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New Years Affirmations 2011 -2012

   Sat, December 31, 2011 - 11:22 AM

Phoenix Rises in 2012

The very close alignment of the Sun and Pluto sets the pace for the coming year for seeing in a new and profound way with greater expectation of systems that work whatever they may be from the way life is lived at home to world governments. At the least, Pluto is about truth and in its greater manifestation transformation and rebirth.

If ever New Year resolutions are followed through with, those decided now are based on strong conviction and are the ones that will make a difference. This week planetary rays suggest emotion will be examined with tenacity and determination of overcoming anything negative due to the way they are rising to the surface to take prominence in the conscious mind.

This edgy reality comes from Mercury and Mars that also is incorporated into ideas and plans for 2012. Each year has its own astrology chart that changes from location to location making the chart for Greenwich Mean Time in England look different for one calculated for Washington D.C.

By: Sandra Helton

The planetary angles are much the same but the influences shift depending on longitude and latitude. Just like people, nations and cities have birth charts. Overall the major influence of Pluto will continue to be influential bringing transformation to all structures in society from laws to leaders.

As it conjuncts the Sun in Capricorn this week it lays out a platform from that much will be based – change continuing, significant truths and validation for people and what matters to them. You will seek this for yourself and strive to make your life a statement of what you believe. Uranus helps you to maintain your independent stance in the scheme of what happens around you or that you hear in the news.

Mercury, planet of communication in stark alignment to Mars on Sunday causes intensity around what is discussed turning some issues into all out debates. Realization of who feels what is coming at you full force that calls for you to think carefully about how you react. Take your time so that you are sure of what you say and do and stay out of anything that seems like war.

A great way to transform this sensitive energy is to recognize within yourself what irritates you and what upsets you so that you may transform the energy to a workable process of change. It is best to contemplate sensitivities to find avenues to release pent up energy and to know more about your motivations.

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Sat, December 31, 2011 - 11:25 AM


The New Moon in Capricorn provides a portal to seed our intentions for the next 12 months. This year, the portal bears special Christmas gifts. Taking place on the December 24, it is imbued with the energy of the newborn solstice child, along with the opportunity of our astrological times, as it conjuncts Pluto, Lord of Transmutation.

In the process it receives the energy of some crucial aspects, including a trine from Jupiter–ruler of angelic release–and the renowned square from Uranus, harbinger of freedom. Although apparently disparate, each of these three planets can help undo situations, attitudes and conditions that have become obsolete, opening the way for a clearly new beginning. (In an upcoming article for Daykeeper we will explore more of the gifts they offer for the year ahead.)

Prayerful altar-ations

Two candles

Incense (preferably myrrh or frankincense)

A pen and two sheets of paper, one white and one green, for each participant

Seasonal foliage

1) Light the incense, as you say:

This is an offering for the angels of Christmas, whom I ask to awaken the Divine Child in my heart and empower my highest path in the annual cycle now beginning.

2) Light the red candle as you affirm:

This light brings to mind the Omnipotent energy that responds to my intent, eliminating whatever might block the love and success that I’m guided to manifest in the coming annual cycle of my life.

3) Each person writes on the top of the white sheet of paper:

I have been given the freedom to choose my experience, and I now choose to be free from these appearances. My clarity opens me to the divine assistance that works to facilitate my complete release. I see it; I believe it and I receive it now.

4) Under this prayer, list the attitudes, conditions and situations that seem to limit the manifestation of your path of abundant good in 2012.

5) Repeat the prayer in step three during five minutes or more.

6) Light the green candle as you affirm:

Angels of divine life that touch us on these rays, please bless the seeds of intention we now plant so that they grow and flower fully.

7) On the green sheet of paper, describe in writing the spiritual and physical abundance you feel guided to manifest in 2012.

8) Under them, write:

These intentions have been planted in my deep mind. They are alive with the power of the Divine Solar Child who is now reborn, and who will grow and flower during the coming annual cycle. The divinity in me and in my life empowers my freedom from limitation and my successful manifestation now.

9) Repeat that affirmation during five minutes or more.

10) Give thanks to the angels and to the Power that allows you to choose what manifests in your New Year.

From now until the next New Moon, study your two lists each day, repeating the affirmations slowly, during at least five minutes each.

Has all the noise about the coming astrological, political or environmental changes made you a little nervous? This Christmas, find a moment to give the slip to the seasonal rush and join the power within you to the quieter gifts of earth and sky, in that convergence where you can choose the kind of 2012 you will experience.

May the offerings shared in this space and throughout Daykeeper Journal enrich your experience of Christmas and help light your way into the New Year.