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I have a Scorpio Rising - Metaphysics (God Star)

Esoteric Astrology
The Astrology of the Soul

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by Adele Barger Wilson

Ever wonder what your spiritual purpose is, what your soul has in mind for you? As our personalities evolve, we grow beyond our Sun signs and into our RISING SIGNS. Just in case you don't know what a rising sign is, it is the sign of the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. Sometimes called the ASCENDING SIGN or the ASCENDANT, it sets the keynote for your soul's purpose.

EXOTERIC ASTROLOGY is the astrology of the personality, while ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY is the astrology of the soul. Esoteric astrology concerns itself not only with the soul's purpose, but also with the process by which the personality becomes the soul's instrument. According to the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul in Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology, this astrology of the soul will eventually supersede present-day astrology.

An Esoteric Journey Through the Zodiac presents the meanings of the zodiacal signs from the perspective of the soul's evolutionary path. Spiritual Initiations, paths of evolution, and planes of manifestation are discussed, followed by elaborations on the spiritual significance of each sign. Discover your spiritual journey, your challenges, your fulfillment - your soul's underlying motivations - by reading about your rising sign


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Sat, December 31, 2011 - 11:32 AM


To Esoteric Astrology

Among the tombs and temples of the great civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia and India, there once flourished a sacred study of the stars that arose from Man's innate need to find order and meaning in the universe and within himself. There has always been a corpus of sublime wisdom, as old as Man himself, that periodically emerges from obscurity to shed light upon humanities purpose on earth and its relationship to the cosmos.

Astrology, in its original and integral expression, played an essential role within this body of high knowledge that prevailed over the ancient world; it shaped its myths and religious rituals, and structured its civilizations so that they might reflect the divine order from which they originated. Above all, it provided individuals with a key to unlock the mysteries of spiritual transformation, long since veiled in the glyph and symbol of the hierophant.

Astrological temples like those at Stonehenge and Karnak were designed to link the rotation of the earth and the movements of the planets to the positions of the stars and thereby to integrate Man himself into the wheels of the grand cosmic scheme.

The aberrant form which survives today as orthodox astrology is but a pale candle to the sun of the Egyptian science that developed out of the discoveries made when the truncated platform of the Great Pyramid was first constructed 75,000 years ago an astrology that acknowledged and paid tribute to its divine origin, and an astrology that helped Man to return in consciousness to his own divine origin.

With the present exteriorisation of the mysteries, we stand on the verge of restoring this vitally important keystone of ancient wisdom and initiatory discipline. As we move into the New Age of Aquarius, esoteric astrology is becoming increasingly relevant to many more people. For this reason, the term esoteric is rather a misnomer. Instead, we should refer to the new astrology—a much more accurate expression for today's reformulation of this most ancient art and science.

The high astrology that once graced antiquity may have been lost to recorded history, but something of its nature can be inferred from ancient language itself. These richly symbolic systems of pictogram and hieroglyphic abound with metaphor and analogy, employing the most mundane images to portray abstruse metaphysical realities that would otherwise remain incommunicable to the finite mind of Man.

So too, the subject of the new astrology cannot be grasped without an understanding of the nature and function of symbol.

Just as mankind is an outer expression of a divine principle, so is everything in our lives—material object, concept, attitude, everything is a symbol which can point to a deeper layer of meaning the closer we trace it to its origin or archetype. In other words, nothing exists without being linked to images or concepts which lead, ultimately, to the divine.

One of the main functions of the new astrology is to trace an aspect from the horoscope to its divine origins, so that the Soul may respond from Its planes of Will, Love and Higher Thought, and thus guide the Personality in a relevant and meaningful direction, according to the Soul's Purpose. The tool developed by the author and Claregate College for most effectively tracing symbols in such a way, is the permutation.

The term aspect is used in the new astrology to mean a group of glyphs combining planets, signs and houses, and not in the sense of the angular relationship between planets. In the new astrology, a permutation is a sentence constructed from the symbols represented in an astrological aspect.
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by Adele Barger Wilson
© 1998-2007 Adele Wilson

Updated June 9, 2007

The following sign meanings are based on the principles set forth by KMT
through Alice Bailey in Chapter II of Esoteric Astrology are simplified in
An Esoteric Journey Through the Zodiac: The Inner Meanings of the Signs (Tree of Life)

PLEASE NOTE: By no means do the paragraphs on this page represent firm or final textbook delineations. Please consider them as constituting an initial attempt to verbalize possible soul's-purpose implications of the ascending sign in the horoscope. I offer them to you as a starting point, an initial frame of reference, in our collective quest to discern and recognize the various arenas of growth, types of consciousness expansion, and fields of service that can be intended by the human soul.

Of course, the esoteric significance of the rising sign must be modified by many factors, most significantly, by planets in the first house, aspects to the ascending degree, and the house position, sign, and aspects of the esoteric ruler of the ascendant. Degree, decanate, duad, and fixed star symbolisms are among the many other possible colorations that can contribute to the synthesis that would begin to describe the soul's purpose.

ARIES - Replacing instinctual desire with will; the increasing assertion of the Higher Self; discerning Divine Will by birthing new ideas to aid the evolution of the planet; embodying Divine Will by personifying and enacting these ideas

TAURUS - Being a wise steward of the Earth's resources, utilizing them for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan; seeing, becoming, and using Light as a tool to dissipate astral glamour and to transmute material attachment into spiritual aspiration

GEMINI - Giving Love wisely and applying Wisdom lovingly; spreading Light and bridging gaps between people; being a channel of Love-Wisdom to help connect people and promote planetwide unity of all Humanity

CANCER - Realizing the Oneness of all manifested life, human, animal, vegetable, and mineral; using innate attunement to mass consciousness to build forms that will uplift and inspire Humanity toward the universal Love of the heart chakra

LEO - Becoming centered in God-consciousness by perfecting the personality and infusing it with soul energy in order to radiate Love to others; leading a humanitarian service group and cooperating with other group leaders in a unified effort to usher in a higher planetary consciousness

VIRGO - Refining the personality so that it can receive the energies of the soul and thus birth the Christ Consciousness in the self; helping to rearrange the physical plane in preparation for receiving the higher energies necessary for planetary initiation

LIBRA - Seeing the other as part of oneself; incorporating insights from others in order to realize the balance between, and unity of, the personality and the Higher Self; becoming Whole through cooperation with the Higher Self and the Divine Plan

SCORPIO - Transmuting lower desires into Higher Will through the testing and purging of the personality; being a spiritual warrior and catalyst of healing through the embodiment and transmission of Divine Power

SAGITTARIUS - Experiencing all facets of human life in order to develop a complete acceptance, understanding, and love of others of different cultures, creeds, races, and religions; bearing the torch of Light and Love to inspire others toward greater understanding of life and of each other

CAPRICORN - Developing patience, persistence, and perseverance by working productively within the limitations of matter, time, and space in order to progress spiritually, become increasingly involved with the Forces of Light, and assume greater responsibilities in helping to manifest the Divine Plan on Earth

AQUARIUS - Waking up to the universality of Spirit and the Divine essence and unity of all beings, interplanetary and extraplanetary; serving uniquely and lovingly in a cooperative effort with other servers, under the direction of the Planetary Hierarchy, to help the whole of Humanity awaken and take its next step forward in consciousness

PISCES - Becoming aware of ingrained personal attitudes, cultural thoughtforms, and societal institutions which hinder planetary progress, then wielding Power to transmute these into higher forms of energy, thus clearing the way for the new thought forms which will serve the the Divine Plan of evolution for the planet and the solar system
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