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   Fri, May 20, 2011 - 1:11 PM

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When i talk about Africa, "Ka of Afu Ra" the "Afu Ra Ka" (Afuraka) this goes beyond race and nationality, it includes
all nationalities and races, beyond age, religion, sexual orientation etc. It's about healing on all levels
through higher consciousness, changing the paradigms with intelligence. we are all Africans.

This is about healing the spirit of mother earth.and why the feminine and goddess are important,

there really is only one religion

As "Afu Ra Ka" Ra (life force) moves thru matter, energy dwells within the earth and within us, this is 2012.

We think our problems are physical, and that we must compete, I AM is about working in unity

Energy, hunger, alt economics, gay rights, women rights, world rights ...

yet the healing has to be on an emotional soul level, spiritually, on the planet

Love is the key, when we love (a higher intelligence), solutions will appear

Our answers to our current problems will be solved attending to and becoming aware of Africa and acknowledge
our mistakes, and on emotional level healing Africa heals ourselves, entities attach are on a soul level,
we have a soul karma... Universal love empowers us all


the seed.
The conditioned is the flower and the fruit
Knowledge is the branch
and the truth is the root
Look and see where the root is;
happiness shall be yours when
you come to the root
it will lead you to the branch, the leaf, the flower, and the fruit

It began before KMT, but this is where we'll start...

Ancient Metaphysical Egypt

Divine Plan

Kemetic School Curriculum

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Sat, May 21, 2011 - 5:43 PM

Living a Beast life Ba and Ka of Kemet (Good)

The word "Ka" denotes the soul of a person. It is symbolized in the metut script as two arms being raised perpendicularly. The term "Qa" is phonetically "Ka, Kaka, keka, etc." The "Qa metut symbol is basically the same as the metut symbol for "Ka". Furthermore, Qa means "the land above the banks of the river" ("the high land, exalted land, etc). For those of you familiar with the Kamitic creation story, this is the "high land" where the eight deities came together to conceive the primordial egg of Ra.

When Ra(life force) moves thru matter, he becomes known as "Afu Ra". This correlates with the high land above the waters, which is the "Ka of Afu Ra" or "Afu Ra Ka" (Afuraka). The feminine aspect of the name would be "Kait of Afu Rait" or "Afu Rait Kait (Afuraitkait), being that Rait is the "feminine" aspect of creation, as Ra is "masculine". Thus, together they are Ra/Rait.

Next, the word "Af" means "flesh" as in residence, which correlates with our "flesh" being the "house of our spirit". The metut symbol for "Af" is a reed and a horned viper. As Ra(life force) moves thru matter, his energy dwells within the earth and becomes the "flesh of Ra", or Afu Ra. Thus, Afu-Ra-Ka(Africa) has the meaning "house of the great soul of Ra".