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"Caucasian Jews are not the lineal descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Nor do they constitute a separate race but rather a religious fraternity which adheres to the ethnic tradition of a people whose origins are inextricably linked to Black Africa."

For years, people of the world have been led to believe that the people of the bible were white people, when in fact they were black.

everything we’ve been taught has been false for imperialism and slavery..

Black Jews ruled the world from ancient times until the Enlightenment.

Westerners have rewritten history, obscuring the true identity of God’s chosen people and erasing the evidence of their accomplishments in the world.


The European Jew–A Question of Identity!?

What European Jews!? The African Jews are of the Bible!

The Physical Appearance of Ancient Israel
The Hebrews & The Sons Of Ham

The current State of Israel was set up by the US, Britain and the United Nations in 1948. (*fiat money)

The Scriptures tell us who they are: Most people have come to incorrectly associate the term Jew with Israel. While all Jews are Israelites, most Israelites are not Jews. It’s clear in the Scriptures, yet it is one of the greatest misconceptions Christians have.

An Israelite is a descendant of Jacob, whom God named Israel (Gen. 32:28). Jacob (Israel) had twelve sons, of which only one was named Judah. The term Jew is the English translation of the Hebrew Yehewdiy means “descendant of Judah”–The Tribe of Judah–the Ethiopian Jews are descended from Jews who accompanied Menelik, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, from Jerusalem to Ethiopia.

Israel included the city of Jerusalem and was named after Judah. In fact, Judah became the name of the southern kingdom when Israel divided into two kingdoms about 2900 years ago. The ancestry of Joseph is traced back to Judah. So is the ancestry of King David. In Jacob’s blessing of his 12 sons, in Genesis 49, he described Judah as a lion cub, saying that he would have his hand on the necks of his enemies and that he would be praised by his brothers. Jacob’s blessing of Judah, in Genesis 49:8-12, includes a passage that is traditionally understood by Christians to mean that Judah’s descendants would rule over the land of Israel, culminating with Jesus.

Christians believe the Jewish homeland was given to the Jews in perpetuity by God Himself. The Bible says that whoever blesses Jewish people shall be blessed and whoever curses them shall be cursed. The original Israel of the Bible was encompassed up to Egypt and through Syria and part of Iraq. That is what the Middle East dispute is about. That is why the Arab world is rebelling.

The Tribe of Judah–the Ethiopian Jews are descended from Jews who accompanied Menelik, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, from Jerusalem to Ethiopia. More scientific theories place the Falasha in the Agau family of tribes. Isaiah 11:11 strongly implies that there was an established Ethiopian Jewish community in the days of that prophet, approximately 740 BC.

European Jews and others in different parts of the world were barely aware of the Falasha for many years. The Falasha thought they were the only remaining Jews. They continued to follow Judaism as it was practiced before the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Most Westerners and Protestant churchmen learned of the existence of the Ethiopian Jews from James Bruce’s five-volume work, Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, published in Edinburgh in 1790.

The Garden of Eden was located in the Tigris-Euphrates Region of Africa. Ham had four sons, and his sons are the people of the African Continent–the Ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Somalia’s, Canaanites. Genesis Chapter 50 Verses 7-11, scripture describes ALL the Hebrews as looking like the ancient Egyptians.

Genesis 2:10 – “And a River went out of Eden to water the Garden; and from thence it was parted and became four heads.”

Genesis 2:13 – “And the name of the second river is Gihon; the same is it that compasseth the whole Land of Ethiopia.” Rishon and Gihon are located in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. The Pishon and Gihon Rivers mentioned in Genesis 2: 11-13, wind and turn through the Land of Havilah, somewhere in the Persian Gulf. Today the names of the rivers are the Great Zab (South of Nineveh), and the Little Zab; the Diyala River flows into the Tigris at Baghdad, Iraq.

There were two Ethiopian nations in ancient times–Eastern and Western Ethiopia. There was an Ethiopian civilization in Southern Mesopotamia (Babylon), and the Ethiopian Tribes called themselves Babylonians.

Genesis 10:8 - “Cush begat Nimrod. The word Cush means Ethiopia. Cush is the father of Ethiopians. Nimrod ruled over the cities of Babylon, Erech, Accad (Akkad). The cities are situation in the Land of Shinar (Sumer).

In Genesis 11:26-26 Abraham was one of the fathers of the 12 tribes of Israel. Abraham’s father (Terah) came from the Land of Ur or the Chaldees. The Chaldeans are a Cushite Tribe. The Sumerians/Ethiopians/Mesopotamians (Elamites) settled from Mesopotamia to Europe. Currently this area now includes: Southern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northwest India.

Webster’s Dictionary (Gazetteer Section, p. 849) defines Sumerian as: The pre-Semitic population of the Lower Euphrates Valley. Sumer preceded Babylonia. The dictionary says there is a blood relationship between Dravidian Tribes of India and Ethiopian Sumerians (Elamites). Archeologists have found skeletons of the ancient Dravidian and Nedda types in Ur and Kish.

Some quick Youtube on the Herbrews

Who Are The Real Hebrews

Israelites are Black, we all came from one Black Man! Adam!


Israel is Black


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Fri, May 23, 2008 - 9:37 PM

Black Hebrews of Egypt and Ethiopia - Ethiopian Jews are better known the world over as Falasha, a Ge’ez (ancient Ethiopic) term meaning “stranger” or “exile.”

Tabiban Kamant & Wasambara Jews

Jews of Malagasy Republic

North African Black Jews

Black Jewish Empire of Ghana

The Moorish Empire (Hannibal)

Black Jews of Angola

Jewish Ashantees

Yorba Jews of Nigeria

The Book of Exodus describes a Hebrew (Jewish) presence in Egypt in the former Kingdom of Kush.

In the 9th and 10th Centuries B.C.E. Kings David and Solomon sought to expand Hebrew (Jewish) influence and trade throughout the Mediterranean, Egypt, the Arab Peninsula, the Horn of Africa and Persia.

The Bantu tribes of Southern Africa (where 40,000 members of the Lemba Tribe) still claim Jewish roots.

Jewish tribal groups in Senegal are the descendants of the Tribe of Dan. The Ethiopian Jews can trace their ancestry to the tribe of Dan. The trans-migrants established communities in renowned places as Gao, Timbuktu (where UNESCO still maintains notable archives containing records of its old Jewish community), Bamako, Agadez, Kano and Ibadan.

Jewish tribes have been situated in the heart of Africa since the dawn of recorded history. Ethiopia is mentioned in the beginning of the Biblical Book of Genesis, and there is no time in history when there were not Jews living there. From Ethiopia, they went west and south into the heart of Africa. Other Jews also migrated directly west from Egypt, entering Africa along the northern coast of the continent.

Starting about 300 AD, the Kingdom of Ghana began to be ruled by a dynasty of Jewish Kings known as the Za Dynasty. The founder of the Dynasty was a man named Za el Yemeni, who was descended from Jews of Yemen. He established his capital city at Gao on the Niger River, in what is now the nation of Mali.

According to the writings of Eldad the Danite, a famous Algerian Jewish author of the ninth century, Ghana was a Hebrew nation which followed the Law of Moses. The people of Ghana traced their roots to Jews of the First Diaspora of 600 BC, who were forcibly expelled from Israel by the Assyrians. In support of this, Eldad reported that the Ghanans possessed the Torah, which was compiled before the Diaspora, but not the Talmud, which was compiled in Jerusalem and Babylon much later, during the early centuries of the Christian era.

In the seventh century AD, the whole of Africa north of the Sahara desert was conquered by the armies of Islam. Subsequently, an extremely lucrative trade system developed with the Sub-Saharan Kingdom of Ghana. The commodities first traded were gold and salt. This led to the appearance of regular caravan routes across the Sahara Desert to various cities in Ghana. These cities became wealthy.

Shortly after the year AD 1000, the Kings of Ghana converted to Islam. Initially, the conversions were mainly for the purpose of fostering trade with the powerful Muslim states of North Africa, and had little to do with faith. But once Islam took root in the area, its impact grew inexorably.
Fri, May 23, 2008 - 9:38 PM

The current Jewish homeland was set up on May 14, 1948, by the UN

“What I am trying to do is make the whole world safe for Jews,” Harry Truman wrote as he wrestled over the decision to recognize a Jewish state in Palestine.

Deeply affected by the Holocaust, Truman sympathized with Jewish aspirations for a homeland. In November 1947 he lobbied for the U.N. resolution that divided Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. Britain announced it would hand authority over Palestine to the U.N. by May 14, 1948.

After the death of Solomon Israel was broken up into 2 kingdoms. Judah - which consisted of Benjamin, Judah and the Levitical Priesthood (Levi). The southern kingdom was the remaining 10 tribes - they eventually scattered throughout the (world). These were the Jews that Yahshua (Jesus) prepared his disciples to gather. They are the Lost sheep of the House of Israel.

The modern Ashkenazim Jew–converts (from Eastern Europe) has tried to absorb all the nations and say they are whole again and living in Israel - but that is not true…the 10 tribes of millions of people that are still scattered - (the U. S., the American Indians, the Chinese, the Indian Dalits, the Ethiopians, the Jamaicans…on and on).

The European Jew is a convert….the converts run the Nation of Israel. They converted 1100 years ago, some may have been from the tribe of Judah (Jews) but it is a small minority. The name Sephardim was attributed to the Jews who were forced to leave Spain and Portugal in 1492. Many of these settled in North Africa, other parts of Europe and the Ottoman Empire.
Fri, May 23, 2008 - 9:38 PM

Kristina Lord Comments

Genesis 15: Since I was a young child in the church, I remember the story of Abraham. I remember having read these very chapters and having sung the Sunday School song about Father Abraham. “Father Abraham, had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham, I am one of them and so are you, so let’s just praise the Lord…” But the truth did not click for me then as it did today when I read Genesis 15 with the wealth of knowledge that I now have.

Genesis 15:13-14 from the King James Version of the Bible reads “And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.”

The European Jew–A Question of Identity! What! European Jews?

What! European Jews? The African Jews of the Bible!
Fri, May 23, 2008 - 10:39 PM

Black Hebrews?

The very words cause many people to grin at what appears to be simply a play on words. No one reads about such people in european authored history books and there are only a few references to "Ethiopian Jews" in white Jewish sources.

Yet Black Hebrews have existed since biblical times. In fact, they are the original or proto-typical Hebrews.

Their story begins with the Patriarch Abraham (2117-1942 B.C.), a native of the Sumerian city of Ur in ancient Mesopotamia. Archaeological discoveries have proven that the earliest inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia were members of the "Brown Race," i.e., the Negroid branch of humanity.

It has been confirmed that the ancient Sumerians were akin to the modern Black Dravidians of India. The Sumerians also had an affinity with a people known as the Elamites, the very first Semitic group mentioned in the Bible (Gen. 10:22).

The Elamites were a black-skinned and woolly-haired people as the colorful glazed artwork on the royal palace walls of the ancient Persian city of Susa clearly show.Thus Abraham, the native of Sumerian and the founding father of the Israelite nation, was a black man. The black racial origins of the Patriarchs is not based on mere conjecture, it is in complete agreement with the picture one gets from examining the identity of the earliest inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia.

This truth is grossly neglected, suppressed, and distorted in most European and American historical texts which are flavored with race prejudice.

Fortunately, however, there are enough well authored and highly researched works by Black historians that challenge the Eurocentric revisions of history and correct the various erroneous views regarding the ethnic identity of the Hebrews.

Biblical history relates that the descendants of Abraham, namely Jacob (Israel) and his twelve sons and their wives, 70 in all, migrated from Canaan to Egypt around the year 1827 B.C. During their sojourn in Egypt the Children of Israel multiplied from being a family of 70 souls to a nation of over 3 million people at the time of the Exodus which took place in 1612 B.C.

This astounding number of people in so short a time can only be adequately explained by intermarriage between the family of Jacob and the native Egyptian populace. It is an established fact that the ancient Egyptians were a black African people. Thus, even if the Hebrews were not black before they arrived in Egypt, which is unlikely given Abraham's background, they were definitely black by the time they left Egypt under Moses
Fri, May 23, 2008 - 10:41 PM

The biblical Hebrews were indistinguishable from native Egyptians and Ethiopians. The Bible is full of examples which demonstrates this, and even ancient secular historians remarked of the physical appearances of the Hebrews.

The historian Tacitus, for example, stated that it was a common opinion among the Romans that the Jews "were an Ethiopian race." In Roman times PalestinianIsraelites were classed among Black Africans because it was almost impossible to tell them apart.

Hence, the Eurocentric notion of the Black Hebrew as a kind of Johnnie-come-lately in Hebraic history does not accord with the facts.

On the contrary, the historical record is abundantly clear that the majority of white European Jewry are not Hebrews in the biological sense but are actually the descendants of converts to Judaism during Greco-Roman and Mediaeval times.

Professor Roland B. Dixon states emphatically that: "The great majority of all Jews [Ashkenazi] to-day are 'Semites' only in speech, and their true ancestry goes back not so much to Palestine and Arabia as to the uplands of Anatolia and Armenia, the Caucasus and the steppes of Central Asia, and their nearest relatives are still to be found in these areas to-day" (Racial History Of Man, p. 175).

Caucasian Jews are not the lineal descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Nor do they constitute a separate race but rather a religious fraternity which adheres to the ethnic tradition of a people whose origins are inextricably linked to Black Africa.

But if the original Hebrews were black where are their descendants in the world today? Are all black people Hebrews? The answer to the latter question is obviously no. The Israelites were only one of several black people existing in ancient the ancient world.

Nevertheless, it is certain that the ancient Hebrews customs and practices who's legacy orginated in Africa, were adopted by that of white Jews in Europe.

Very little is heard about the hundreds of thousands of Black Hebrews living in various parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, India, Arabia, the Caribbean islands, South America, and North America.
Fri, May 23, 2008 - 10:42 PM

The history of Black Hebrews in North America is perhaps one of the most important chapters in US history which has yet to be fully written. The ancestors of African Americans came from West Africa during the era of slavery.

That particular region of Africa was once home to a number of Black Hebrew tribes that migrated from North and East Africa over many centuries. In speaking of these migrations, Dr. Yoseph A. A. ben-Yochannan writes that: "In North Africa, just before the period of Christianity's legal entry into Rome - due to Constantine "the Great" conversion in the 4th century - there were many Hebrew (Jewish) 'tribes' that are of indigenous African (the so-called 'Negroes') origin.

These African Jews, as all other Romanized-African of this era, were caught in a rebellion in Cyrene (Cyrenaica) during 115 C.E. against Roman imperialism and colonialism.

This rebellion also marked the beginning of a mass Jewish migration southward into Soudan (Sudan or West Africa) along the way of the city Aer (Air) and into the countries of Futa Jalon and Senegal (Sene-Gambia) which lie below the parabolic curve of the Niger River's most northern reaches, where the City of Tumbut (Timbuktu, Timbuctoo, etc.), Melle (Mali) presently stands." ("African Origins of the Major Western Religions," 1970, p. 76).

Dr. Ben goes on to relate that Black Israelite immigrants from northern and eastern Africa merged with indigenous groups in western Africa to become the Fulani of Futa Jalon, Bornu, Kamen, and Lake Chad. They also formed the parent-stock of groups such as the Ashanti, the Hausa, the B'nai Ephraim (mentioned in earlier posts), and the Bavumbu (Mavumbu or Ma-yomba).

All of these groups suffered tremendous population decreases during the years the Atlantic slave trade was in operation, others were completely eliminated.

Thus, every so-called African American has Israelite ancestry in their family tree whether he or she knows it or not. Even in the very crucible of slavery the descendants of West African Hebrew captives in America struggled to keep their heritages from being obliterated by forced assimilation and acculturation.

Their distinctive traditions became submerged in Christianity but always remained a part of the oral tradition via the so-called Negro Spirituals which praise the memory of ancestors and kinsmen like Moses, David, Joshua, and Daniel.

Since the African-American conviction of having Israelite ancestry antedates the Civil War it is not surprising that the earliest Black Hebrew congregation to be established in North America was founded in the 1880s in Chattanooga, Tennessee by F. S. Cherry (the group later moved to Philadelphia).

Cherry was a railroad worker and seaman who was fluent in both Yiddish and Hebrew. He adamantly preached that so-called American Negroes are really the lost sheep of the House of Israel whose true legacy was stolen from them during slavery.

He urged his hearers to investigate their history in order to rediscover this truth and reclaim their heritage.

In 1896, a man by the name of William S. Crowdy established another Hebrew congregation in Lawrence, Kansas. In 1899, Leon Richlieu established the Moorish Zionist Temple in Brooklyn.

To date there are literally hundreds of uncharted Black Hebrew congregations in North America. They do not exist because of an aversion for mainstream American Protestantism or an attraction to white Jewish culture. As stated earlier, Black Hebrews have always been in the world; and they repudiate the notion that they are usurpers of the heritage of white Jews.
Fri, May 23, 2008 - 10:45 PM

The great proliferation of Black Hebrew groups occurred after World War I during the Great Migration of Blacks from rural areas in the South to urban centers in the North.

There were at least nine Black Hebrew congregations in New York in the early 1900s, one of which was founded by a West Indian named Arnold Josiah Ford called "Beth B'nai Abraham Congregation." In 1918, another West Indian born Israelite named Wentworth Arthur Matthews founded the "Commandment Keepers," and emerged as one of the leading Black Israelite rabbis in Harlem.

Born in 1892 of African Hebraic parentage in Lagos, West Africa, Matthews moved with his family to St. Kitts in the West Indies before coming to America in 1911.

Branches of the "Commandment Keepers" exist in many American cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cincinnati, Chicago, Ohio, Virginia, and New Jersey. In 1965, the "House of Judah" was founded by William Lewis in Wetumpka, Alabama.

The group later purchased a twenty-acre tract near Grand Junction, Michigan where they practice a communal life-style. Black Hebrews feel that by reclaiming their Israelite identity they have also recovered an important part of their ancestral heritage.

They hold to the conviction that their "Hebrewness" is directly traceable to their African forebears of Israelite extraction who were brought to this country during slavery. They are cognizant and proud of their non-Hebrew African heritages but like many other people with mixed backgrounds they opt to give certain of their forebears a more pronounced place in their identity.

Black Israelite groups in America are decentralized and varied in ideology.Unlike white Orthodox Jews, Black Hebrews reject the Talmud, a collection of commentaries, as being on a par with the Bible and so they do not conform to rabbinical judgments which emphasize the need of conversion to Talmudism in order to be considered "truly" Jewish.

Since the Bible recognizes patrilineal as well as matrilineal descent, Black Hebrews (like Reform Jews) do not place any special significance on having a "Jewish" mother as do Orthodox Jews.
Fri, May 23, 2008 - 10:46 PM

Another major reason why the Talmud is rejected is due to its role in creating the so-called Hamitic Myth which is the doctrine that teaches that all black-skinned people are the cursed descendants of Ham in the Bible.

It was the promulgation of this erroneous myth, passing under the guise of "Jewish" talmudic scholarship, which provided the moral pretext for European slavery of Africans.

The Talmud was not the product of ethnic Hebrews but of proselytized Babylonian sages who worked on editing it from the 3rd to in the 6th century A.D. It should not be used as the litmus test on Hebrew identity, particularly since it was of men who were clearly prejudice of Blacks, Israelites or otherwise.

A major dilemma facing many Black Hebrews who wish to settle in Israel has to do with the Talmud and the fact that conversion is a mandatory prerequisite for gaining Israeli citizenship.

The Black Jews from Ethiopian were not allowed to immigrate to Israel until they agreed to undergo a ceremonial conversion to white Judaism (which was tantamount to a denial of their own Hebrewness) and embrace the Talmud. However, many Ethiopian Jews, particular in the aftermath of the recent blood scandal in Israel, are seriously rethinking their decision to adopt the Talmud because it has not given them equal status with other white Israelis.

Ethiopians Jews occupy the bottom rung of Israeli society today because they are black and are not considered "true" Hebrews because of their blackness. American Black Hebrews wanting to join their Ethiopian brethren feel that the Israeli Law of Return is unjust because it forces recognition of a racist text (the Talmud) in order to be considered eligible for citizenship It is truly ironic that the descendants of the original Hebrews are not considered to be Hebrews even in their own land because they happen to look like their distant forebears.

Tue, September 15, 2009 - 2:16 AM
Concerning Beta Israel In Ethiopia

I have read quite a bit seeing pointers indicating that the Falasha are from the Tribe of Dan. It seems to assert
that this is exclusive. However reading from the Kebra Negast it does indicate that King Solomon had also
sent the first born male of all the nobles and great men of his kingdom to establish the Solomonic Dynasty
there. This would indicate to me a wide cross-section of the Tribes of Israel. On this basis it seems that we
could conclude that what King Solomon did in sending a wide cross-section of Israel was indeed sending
a replica of the ethnic background of Israel of that day and time. In other words it seems to me more than the
Tribe of Dan in an exclusive way as it is now potrayed. Again I have also read that Ethiopia was a Hebrew
Empire and was ruled by Hebrew Kings for almost a thousand years before the birth of Christ. Then again.
in Isaiah Chapter 20:3, it states, " And the Lord said, like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot,
three years for a sign and a wonder upon Egypt and upon Ethiopia". This does indicate that Isaiah was upon
these land. Here again we do know that in the time of the Macabbees many Israelites fled into these areas
and I question again could this be exclusively the Tribe of Dan or a wide cross-section of Israelites ?
Mon, September 28, 2009 - 9:56 PM

those statements are fallacies (Deduction, Induction)

"a wide cross-section of Israel"

has nothing to do with *ethnic backgrounds...And "of that day and time" they were black people, it's Africa


*The Bible and Biblical Hebrew history is stolen Kemetian *mythology.


The Falasha are said to be from the tribe of Dan, which is impossible since they are from the stock of Judah,
but the Ashkenazi's could not admit they are not *Jews, so they themselves assigned the tribe of Dan to the Falasha of Ethiopia.

From the book the Kebra Nagast, Solomon is shown in a dream that the glory of Israel was fading.
He should give his new son Menelek the Ark of the Covenant and a priesthood to carry on the traditions
of Judaism in the land of his fathers (Kush) Ethiopia.

That is one of the reasons the Ashkenazi from the Israel (1948) went to get the Falasha from Ethiopia so they would have a claim on the original heritage and the Ark. The Falasha are isolated in Ethiopia with the African Diaspora. The rest of the original Hebrews did not adhere to the tradition of the Talmud. When they got to Israel it was found their traditions were pure, and another problem arose from that truth. (more on this Truth later)

The Falasha were isolated in Ethiopia with the African Diaspora. They, the original Hebrews, did not adhere to the tradition of the Talmud.

The Talmud is a European document used to solidify the false heritage of the German Jew. It is like the Book of Mormon to the Mormons. It takes precedence over the Bible, and it is the commentary of different Rabbis over the centuries. It may have started out innocence but now promotes racism that occurred by the 2nd and 3rd Century after the destruction of the Temple and the dispersion of the original peoples.

The Greeks, Romans (Europeans) took to writing and re-writing scripture. This is where the Talmud came into being. By the 6th century Christianity and Judaism was essentially European. After that the Turks, Germans, English added to the confusion.

The Physical Appearance of Ancient Israel

The original Canaanites were Semites. The word “Canaanite” was used BEFORE the words HEBREW and in the King James Bible.

Linguistically, the ancient Semites have been broadly classified into Eastern and Western groups. Akkadian, the language of the Assyrians and Babylonians, who inhabited the Tigris and Euphrates River Valleys, represents the Eastern group. The Southwestern Semites inhabited Arabia and Ethiopia while the Northwestern Semites occupied the Levant - the regions that used to be Palestine as well as what is now Syria, Israel and Lebanon, the regions often referred to in the Bible as Canaan. The whole region was ruled and colonized All of this was under the patronage and dominance of the 18TH DYNASTY OF EGYPT. The 18th Dynasty included the biblical Black Moses and his descendents.


The Bible and Biblical Hebrew history is stolen Kemetian mythology.


The Bible itself proves that the 12 Tribes
of Israel were the 12 Zodiac signs!

Jews were never slaves in Egypt. The "Captivity" was a celestial event
The biblical Exodus was a plagiarized celestial legend

The historical "Exodus" was several "Expulsions" of
lepers & diseased foreigners
The murderous Hebrew conquest of Canaan never

Do we recognize the Counterfeit Religion or Wolf in Sheep's clothing?
The so-called Jews have no legitimate claim to Israel for two reasons
Reconstructing Probable True Judaic History
History's hidden "double Israel" is blended
or confused in His-Story books

Advocators of Truth

The Torah

The Torah is a corruption of "tua Ra". This is the title of many compositions of ancient Kamit. For example, "tua" means "worship, adoration". "Tua Ra" means the "Worship/Adoration of Ra". Hence, Torah.

Moses - Fictional Character

David - Fictional Character
Abraham - Fictional Character

Solomon - Fictional Character

Solomon, Sheba, and Menelik are fictional characters.
The basis of the story is taken from that of Ausar, Auset and Heru in their stellar aspect.

The abode of Ausar in the sky is called "Sah" in Kamit. This is the Orion constellation. Hence Ausar is called "Ausar-Sah". Yet, Ausar also has a title, "Heri Meht". (hri mht, in the metutu/glyphs). Heri means "he who is above; chief; leader; king". Meht means "north; northern territory". Heri Meht thus means "King or Chief of the Northern Territory". North Kamit was sacred to Ausar as the place where He was resurrected and made His entrance into the Heavenly realm (Sah/Orion) to function as a God in Nature.

"Heri" (Hri) was corrupted into Hori, Holi, Sholi (the aspirated 'h' was sometimes corrupted from 'h' into 'sh'), Soli, and Sol. (There was no 'l' in ancient Kamit, only a rolling 'r'. The 'l' came later with the greeks). "Meht" was corrupted into Met, Meh, and Men. "Herimeht" was thus corrupted into Horimeht, Holimeht, Sholimeht, Sholimen and Solimen/Suliman/Solomon.

Sheba & Menelik - Fictional Characters

Auset takes up residence in the star system Sapadet (spd.t), often called 'Sirius'. The root word "Sapad" (Spd) means 'to provide'. Auset is thus called "The Great Provider". She is the Queen of the star system Sapadet, and is therefore known as 'the Queen of Sapad.t', or Sapad, which was corrupted into Shabat, Shabad, Shaba, and Saba (Sheba).

Auset, as the Queen of Sapadet (Sheba) also has the title "Rekhit" meaning "wise one" in the language of Kamit. Rekhit was corrupted into "Lekhit" by the whites. The masculine form "Rekh" was corrupted into "Lekh".

When the constellations Ausar-Sah (Osiris-Orion/Heri Meht/Solomon) and Auset Sapadet (Isis-Sirius/Queen of Sapadet/Shaba/Sheba) unite in the sky, they occasion the appearance of a star called Heru am Tuat or Heru am Spdt (Horus in Sothis). This is the stellar Heru, son of Ausar and Auset. As Auset is called "Rekhit" (Lekhit), this Heru is called the "son of Rekhit (Lekhit)---son of the wise one".

The term "per" or "pera" means "product of, offspring of" in the
language of Kamit. "Pera Rekhit" thus means, "offspring of Rekhit---offspring of the Wise one".

Also, "per and pera" meaning "offspring" were corrupted into "ben and bena and ibn" meaning "son/offspring" in hebrew and arabic. In the Kebra Negast, you'll find that Menelik is defined as "son of the wise one"---"bayna lekhim". This is a corruption of the Kamau "pera rekhit". Hence the derivatives---pena lekhit, bena lekhit, bena lekhim, bena lekh, mena lik, menelik.
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Wed, December 23, 2009 - 7:45 AM
BLack people are not the Tribe of Dan
Black folks are not the tribe of Dan
Sat, January 23, 2010 - 9:58 AM
All Jews are colored and always have been, read this page you will see how whites have taken that birthright as their own and lied to people of color about who we are, and who they are.
Mon, July 11, 2011 - 9:28 AM
Why do all black people in America think that they were slaves brought here from Africa? America was named after Amharic. Amherica/Amharica. The South Atlantic was called the Ethiopian Ocean. Grab a map & you'll find out that South America Fits right into Africa like a piece of a puzzle.

Why do Hispanic & Latino women look so similar to Amhara Women from Ethiopia?
Wed, December 11, 2013 - 8:29 PM
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