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Overcoming Bad Luck, Bad Karma, and Bad Life Circumstances

   Tue, August 21, 2007 - 12:57 AM

Sometimes I hear from people who feel like they are victims of bad luck or bad karma, and are unhappy with some aspect of their life. Often they are in some form of difficulty and having a hard time with their life choices, and believe that by "putting it in Fates hands" it Hopefully will be better in the future. While surrendering to a "Hope" is always a good thing to do, it does not mean we don't have our own part in participating in bringing good karma out of bad, or better "luck" for ourselves in the future.

All "bad luck," "bad Karma," or "bad yoga" are the results of prior causes we can and should correct in the moment we confront these. None of these things has the power that your Eternal Consciousness has, since they are impermanent forms. Stop giving power to these things. You can reverse all of these things easily by being conscious on a level beyond these things. But YOU must choose to make "good karma," "good yoga," by taking responsibility to choose wise actions at critical moments.

We all have past karmas to fulfill, usually through people and circumstances. These teach us how to move out of unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and actions, as these behaviors create "bad luck" and "bad karma" in our future. We have the power to turn misfortune into beneficial and altruistic thoughts, words, feelings, and deeds if we so choose. By doing that we lessen our problems in the future, and create beneficial "karma" or "luck" by virtue of our heart's ability to attract that which is its perfect delight. In fact, we are doing or not doing this every moment we think, feel, and act.

Though there are times we are weak in Spirit and yield to the delusion that the source of our suffering is outside our ability to cure, ultimately it forces us to take responsibility for cultivating our Highest intention, regardless of outer circumstances. When we are weak, we tend to seek the cure in other things and people. There is nothing wrong with knowing we need a healer, but we must cooperate with the cure.


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Tue, August 21, 2007 - 1:06 AM

That is the secret to all meditations, magic, rituals, mantras, all affirmations, all beneficial actions and results. It is true that many times a "mantra," "affirmation," prayer or some form of "karma yoga" done on our behalf by another has a concrete beneficial effect and "good things happen to us." That is because we pick up on the vibration and choose to align with it, whether we know it or not, or how and why it works.

There are times when someone helps and allows us by our own higher Karma of Service to put out such a powerful Thoughtform, that it creates a temporary field in which we can move forward, consciously or unconsciously, so that each of us can become that which we seek. Still, while they may create "Heaven's Luck" for us, it is only so we can willingly cooperate with our Highest Self, become strong, and learn to steer our lives in beneficial directions.

We are part of a group work, and external things show us our connectedness within a greater process. When we are strong, we offer cures to other things and people, and willingly accept the cures offered to us, since we are part of a larger Ray group Soul.

Even to believe that someone calling for a "demonstration" on your behalf has more power to do that than YOU is somewhat of an illusion.

You and that which heals you are ONE. All good things in our life serve to help us grow out of giving our power to external things to hinder us. When we are aligned with our Higher Self, we have the power to send out vibrations that attract whatever is beneficial to our highest intention and evolution.

Spirit, God or something "higher up in the universe" might look after us and guide our footsteps in our life's path, as those are eternally the field in which we live and breathe and have our Being. Still, from one angle of vision, the God or Spirit that guides us is not separate from our Highest Self, our Atma-Buddhi-Manas operating at a subtle but very high plane of consciousness from which all our forms, feelings, and ideas result. Our Highest Self is not separate from our Father-Mother God in Heaven that is ONE. You ARE the God you seek.

There is no power but the Divine. Repeat this: THERE IS NO POWER THAN GOD. No thing has power. Only the Divine has power. Thou art That. Open to the Way, and God will show you, since YOU have the power to know God. The healer, the healing, and the healed are ONE. We may be human, but we are simultaneously and indivisibly Eternal Consciousness, a spark of Divine Mind that is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. We have more power, wisdom, love, and intelligence than we think.
Tue, August 21, 2007 - 1:25 AM
The Seven Rays

It is important to investigate the nature of our reality from other angles of observation to find what energy tools we have to master in order to deal with our experiences effectively. This includes how these are most naturally applied, and how to confirm our progress or note when we need a change in tools or methods. To that end, today we take a look at what are called the 7 Rays.

I was exposed to the Rays first through KMT and then learned much more about them from the Alice A. Bailey teachings attributed to the Tibetan Master D.K. (known by other names through many incarnations). I have studied and observed them in operation for many years, and find these 7 energies pervade our world and our Solar system, manifesting in many ways. They can be applied in psychology, art, and many areas of "natural" science. They of course have their correspondences with the 7 colors, 7 tones of the scale, 7 planes of consciousness, the 7 senses, the 7 directions, the 7 Ages of Humanity, the 7 traditional schools of Yoga, and probably even the 7 holes in our heads! ;-)

Today will not be an exhaustive dissertation on the seven Rays, since that would be about 3000 pages of material. In fact, there are already at least that many pages written about them already. What we'll do today is explore in brief some of the primary qualities, and how they interrelate.

The First Ray is Power. The Second Ray is Love-Wisdom. The Third Ray is Intelligence-in-action. These are called "Primary Rays," in that they describe the 3 primary attributes of what we call "God." The First Ray corresponds to the natural law we call "Economy of Energy." The Second Ray corresponds to the natural law we call "Magnetic Attraction." The Third Ray corresponds to what we call "Synthesis." The First Ray is "God the Father." The Third Ray is "God the Mother." The Second Ray is "God as Creative Offspring."

The Ray of Power moves and interacts with the energies of the Third Ray, a.k.a Maya, or the Divine Mother-Holy Spirit Matrix from which all forms come and to which all forms return. These infinite interactions result in "the 10,000 things" through the magnetic attraction of Love-Wisdom. God Force expresses through the ever-changing medium of the substance of all form so that which is magnetically attracted through inherent harmony comes into expression. Omnipotence interacts with Omnipresence to create Omniscience. An example of this in the scientific world is the process of "Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis," or "Action, Reaction, and Result." There are many other ways a Primal Triad can manifest in 10,000 ways or more.

The other 4 Rays are said to be "Rays of Attribute," as they are the attributions of the interactions of the Primal Triad. They are the effects of the First, Second, and Third Rays interacting to bring forth 7 forms in all. In number theory, A, B, and C can interact in 7 ways. A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, and ABC. In this are clues to how things interact in our inner and outer self and the world at large.

The Fourth Ray is Harmony Through Friction. The Fifth Ray is Concrete Knowledge. The Sixth Ray is Devotion. The Seventh Ray is Ordered Activity. The Fourth Ray is said to "govern" Art. The Fifth Ray is said to "govern" Science. The Sixth Ray is said to "govern" religion, as well as all devotional exercises, such as the armed services in all nations. The Seventh Ray is the foundation of all disciplines, all ordering, all rituals and all forms of "karma yoga."
Tue, August 21, 2007 - 1:25 AM

The ritualist seeks order. The devotee seeks the object of devotion. The scientist seeks knowledge. The artist seeks to bring harmony, or beauty, out of friction, or the intensity of feelings that infuse all genuine art. That's also why art, science, and devotion can all lead to transcendence, if an ordered discipline is practiced.

As an aside, there is another system of correspondence whereby the Divine First finds expression in the worldly Seventh, the Divine Second finds expression in the worldly Sixth, and the Divine Third finds expression in the worldly Fifth, with the Fourth as the bridge between the Above and below in our existence. This also finds correspondence in the Upper Triad of our Spiritual Body and the Lower Triad of our Earthly vehicle, but these are more advanced discussions for another time.

On a final note, we are told we have a physical Ray, an emotional Ray, and a mental Ray. These are said to be the three subrays of our Personality Ray. Then we have a Soul Ray, a Spirit Ray, a "Monadic" Ray, a group Ray, a racial Ray, a national Ray, and many, many others. These Rays are the shades and tones and subtones of our existence, inner and outer. That's why we harmonize with some at some times, and not at others. Some of these shift at crucial points of evolutionary change in our life, such as when we've learned all we can along one line of response and need to embrace a new "wave form" of expression.

Eventually, we learn to recognize how to use all 7 of these Rays in the right ways and times to assist our evolution toward wholeness, in action, thought, and feeling, to serve fragmented humanity. We learn from both the odd and even Rays through the process of realization, then applying those realizations in a variety of ways, until wisdom born of experience comes out of the interactions. And there are at least 10,000 Ray interactions at any moment in the on-going process of our evolution.

We don't have to know all of them, but it's always good to know what energies are at work, what we have to deal with, how we can use certain energies expertly according to our experience, And beyond all this, it really is about becoming accustomed to finding our Loving Wisdom that we can apply in Intelligent Actions expressing a Divine Power beyond our understanding.
Tue, August 21, 2007 - 9:57 AM
What is "Good" or "Bad"?

There is no such thing as "good" or "bad" karma...Those are projections of the mind...Labels and judgments we use to try to make "sense" of life's circumstances... We create our life experiences through our thoughts, actions, beliefs and values. We can also change these energies by shifting our thoughts, actions and beliefs... (And yes, this does take time, often LIFE-times)...

If we believe being "poor" is "bad", it is only because our conditioning has taught us that being wealthy is "good" or at least "better." Again, labels and judgments. What does it mean to be "poor"? Not having enough money? What is enough? Or does it mean being poor in spirit or mind? What does it mean to be rich? What is real wealth? Is the woman in Tanzania who walks five miles a day barefoot to fetch water for her children, poor? Is the man who has inherited millions, but steals from his family-owned business and abandoned his family, rich??

Life is neither "good" or "bad"...It just IS~