to have sex with. This devestated her and she left crying. I saw her leaving and ran after her and she said she would talk with me later and left. The next day I went over to her home and got the story of what had happened. I immediately banned that man from our parties and sent him a very angry e-mail explaining why. The man tried to apologize, and said he would glady take my friend to bed. That made me even more angier and I told him so, and then told him he will never set foot in our home again. It took me a few months to talk my friend back to a party. I had already warned everyone about this situation and explained to them that if they can't handle having sex with a very beautiful 70 year old, then they should tell me now. I got mesages from every one of the men telling me that they all thought my friend was so sexy, and were actually intimidated by her and had no idea what that jerk of a guy did to her. I showed my friend all the messages and she felt much better. Remember, normally there is a line of men waiting to talk with her and watchingn to see who she will pick to bed her (she only has sex once at each party).

The next party she attended she received alot of attention and I was shocked, but she actually had sex with two men at different times. I asked her about that and she smiled and told me that she was just making up for lost time.

So, there you have my story. Don't ask to attend. If you are lucky, we will ask you. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area (in Berkely actually) but consider San Francisco our spiritual (but expensive) home.

All that being said, I have e-mailed several tribe members expressing an interest in meeting. After all was said and done, only one man made the cute and participated in our last party. Yes, he did entertain my 67 year old friend and she did allow him to release his sperm inside of her, so he got lucky and will be asked to return. So all is not lost. If you make a good enough impression on me, if you send me just the write words, you may get an e-mail asking to meet for coffee with my husbnad and I. And if you are really lucky, you will be having sex with some of the most wonderful women in the Bay Area.
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My Testimonials

May 15, 2010
Ive been blessed to have Kathy amung my friends here for a while now and i have to say that through her passionate sharing of her photos and descriptive experiences have inspired me so deeply and enriched my own sexual/sensual life so much... thank you for that Kathy.
shes a lady who celebrates her femininity to the fullest, and just having her be a part of my friends here is like lovemaking itself....
Kathy, may your heart soul and pussy continue to be filled with enormous amounts of pleasure and fullness so that we all here can continue to feel blessed and aroused by your beauty and sensuality.

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