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The Light of Pisces

   Sun, January 8, 2012 - 3:45 AM

Christ is not one individual person. Christ is not Jesus's last name. Christ is a principle and an attitude of unification. Christ is a word signifying a position of leadership (a job description) given to certain divine individuals whose task it is to initiate great harmony through a process of magnetic attraction.

Christ is an energy pattern that blends diverse and opposite polarities into integrated wholeness. In humanity's case, the polarities to be unified are Spirit (Father, divine masculine) and matter (Mother, divine feminine). Christ is another word of the Soul, that point of light between, yet containing both, Spirit and matter.

Christ is the Path home that blooms within us, felt first as a seeking and an aspiration for something greater than ourselves. Later this aspiration transforms into Love; for family, partner, nature, community, knowledge, and God. Christ is the principle that aspires, pursues, reaches, finds, and eventually blends with that which we are seeking.

The Christ principle originates in the star Sirius, blends its streams of blue, orange, and green electrical fires with a particular star in the Big Dipper called Ray 2. From this star ray the cosmic fiery force penetrates Pisces, and then enters our Sun, where the originating energy is transformed into magnetic radiations of light which fall to Earth. On Earth, Christ is the point of divine fire in all living things.

The purpose of this inner fire is to connect Spirit (the unseen) with matter (the seen). In nature, this Christ principle gives life its cosmic rhythm, the result of which is an ever-present, coherent life force. This point of life, connecting Spirit with matter, is the pure, radiant, harmonious vibration called the Soul.


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Sun, January 8, 2012 - 4:18 AM

The study of the Life of Jesus is essentially the study of one's own Self, and Astrology not only points the way but further shows us the way to salvation and redemption from the conditions into that we individually and as a race have fallen through individual and mass karma.

We of Earth, are, truly reflections of the activities in progress in the greater sphere above us. The works that Jesus did, we may do too, according to His own assurance, if we make possible the requisite conditions as to right living, consisting of right thought, right action and right speech.

It is the primary purpose of Astrology to make clear to us the conditions just mentioned, and it gives us the key by which we may open up the greater knowledge of the celestial arcana for the purpose of applying it to ourselves; not for materialistic aggrandizement, but for the far more noble purpose of serving humanity even as the Master served humanity.

In the Crucifixion Drama the Cross was the cardinal cross of the zodiac. Aries is the sign of the Lamb or Christ, and in the Drama, Aries was on the Cross of the Meridian and the Equator. The foot of the cross is Libra. The Crucifixion occurs on the Equinox, in the sixth hour, the actual time when the Sun (Son) sets.

The veil in the Temple was rent in two equal parts. Hence, on the Equinox day and night were equal. Two thieves were also crucified on either side of Jesus - Cancer and Capricorn. One thief went to Paradise with Jesus. Cancer rose. Capricorn sank, below the horizon, i.e., the netherworld which is Kingdom of Satan or Saturn.

Esoterically, the Crucifixion symbolizes the lowest point of attainment in the descent of the Logos into Matter. In other words, the Sun reached the lowest meridian for the northern hemisphere at the time of the culminating act of the Drama.

Then it ascends. After Spirit has become involved in Matter to the extent required, evolution begins and the spiritual powers become in the ascendant. It is only after man has reached his lowest point in matter or world experience that he truly begins to ascend in permanent progress toward the higher planes or spheres of being.

All the elements in the celestial Drama are peculiarly our own individual elements of progress and experience. Every man and every woman meets a nadir or lowest point in human existence at some time or other before passing beyond, and everyone is destined to personal crucifixion on a cross of his own construction, before he can lawfully expect to rise in spiritual power.

In fact, the personal crucifixion is absolutely necessary to develop the desire and stimulus to rise, otherwise, it is inherent in humanity to be more or less content or at least passively acceptant of "things as they are" as long as they can stand them.

All life on this planet and elsewhere as we may be able to conceive it, must be and is, a part of the One Life, whether it be in Mineral, Vegetable, Animal or Human Kingdom. "In Him we live and move and have our being." We cannot become separated from this One Life, do what we will.

And because we are a part of the One Life, we are obliged to be partakers of all the conditions pertinent to that One Life, whatever our individual placement may be. Some of these conditions are punitive, others admonitive, still others approbative, and the "still small voice" within, is that of the Silent Watcher who is both Monitor and an integral part of the individualized aspect of that One Life.

The Thieves of the Celestial and the Palestinian Dramas are constantly with each one of us and may in some aspects be a robber of our higher selves, but always possible of purification - or salvation, and therefore justified and ultimately redeemed and go with us into Paradise.

The veil that must be rent is the veil of ignorance; not necessarily academic ignorance, but spiritual ignorance. Many, placed in the lowest positions in human life, with little, apparently, to give cheer or encouragement, have nevertheless a wonderful vision of life, and as they live up to it to the best that in them lies, they are happy in the possession of an inner light denied to many who may enjoy all the obvious blessings, blessings that, alas, are often most transitory and evanescent.

When we rend our individual veils of ignorance, then shall the saints that sleep, i.e., our spiritual faculties, awake into new life and function for our personal illumination, enabling us to discern spiritually, the things of the Spirit.

Every star in the firmament has its direct or indirect influence upon human life individually and collectively, passively when not in aspect; actively when in aspect.

And the more the student studies available data regarding the Fixed Stars, the more he will amplify his knowledge and understanding of the vast forces continually at work upon his destiny, for as the foregoing sketch of the Great Drama has shown, they play most important parts in the cast, sometimes becoming more truly the principals than the planets of our Solar System in the natal horoscope.
Tue, March 27, 2012 - 3:33 AM
The light of Pisces
You have written something very very beautiful. Your vibrating soul connecting us all, together, forever and ever.
Wed, May 15, 2013 - 5:46 PM
as always...great stuff
Wed, October 16, 2013 - 7:40 PM
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