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The Light of Pisces

   Sat, November 26, 2005 - 9:21 PM
In esoteric terms Pisces, "is the light of life itself and ends forever the darkness of matter."* It is important to understand that when speaking from an esoteric (inner), or Soul, point of view, the language used does not refer to the external nature of things. The language and explanations always refer to an inner reality, one that is unseen, often unknown, and barely perceptible. Therefore, in the quote above, the light is the light of the Soul, and the darkness of matter is that state of unconsciousness when we are developing our personality and Spirit seems far away.

Since the light of Pisces really means the light that flows into the personality from the work of the incoming Soul, it is important once again to articulate what the Soul actually is. First, there is an originating God the Father source. This is called Spirit. And there is the polarity of God the Father called the Mother. This is called matter, or Earth. In between both of these polarities is a point of light called the Soul. The Soul was created when God theFather and God the Mother looked at each other for the first time. The frequencies of love that vibrated between them pulsated so strongly that a third energy was created. This energy is called by various names: Son, Soul, Christ principle, consciousness, a five-pointed star of fire, Sophia, Gnosis, Divine Wisdom. For this article we will concentrate on the word Soul.

At a time in our evolutionary history when Earth was being created and the Divine Mother made a choice to act as the mother of all life here on Earth, a separation began between God the Father and God the Mother. This was the origin of polarity. As humanity began to people the Earth, as our Spiritual origins began to recede into a mist, and as we focused on the development of our physical bodies, emotions, and logical mind, there needed to be some type of system that would take hold of our lives and reacquaint us with our divine origins. The activity of the Soul was then inaugurated as a bridge between our forgetfulness and our remembrances, our Spiritual inner selves and our outer physical selves. Spirit (Father) and matter (Mother) needed to be reunited again.

Therefore, in an act of sacrifice, the Soul, which is a frequency of divine energy or consciousness, dropped itself down from God the Father into a state of semi-dense physicality. While still maintaining its connection to Spirit, the Soul suspends itself above the life of every human and waits until the personality has developed both experience and strength enough to withstand the incoming fiery light the Soul will bring to the individual. When the personality is strong enough, the Soul detaches itself from God the Father and descends into the life and personality of the individual. From that point on, the personality takes on a new enlightened character because of the Soul's influence. This descent is what is meant by "the light of life itself [that] ends forever the darkness of matter."

There is a Sanskrit word for the path the Soul uses in its work of illuminating the life of an individual. That word is Antahkarana. In Western language it is called the Rainbow Bridge. It is actually a silvery cord that links the personality with the Soul and brings light to the darkness of matter.

Each individual has the ability to activate the process of the Soul. This is done out of, and through, the substance of the developed mind. To develop the mind one must first have the aspiration to know, actively study the Ancient Wisdom teachings, and then employ the techniques of invoking the Soul through pure intention and active visualization.


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Sat, November 26, 2005 - 9:22 PM
Pisces as Christ, or Soul, Principal

Pisces is the sign of unification. At the center of our lives on Earth and on our journey to further and further unfoldment of consciousness, it is the aspect of all things being electrically polarized that creates the tension that engenders the chaos that fuels the challenge within each of us to rise phoenix-like out of duality into a field of unified coherence that we call harmony, peace, or God. It is the sign of Pisces, the two fishes connected by a silver and gold cord, that presents us with duality, yet also offers in its Neptunian waters a sense that unity is a rapturous possibility. In esoteric literature the sign of Pisces is substituted for several other words: the Christ principle, the Soul, and the developing of consciousness.

Christ is a word that brings forth varied responses. For some, there's a mental image of a man who lived 2,000 years ago in Israel who carried, was nailed to, and was hung from a cross on a mountain top, which, at his death, was enveloped in thunder and lightning. Others respond with a cynical disbelief that there was/is such a person called Christ. And a third response &emdash; usually from fallen away Christians &emdash; is a complete turning away from the word. Each response is valid in that it brings to the fore a certain stage in humanity's religious development. But these responses do not explain the form, function, and purpose of that which we call the Christ principle.

Christ is not one individual person. Christ is not Jesus, and Christ is not Jesus's last name. Christ is a principle and an attitude of unification. Christ is a word signifying a position of leadership (a job description) given to certain divine individuals whose task it is to initiate great harmony through a process of magnetic attraction. Christ is an energy pattern that blends diverse and opposite polarities into integrated wholeness. In humanity's case, the polarities to be unified are Spirit (Father, divine masculine) and matter (Mother, divine feminine). Christ is another word for the Soul, that point of light between, yet containing both, Spirit and matter.

Christ is the Path home that blooms within us, felt first as a seeking and an aspiration for something greater than ourselves. Later this aspiration transforms into Love &emdash; for family, partner, nature, community, knowledge, and God. Christ is the principle that aspires, pursues, reaches, finds, and eventually blends with that which we are seeking. The

Christ principle originates in the star Sirius, which blends its streams of blue, orange, and green electrical fires with a particular star in the Big Dipper called Ray 2. From this star ray the cosmic fiery force penetrates Pisces, and then enters our Sun, where the originating energy is transformed into magnetic radiations of light which fall to Earth. On Earth, Christ is the point of divine fire in all living things. The purpose of this inner fire is to connect Spirit (the unseen) with matter (the seen). In nature, this Christ principle gives life its cosmic rhythm, the result of which is an ever-present, coherent life force. This point of life, connecting Spirit with matter, is the pure, radiant, harmonious vibration called the Soul.

And, lastly, Christ is the second aspect of God. A long time ago, when God the Father was getting to know Himself, He looked out and saw a reflection of Himself. This reflection He called the Mother. Love grew between them, and the activity of pulsating love between the Father and the Mother created a force vibrating between them. This love was called the Son (Sun). The Christ is the mediating aspect between God the Father and God the Mother, and the Christ completes the triangle, or trinity, of the three aspects of God.
Sun, November 27, 2005 - 7:54 AM
Understanding Pisces...well, a little bit

symbolism and Profile


Pisces’ motto is “Let go and let God.” Most of us think this is a good idea. But most of us don’t know HOW. The practical application of implementing this surrender dictum and incorporating its implications into our psyche escapes us.
Sun, November 27, 2005 - 10:16 PM
I love a Pisces woman.

She's a wonderful Soulsister.

And there is just one thing standing in our way.

We'll see what a week brings.



Thanks Chaz

Wed, January 25, 2006 - 10:16 PM
heheheee...understanding pisces that might take a lifetime, or maybe 12 karmic cycles worth? ;-)

but here is a shortcut, understanding yourself brings you closer to heaven....and us crazy pisceans.

plugged into the source
duality is a beatiful equality
of heavenly quality

blissings.... ><{{{'< and thanks for taking a look into our soul :-)
Thu, January 26, 2006 - 9:19 PM

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