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e-Learning (RSS feed)

After a series of hiccups I finally got elearningpost back up again. Here's a brief chain of events: During Nov-Dec I received over 17,000 spam comments. When I tried to remove them, my database got corrupted. I was using BerkeleyDB with MovableType. So I had to revert to an Oct backup I had taken. Then instead of just importing entries back into a new version of Movable Type, I switched to Expression Engine. And again instead of just importing entries I made them all standards compliant. And instead of using the old interface, I created a new look to elearningpost, hopefully this is more simpler and cleaner. So all of these changes means that the RSS url has changed. Please update your aggregators to these URLS:atom, RSS 2.0. More on the changes will follow.


Nice articles dealing with the role of culture in knowledge sharing. Via Full Circle.


Here's a reality check when it comes to designing for the Web. The following constraints are covered:

  • Resolution
  • Designing for browsers
  • Web-safe color
  • Graphics compression
  • Text
originally published at elearningpost
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Slip N' Slide in Alamo Sq park -- this Sunday @ High Noon! ( events » community ) Yo. Its about that time, 5th annual Downhill Thrill is flowing your way!

If ya don't know--just ask: is this the infamous Super-Sized Slip N' Slide
where us adults get to relive that favourite childhood past-time of beating
the heat in the b... read more
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Nickies on Haight
( local favorites » bars / clubs / cafes ) "Best Burner Boogiedown on Thurs nite in SF"
recommendation posted on Wed, July 13, 2005 - 12:11 AM
Little Star Pizza
( local favorites » restaurants ) "fast & affordable gourmet pizza (Deep Dish & Thin) w/$1 PBRs" By far the best joint in the W.A. 'hood for pizza, with a cheap Pabst Happy Hour, you really can't go wrong.
recommendation posted on Thu, March 31, 2005 - 5:05 PM
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