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Crook and Flail

   Sun, August 2, 2009 - 1:00 PM

Ausar's Crook & Flail symbolizes the yin and yang paths to living truth.

It's where the 23rd Psalm comes from ..."The Lord is my Shepherd ... "

Ausar (who became known as Osiris), lord of the underworld (Earth), sits on his throne, represented as SPHERE ONE on the TREE OF LIFE. Ausar King of Kamit (Sphere 1= Divine Intelligence)

The crook (heka) and the flail or flabellum (nekhakha), are two of the most prominent items in the royal regalia of ancient KMT. Actual, very fine examples of both survive to and through ancient Egypt and then in the bible, as do other Metaphysics, Allegories, and Symbolism as well in statues and various wall reliefs, paintings and papyrus with representations of these objects to this divine intelligence.

the shepherd's crook to symbolize his role as shepherd of mankind,

and the flail, to represent his ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.' (all the crap in the world)

It's where the 23rd Psalm comes from ..."The Lord is my Shepherd ... "

Psalm 23; 1-6 A Psalm (song) ,

"The LORD is my shepherd ; I shall not want , DIVINE INTELLIGENCE maketh me to lie down in green pastures; IT leadeth me beside the still waters. DIVINE restoreth my soul ; THIS INTELLIGENCE leadeth me in the path of righteousness for LOVE'S name's sake . Yea , though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death , I will fear no evil ; for thou art with me ; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me . Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies ; thou anointest by head with oil ; my cup runneth over , Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life ; and I will dwell in the house of DIVINE INTELLIGENCE forever ,"

The crook and flail, though different scepters, could every so often be depicted separately, though usually paired with some other type of scepter, but they were most commonly represented together, held across the chest of the kings, Osiris, or other gods identified with them. They were insignias of kingship, and while other deities could proffer

The Crook (heq, Heqa):

Emblem of Royalty, The crook is a tool of a Shepherd, represents the way the king looks out for, and protects his people.

On his head is the white crown (god in man). He holds the symbols of Kemetian kingship in his hands:

These corn-stuffed figures were bandaged like mummies with patches of gilding here and there, as if in imitation of the golden mould in which the similar figures of Osiris were cast at the festival of sowing, the sprouting of which is intended to signify the resurrection of the god.” We cannot doubt that, just as the burial of corn-stuffed images of Osiris in the earth at the festival of sowing was designed to quicken the seed, so the burial of similar images in the grave was meant to quicken the dead, in other words, to ensure their spiritual immortality.

13:37 Divine answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;
13:38 The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked [one];
13:39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil (SETH); the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.
13:40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.


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Sun, August 2, 2009 - 1:16 PM

His symbols are the crook and flail, emblems of leadership -- the crook is the tool by which the shepherd guides those under his protection, and the flail may be seen as a whip, tool of discipline, or as a winnowing tool by which to separate the wholesome grain from the chaff.

Horus (HERU) was the bread of life, also the divine corn from which the bread of life was made (Rit., ch. 83). Heru was the good shepherd who carries the crook upon his shoulder. Heru was the door of entrance into Amenta, which none but he could open. Heru was the resurrection and the life.

He carries the two symbols of resurrection and of life eternal, the hare-headed sceptre, and the Ankh-key in his hands. Horus was the way. His name is written with the sign of the road (Heru). Horus was the true vine, as the branch of Osiris (AUSAR), who is himself the vine in person. Now the original of all these identifiable characters could occur but once, and that prototype was Horus (HERU), or Jesus in the of Atum-Ra.

Gerald Massey -"Ancient Egypt" - "It is an utterance of the truth that is eternal to say that Heru as the son of God had previously been all the Gospel Jesus is made to say he is, or is to become. HERU and the father were one. Jesus says, "I and my Father are one".

"He that seeth me, seeth him that sent me" (John 12:45). Heru is the father seen in the son (Rit., 115). Jesus claims to be the son in whom the father is revealed. Heru was the light of the world, the light that is represented by the symbolical eye, the sign of salvation.

Westerns made declared Jesus was is the light of the world. Heru was the way, the truth, the life, by name and in person. Jesus is made to assert that he is the way, the truth, and the life. Horus was the plant, the shoot, the natzer. Jesus is made to say, "I am the true vine". The deceased says, "I spring up as a plant" (Rit., 83, 1). The deceased, in the character of Horus, or one with him by assimilation, also makes these claims for himself.

Hence the sayings - the sayings which are repeated in the Gospels, more especially in the Gospel according to John = Aan. To parallel a few of the sayings in the Gospels with those of the Ritual: In the Gospel according to John, Jesus says of himself, "I am the bread of life" (John 6:35), "I am the light of the world" (John 8:12), "I am the door of the sheep" (John 10:7), "I am the good shepherd" (John 10:11), "I am the resurrection and the life" (John 11:25), "I am the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6), "I am the true vine" (John 15:1).

And Horus was the original in all seven characters.Horus was the bread of life, also the divine corn from which the bread of life was made (Rit., ch. 83). Horus was the good shepherd who carries the crook upon his shoulder. Horus was the door of entrance into Amenta, which none but he could open. Horus was the resurrection and the life. He carries the two symbols of resurrection and of life eternal, the hare-headed sceptre, and the Ankh-key in his hands. Horus was the way. His name is written with the sign of the road (Heru). Horus was the true vine, as the branch of Osiris, who is himself the vine in person.

Now the original of all these identifiable characters could occur but once, and that prototype was HERU (Horus), or Jesus in the cult of Atum-Ra.
Sun, August 2, 2009 - 1:42 PM

Khonsu (HERU = heart consciousness), son of Amun and Mut , was the third member of the triad of Nu-Amun (original TRINITY) '' Thebes '' The Greek called Khonsu Hercules, son of Zeus and Alcmene; slayer of the giants, destroyer of evil monsters , the righter of wrong . Khnonsu is most often seen as a young man wrapped as a mummy with the one braid of hair on the right side of his baldhead .

As the moon comes and goes, so also is the meaning of his name as a moon Neter '' Supreme Being , The moon comes again each new month so , also your health can be renewed with a 30 day fast or cleansing . The Muslims got their Ramadaan , which means hot month , talking about the effect of the sun's heat , So its sun worship and moon worship . They got Ramadaan from Khonsu . and its waiting for the new moon to break . their Saawum '' fasting '' , all from the Egiptian . The point are broken up into three sets of ten days , to purify the body as the woman's body clean itself each month with her menstruation which works with the movement of the moon .

Khonsu (Heart) was the aid of Tehuti '' Thoth '' (WISDOM) , as his helper and recorder of the health and state of being as to who lives or dies . He is the one who write the names on the leaves of the Secret Tree of Life and Death . He also helps Tehuti in recording all passing time . The keeper of change , a Seraphim , meaning '' those of fire '' the master healer of the sick and protector against all evil spirits , ghost six ether spirit forces of evil . The one who chased away evil in all forms . The originator of exorcists , for evil spirits are the source of all illness . So all physician have to be wise in the black magic of casting away evil white magic spirit forces ,

those lost spirits who can't escape this realm their unholy ghost , Their god or lord who can do evil Exodus 32;14 . So they plague the weak , sick , young and old . The sick were taken to his temple by family and friends , Khonsu cured all their illnesses.

Because to The Egyptians, all illnesses were caused by misalignment or out of balance remember harmony and order are godly (Ma'at) opposite of ma'at are demons, 1, Virus , 2 , Microbes , 3 , Germs , 4 . Bacteria , as 1 . Jinn , 2 . Demons , 3 . Evil Spirit , 4 . Devils . Getting into the human body by way of its openings , The nostril , mouth , eye , ear , genitals , or open cuts or sores , , and from your waste tracts . He also had his power transferred into the Shawabti Hedjwerew . He also had his power transferred into the Shawabti Hedjwerew

'' Memphis '' , the Spirit Guard of Tombs , one of the Triad 1 . Ptah , 2 . Sokar . the Hawk , a master of split -second timing , its eye's color of the sun at sunrise , and 3 . Asaru . He was also called Knons and the navigator .

temple was built for him at Ombos ,'' Sutukh '' Set '' . You can find his story of power healing on the Bentresh Stela , which relates the story of Rameses ll at Nu-Amun '' Thebes '' . When you call on him you use Khonsu Neferhotep of Warit '' Karnak '' , the Exorciser and Neter ''

Supreme Being of Love '' can mend your love life or help you with it , Help to heal a marriage just for the asking and also helps with birth and fertility and with the secret schools of Re , The Ancient Egiptian Order , The Young Order of Ho-rus , the Amun and Amunet , He was also known as Knonsure , Khensu or Kenshu .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get One In Trouble, It's The Things One Know That Just Isn't So That Gets Him / Her In Trouble / And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish

them, they never kept them.

Both insignias derived from the iconography of Andjety, who was the local god of the Delta town named Djedu. He was represented in human form with two feathers on his head and holding the crook and flail in his hands At a very early date in Egyptian history, Andjety, who had a close relationship with kingship from the earliest of times, was absorbed into Osiris of Busiris, who became a national god known simply as Osiris. Osiris, of course, was regarded not only as a god but also as a deified deceased king and consequently his insignia, and particularly that of the crook and flail, were treated as symbols of royalty.

Sacred models of them were kept in Heliopolis. The crook was a cane with a hooked handle, sometimes gold-plated and reinforced with blue copper bands. It probably derived from the shepherd's crosier. Its hieroglyphic value was "rule".

The flail was a rod with three attached beaded, strands. The strands could very considerably, using different types of beads and the lengths between the beads could be broken up into several segments.

Mysteriously (not really, a flail is sometimes depicted floating above the upraised hand of Min* (COCK Sin) and other ithyphallic deities. Certain sacred animals carried the flail on their backs.

Crook and COCK (same thing)
Sun, August 2, 2009 - 1:53 PM

Flail ( Flabellum ) Symbol of Guardianship.

The flail has long associations with the gods Osiris, Min, (sin of orgasm for Min (Men) A-min (Amen). And like the crook (Sceptre), it was one of the important insignias of royalty.

Crook Symbol of Guardianship.

The symbolism of the crook is similar to that of the stick and its derivatives, namely; power and authority. The royal Egyptian symbol was called *heka when it was in the shape of a shepherd's crook, and was when it had the head of a canine animal and a two-pronged base.

The triple sceptre was made up of a whip, a staff and stick, representing domination over matter, control of feeling and domination of thought. It is a symbol of the central axis, like the king himself, the intermediary between god and his subjects, a guarantee of peace and justice. The royal symbol of the kings was adopted from the god Osiris and the ancient shepherd deity, Andjeti. It denoted Pharaoh's role as guardian of the People of the Nile. The crook and flail were used in all royal ceremonies and were part of the mortuary regalia of the kings, ensuring the continued welfare of the diseased in the Afterlife.
Sun, August 2, 2009 - 1:57 PM


The word "sin" is derived from a Sumerian word that means "to waste semen."

which originated in KMT meaning Min

Minions of Scorpio: Divine Intercourse to Ascension

The God Min

Min is the Kemetian archetype of male sexual power. His icon shows him standing on a pillar masturbating with his left hand, the hand that sends energy back inside .

So Min represents semen retention. A-min (Amen, Amon, or Nu) is the highest cultivation of the principle and practice of Min.

So we now see the connection between Nu and Scorpio and the 8th house of sex.

Scorpio sex is not really external sex. Of course, most Scorpios today are extremely sexual, and if not knowing of Kemetic Ma'At (tantra), they "get it on" almost incessantly with no sense of divine connection, there... but not really there,

But the Scorpion's sexual force is really hidden, down deep. It is meant to be redirected back into the body, thus achieving immortality, transformation and regeneration.

The Pert speaks proudly of the Aged One who is yet ever young and renews himself daily.

Mastery of semen retention (Min) is a major part of becoming "the Ausar."

Amen's hieroglyph is a ram's slaughtering tray. It symbolizes sacrificing (sublimating) the ejaculatory urge.

Through perfection of this art one can become the Osiris and get access to the divine mind (Tahuti, author of all oracles).

Eventually, one becomes a living oracle (prophet).

"Celibacy" among the Prophets

The word "sin" is derived from a Sumerian word that means "to waste semen."

In a man, sperm cells are like little chi-holding batteries. The more batteries the more chi power available.

Men lose chi power through ejaculation. Women lose it through monthly menstruation.

Masters learned how to enjoy vigorous sex, experience whole body and male multiple orgasms and yet not ejaculate. Such masters were called "chaste" and "celibate" in the Scriptures.

Who then became the Minoan era, in the middle of the second millennium BC. and still today,

Sun, August 2, 2009 - 2:26 PM


The Crook (heq, Heqa):

Emblem of Royalty, The crook is a tool of a Shepherd, represents the way the king looks out for, and protects his people. Often, the crook is seen in the right hand of Wesir, many other Netjeru and Kings. The Long strait handle of the crook can vary in length, but the top always has the distinctive semi circular hook.

Flail (nekhakha):

Other wise known as the Flail. In contrast to the symbology of the Crook, the Flail represents Authority. The Crook and the Flail are both generally associated with the Kings of Kemet.

Who Is The Neter; Khnum ?

Khnum was from Sunnu '' Aswan '' which is Nubia or Ta -Nehisi '' Sudan '' at Elephantine Island at the northdern part of the first cataract of the Nile. Pa Neter Khnum '' The supreme being Khnum '' was part of a triad 1. Khum , 2 . Satet , 3 . Atet . He is the Neter '' supreme being '' of creation. He created human being from mud fashioned into shape or black mud . He is the God who created in the Bible '' Torah '' of the Jews , and the Allah '' Al Khaliq '' in the Qur'an Koran '' of the Muslims. as God it's Khaliqun , '' a creator '' . The same attributes as their God of creation who molded human being in his or their image and after their likeness , of the dust , clay , mud of the Earth .

The '' us '' or '' we '' in your Bible or Qur'an is Khnum's Triad , As they said in Genesis 1;26 '' ... and God '' Eloheem '' said ' Let us make man '' Adam '' in our own image after our likeness ... ' However Khnum predates both the Torah '' Bible '' of the Jews and Christians, and the Qur'an '' Koran '' of the Muslims . Now you tell me how can the name of the gods be that close, and the very story of creation be the same, unless it was taken from the Egiptians ? And they were , all of them . You have more than one creation in your holy books , The first is the creation of the angelic beings, the Malaa-ikat . After that you have the gods , Eloheem , and after that , the Yahweh

Eloheem And then the Adams and the Eves, and don't forget the Nakhash or serpent , Khnum is the one who got the script or the chemical chart in the form of DNA on how to create a being in their image and after their likeness .

The Eloheem created the black man . The original Asiatic Black man , the Hindu. Genesis 1;26-27 . The Black skin , straight hair, unlike the original green-skinned god with woolly hair, as the green hue of the Ethiopians . The race of Hindu or Aryans whose spirit forces is from Nirvana , their own heaven created a man and woman Genesis 2;7 in their own image and after their own likeness , This Adam was alike in all ways , but skin color he was ghost or transparent in skin and had white thin hair with colorless eyes .

He was evil by nature. From this seed was also born the blonde yellow hair, blue -eyed 6 ether beings , who has more than transparent skin , but has an infectious disease called leprosy , cursed seed of Canaan Genesis 9; 25 also read chapters 13 and 14 of Leviticus . All this was began by the four higher races of beings 1, The Neteru ( Egipt ) , 2 , The Anunnaqi ( Sumer ). 3, The Nommos ( Mali ), 4 , The Elul (in the heavens). Altogether called the Neteraat , the Gods, the Supreme Beings The Nubains race is the son and daughters of these gods, And as such they are also gods, the childrten of the inner Most High, Khnum is Allahu Al Khaaliq, but Tehuti is the one who writes and records the formula as a Neter of the Neteru,

The being who came on the Mandjet and landed in Sudan '' Africa ''. Khnum Was the actual alchemist, and Tehuti was the one who logs the actual act, Tehuti overseered the project, like Enqi overseered the project of Ninti of the Anunnaqi, the being who came on Nibiru and crashed down in the Persian Gulf.

They changed the system. Khnum gave the power to procreate to female through Mitochondrial DNA which gives her the power to give birth Mito is from Greek mitos, meaning '' warp thread '', and Chondria is from Greek khondrion, diminutive of khondtos, meaning '' grain, granule ''. In Nubia , Sudan he was known as Dedun The pygmies called him Khonuum the supreme God , God of the Rainbow , the actual 7 spheres that protects this planet from the rays of the sun Genesis 9 ; 13-16,

God of the Hunters, the human beast , he who kills for fun and sport . His bow was made of two serpents , the waters above and the waters below , and is visible to mortals as a rainbow as you can see these original Tahites had the name first . In time it became Khnum , the one who molded the body and breathes life into them , So he was the Neter '' Supreme Being '' of Fertility and The Potter , Al Musawir '' the fashioner '' , When Khnum Fashioned and shaped each being from black clay he would also their double called the Ka '' Spirit '' or you , along side of them . Male and Female created he them and called their name Adam , one being , two parts Genesis 5;2 .

They would have to become one in time , Body and spirit . '' Soul '' and Ka

'' Spirit ''. Your own real trinity , The 3 part you as God . All other only have Duad '' two '' part lacking Ba the '' soul '' . This is where all of your religions got their stories from . Khnum created each being and allotted them 120 years of physical life in the light , and eternity is the next state of existence, in the pure and holy darkness in which all true supreme beings reside . To him 1,000 years of Earth time was one day , It was Khnum who created the cosmic egg ; The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg ''

comes from this story . Creator of both Supreme Beings and mortals , Nubians '' supreme beings '' . Mongoloids , Caucasoid and other '' mortals , '' The Greeks who also are Hebrew from Noah's grandson Javan , son of Japeth , translate his name Khnoumis . He is shown as a man with a Ram's head very similar to Amun . The hidden name , the secret word . Even in the Bible in Revelation 3;14 all prayers ends with this name . Caucasians worship him as the goat of Baphomet or Mendes . But his horns were wavy as opposed to Amun's sweeping curves . A species of sheep possessing horns like these was

Ouislongipes Palaeoegypticos . It is now extinct . They try to make you see the goat and the ram . as the same animal , when in actuality they are two separate creatures , Sama'el or Azazil was known as the scapgoat , not the scape ram . So their trick is to make you think that the ram was a disagreeable creature as the goat was synonymous with evil (SETH), but they are two different animals. So the trick used today, is all of the satanic cults and worshippers use the ram as their symbol to make you think that the ram was evil , and that way reverse the symbol of Ra in ancient Egipt , which was the ram into an evil symbol .

Khnum's first wife Anukis is shown wearing the feather of the red parrot . A bird restricted to Sudan '' Africa '' . His second wife was Satis , who was also his daughter by Anukis . Her name mean '' she who runs like an arrow '' She is shown holding a bow and arrow , and the Greek link her with he-ra Daughter of Cronus or Kronos ( son of Uranus and Gaea ) and Rhea . So all the Greek God's come thru him and his family , which came from Ta-nehisi '' Sudan '' All Canaanites , White , ghost people worship Egiptian Neteraat Supreme Beings '' All Arabs also, and many just don't know the truth .

Satis or Sati is also linked to Septet , or Sibtu which the Greeks call Sothis, now called Sirius, the Dog Star. Satis is seen with a five pointed Star upon her head . She was the Netert of the Sunbeam as the sun illuminates the world . Khnum is also known as Khnemu , Knef , Chnuphis the maker of souls of the Neteraat '' Supreme Beings '' and the spirit of the Enosaat '' Mortals '' by the use of the higher faculties while functioning in the physical body . The mind is enlightened by the spiritual Anukis or Anquet also called Noki , the Netert of the Net . To live the life in the physical regardless of one's personal responsibility Demanding that one's right be respected but ignoring the obligation to respect the right of other .

She was guardian over will. Choice given by her mate to each creator he created, To respect other's right of choice is to wear the Net of Anukis , So Khnum is birth , creation , life itself . So he is one of the four points in existence , A prayer is said as you stand before him in the midst of the Holy of Holies Shrine Temple, The black Pyramid.

But we have to go beyond that. We can look at the artifacts before writing came into being. We will then be in archaeological finds along the Nile. Also you would find that there were two groups of Africans; one called “Hutu,” and one called “Twa.” The Twa and Hutu take us back into at least 400,000 B.C.E. (Before the Common “Christian” Era) in terms of artifacts. The most ancient of these artifacts, one of the most important in Egypt, is called the “Ankh,” which the Christians adopted and called the “Crux Ansata” or “Ansata Cross.” The Ankh was there amongst these people, equally the “Crook” and “Flail.” All of these symbols came down to us from the Twa and Hutu. You know the Twa by British anthropologists who called them “pygmies.” There is no such thing in Africa known as a “pygmy,” much less “pygmies.” But the people call themselves Twa and Hutu, so that’s what they are.
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