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The RA of Heru

   Tue, April 29, 2008 - 9:38 AM

Ra is the Egyptian equivalent of life-force, chi, kundalini, prana, shekinah and salaat.

Ra is not the Sun god. Ra is the energy of life and the Sun and glyph symbolized the Ra energy.

In Sanskrit, "Ram" is the mantra for fire.

The Arabic letter Ra οΊ­ is, graphically, an abstract depiction of a falcon's beak in profile. One of Ra's main images is that of a falcon-headed human with the solar disk on his head.

The Tarot card that correlates to Ra is, appropriately, the Sun card.

The kundalini energy is often called "solar energy" as its ascension and descension is regulated by or timed to the Sun.

But Ra is not a Sun god. He is a force whose activities are connected to the relative position of the Sun.

There are two Egyptian deities that are so similar that Egyptologists regularly confuse them.

Heru (Horus) and Ra are both associated with the Sun.

Heru, however, symbolizes consciousness while Ra symbolizes the subconscious.

All that ends up in Ra (the subconscious) must first pass through the Eye of Heru (consciousness).

Because awake consciousness is an extension of subconsciousness, Heru is said to be a descendant of Ra.

Ra is the raw energy that makes up the substance of the subconscious. In that sense it has some of the attributes of the Freudian id.

Egyptian symbolic teachings state that Ra completely fills the Tuat (Underworld) in a fiery form. The Tuat symbolizes the subconscious. Ra is the energy that makes up the Tuat.

There are various "gates" to regions of the Tuat, indicating that the Egyptians and other ancient cultures mapped out the subconscious long before western psychology even existed.

Something I posted about divinity in the past that relates to Khemetic divinity.

When you are dreaming and meditating you are in a realm where you are creating, acting as the creator. You think you have no control. But in your dreams and meditations you can fly correct. Go any place in this world? You question nothing? Right? This is you, your god self.

When you wake up you create a reality based on your meditation. You manifest this into creation. Reality is not even that real. It is RE - Ality. Something you already created in another realm. Something you in fact had control over.

As KMT we understand that there is a continium, cipher, a circle. You have a hand with many fingers. But you call it a hand. Many parts but one hand. Its all the same. You dont say I picked the baby up with my 10 different fingers, palm, and figernails. One in the same.

This is how the universe is. You, the plants, cats, and dogs are apart of the universe. You are the universe.

My mother is a GOD. She created me. At one time I lived in her womb and we were one being. I am now outside of her body. But guess what my DNA tells me that we one. A DNA tests can prove she is my mother. So now that I left the womb I am no longer her and she is no longer me? No, we are still the same person. I am just manifesting her light and energy in a different form. All life is energy. You may look in the mirror and see a brown face. But you only see a brown face because of the heat of the energy. Look at fire. Depending on the heat it will be blue or orange, correct? But its still the same fire? You are made of fire. But dont even realize it. You are fire. You see matter as solid. Because it is the way the energy is manifesting. But energy all is essentially the same. The computer you are typing on is energy but is the same energy as a pencil for example. There is really no difference. You are a god. But people see your persona. Your body is the per -son (per sound) that carries the sound of your godself.

"In Ancient Egypt, the words of Ra, revealed through Tehuti became the things and creatures of this world, i.e. the words (meaning sound waves) created the forms in the universe. "

Its only a vehicle. Its not the energy that is essentially your god self. When you and if you study Kemetic religion this will be very clear to you. We are the elements earth, water, air, fire, and ether(spirit) .

The Universe is the elements earth (geb), water(nut), air(tefnut/shu), fire(ra),
Cats are elements earth (geb), water(nut), air(tefnut/shu), fire(ra), and ether(spirit)
You are elements earth, water, air, fire, and ether(spirit)
God is elements earth, water, air, fire, and ether(spirit)

Geb, Nu, tefnut, shu, and RA are Khemetic deities

Energy cannot be created or destoyed. So in reality, no one is your creator, because there is no energy to create. We only manifest energy, not create it. SO WHO IS THE CREATOR?

The Egyptians left this in writing for us. Ra said:

The Egyptian Book of the Coming Forth by Light (wrongly and commonly translated as the Book of the Dead), the oldest written text in the world, states:

I am the Eternal ... I am that which created the Word ... I am the Word ...


Man's Will. Sphere 6 (Heru) of the Tree represents that aspect of Spirit from which Man's Will is exercised. It is in the exercise of Free Will that the divine aspect of Man finds expression. It is important though to point out that Man's Will is distinct from God's Will, which finds expression out of Sphere 2 (TEHUTI). For Man to bring her Will into alignment with God's will, therefore, it is necessary for Man to consult or otherwise be guided by, the inner Sage, or the Oracular faculty represented by Sphere 2.

The Attribution represented by Sphere 6 was known to the Kamau as Heru, often symbolized by the hawk wearing the crown of upper and lower Egypt. No doubt the word "hero" derives from the Kamitic name for this deity, and came into the English language via the Greeks. It is cognate also to the Greek word helios for the sun, as well as Horus, the word by which Heru was known to the Greeks. Horus in turn is cognate to "horizon" for the image of Heru is of the sun on the horizon, poised between heaven and the earth.


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Tue, April 29, 2008 - 9:43 AM

The Eye of HERU, is one of the most famous symbols of Egypt. During a battle with Set, Horus had an eye ripped out of his head. This eye was later replaced by Tehuti, the eye of Ra and Heru also relate with the holy spirit and the heart of Leo .

"Sun that Never Sets"

Chi, known by the "CHI"-nese, is the unconditional energy that makes up the life force of all things. This concept originated as Ra in Kamitian wisdom, and Kundalini in Dravidian Wisdom. It is the life force, because all living things are made up of it and need it to remain alive and well. It is known to the Westerners as Spirit (although separated and mystified by Westerners). Chi is an energy source that can be used to accomplish all things in accordance to Truth, and is cultivated to give Man their Godhood faculties. In the days of old, Chi was mentioned to be Ra in Egyptian Wisdom. Ra is the solar force that all matter is comprised of, and is even makes up the atoms and molecules that comprise the physical manifestations of all matter in the Universe.

Chi (Ra) is unconditional, meaning that is is energy in its most pure and undefined form (by undefined meaning not separated or categorized), and transcends that of physical matter yet it is the fundamental source of all energy in the Universe. All matter within the Universe is manifested by the metaphysical organ systems that are known as the Tree of Life. From Amen (0), to Geb (10), each involves the Solar energies.

In order for a manifestation to complete itself within the Universe, the Solar Force must be stirred to cause a manifestation of matter within the world known as a sound unit. The matter within the Universe is what is known as a personification ('per' through 'son' sound 'ification' the act of causing) or and individual entity of life known to be person ('per' through 'son' sound).

The Solar force Ra was very important to the Egyptians, Chinese, and Dravidians, as they realized that is was the primary state for all life. The Sun is a reminder to us of the brilliant power that makes up the matter in the Universe. The Suns are all immense wells of Ra energies and although chaotic on an atomic level (through fission), they provide the light which is necessary for life on Earth. They were not Sun worshippers, but rather cultivators and implementers of the Ra forces.

Ra is concealed in the word "aurRA", meaning light. They chose to represent this force in the form of Heru, as Heru is the bringer and carrier of Ra which grants Man the Will. Ra is shown with the head of a falcon and the body of a man, showing that the will takes training and discipline along with a strong mentality and a sturdy sense of focus. More can be told about the god-forms but there is too much to be said about them :-). When a person realizes their faculty Heru, they are shown the way to implement their Will in order to gain discipline and achievement in accordance to Truth (Tehuti).

By the cultivation of Ra energy, one can then divert their being into the internalization of consciousness, which is necessary for self healing, internal knowledge (Wisdom), and the steadiness of the heart*(1).

Tue, April 29, 2008 - 9:47 AM


Lets get that straight right now. Africa worshipped ther inner HERU, not peregrine falcons.
So why use a falcon in the first place? Lets find out.


The falcon, a bird, has some interesting characteristics.....its the fastest animal on earth, capable of flying at speeds up to 200 has extreme arial agilty and can fly to the highest hieghts reachable by any bird............its a predator with deadly weaponry..........its TRAINABLE!!!!!!!!!......AND IT HAS SOME OF THE KEENEST EYESIGHT ON THE PLANET. The everyday sight of a peregrine falcon, flying high, high above in the sky, diving at incredible speed to catch a rodent you didnt even know was there, came to symbolize the GOD HERU. Check this, the bird symbolizes the soul.

Flight/Highest hieghts symbolizes the soul`s rising up to Heaven, and also light. The speed and arial agility and ability symbolizes the warrior capabilities, as does the predator with deadly weaponry. Being trainable symbolizes the educational and initiation systems of "becoming Heru", and how you must train yourself, and the eyesight? That symbolizes your third eye, your innervision, your unclouded outervision, and your accurate warriors eye, which lets you hit your enemy while not hitting your allies. The Eye of Heru is its own subject, its so large. These are a few of the reasons the hawk was used to symbolize HERU. A great teacher of the mysteries of HERU


The Eye of HERU, or WEDJAT/UDJAT, is one of the most famous symbols of Egypt. During a battle with his uncle Set, Horus had an eye ripped out of his head.
Symbolically, God(as a single being encompassed by the various Netjeru) was thought to be a loving shepherd and this tale was one way of explaining His love.

Alternately, the Eye of RA was also thought to be HET-HERT or SEKHMET, and tales tell of RA, displeased with mankind's grumbling against Him, sending his Eye to destroy mankind. In the end RA changed His mind and brought back His Eye (presumably He changed His mind for the same reason listed above, i.e. mankind were the tears from His Eye). He then transforms SEKHMET back into HET-HERT, the benign Netjeret of love and pleasure.

Additionally, HERU's Eyes were sometimes described as the sun and the moon. Clearly the Eye symbol had many meanings, and hopefully the next time you see it somewhere you will remember its multi-faceted use

When RA saw that mankind had lost respect for His power and rulership, He sent his daughter HETHERT to earth to destroy the transgressors. HETHERT (HET HERU) , who was known by the title "the Eye of RA" took the form of a powerful lioness called SEKHMET and began slaughtering the rebels.

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