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   Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:47 PM


by Gururattan K. Khalsa



by Gururattan K. Khalsa, Ph.D. "Rattana"

Stillness is the winter of our spiritual journey. It is the time
to disentangle ourselves from situations that are
creating confusion
zapping our energy
leading us astray
to identify where we block ourselves and evaluate our life situation.

Standstill is a Divine directive
to stop all our activities
to observe what is happening
to be with what is so
to get in touch with the Truth.

When we stand still we can
calm down
achieve clarity
consciously connect
consolidate our energy
establish a powerful presence.

Stand still is the antidote to agitation.
Agitation is born from dissatisfaction.
Dissatisfaction breeds impatience.
Impatience spawns frustration.
Frustration depletes our energy.

In silent stillness
we become aware of the tight restraints under that we live
we discern where the pay back is not adequate for the energy spent
we are in touch with our emotions and thoughts that create incongruities
we recognize our power to create a space that attracts to us what we want.

Stillness is a time of withdrawal, where we
look at what we are doing
assess the implications of our actions
sacrifice our illusions
submit to our higher guidance
surrender to the Divine.

Withdrawal is a time to patiently accept
the death of the old
the gestation of the new
the process of growth called life.


Winter Solstice is the time to reach within instead of out. It is a time
to examine and release outmoded habits
to shed and cleanse the debre in our environments and in our minds
to discover what we are holding on to that we best relinquish
to reconnect with our inner life
to reaffirm what is real and sacred
to sacrifice our ego for our Soul.

The end of the year is a time of acceptance, not of blame.
It is a time of observation, not of judgment.
It is a time of awareness, not of stubborn will.
It is a time wisdom, not of judgment.
It is a time of courage, not of fear.

The dawn of the new year is a time of change, not of retrenchment.
It is a time of transformation, not denial.
It is a time of prayer, not self-pity.
It is a time to trust, not to doubt.
It is a time to express gratitude for all our blessings.

The last act of this year's play is a time to examine our impatience and to
cultivate our ability
to be still, so we can connect
to accept, so we can ascertain
to let go, so we can know
to surrender, so we can be assisted
to die, so we can be reborn.


To be truly still is to relinquish control.
When we do so, we realize that something is transpiring
that we are not in charge of
that exists independent of our personal will
that is eternal and all-pervasive
that consistently continues no matter what we do or do not do.

In total stillness we connect to our foundation.
We find our roots.
We achieve stability.
We anchor ourselves on solid ground.
We are aware that our body is our sacred home.

In effortless stillness we turn our attention to our Self.
We discover our core.
We are reduced to zero.
Beyond the "I" we discover the "Am".


Stillness is experienced inside. Inside is where
we explore
we discover
we create.

From our inner stillness is birthed
joy and

From our inner stillness
guidance is received
our vision becomes clear
our plan unfolds
our seeds are sown
our roots grow.

The goal of stillness is to attain peace. From stillness
we connect with our inner power
we mobilize our inner resources
we align our energy for action
we move from a place of eternal Oneness.

The gifts of stillness are
effortless control
expanded containment
unquestioned contentment.

For deep within our solitude
we are restored
we are renewed
the ice melts and spring is born.
We wake up to find ourselves standing
in the center of our own heart.


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Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:57 PM



The emotional body is activated and experienced through feelings. It cannot be trained through mental thoughts and affirmations that remain isolated cerebral activities. So as you explore some of the suggestions below, take time to become aware of your non-verbal feelings and how and what they are communicating with you.Our emotional body is a multifaceted mechanism. One of the most important ways it can be used is to cultivate self-love. Through self-love we can reclaim our emotional body.

Self-love is a lifetime process, which we can explore and practice everyday.There is always a new trick and angle to loving ourselves. I want to share with everyone, what we did in my class on the day of the Harmonic Concordance I offered five ways as set out below to cultivate self-love. Then we practiced integrating these ideas into our psyche mind, physical and emotional bodies.

The key, of course, is to take the time to patiently train ourselves to treat ourselves gently and lovingly. There are an infinite number of moments every day to turn our attention to ourselves in these self-nurturing ways.The more we do so, the more we engage, heal, reprogram and empower our emotional body.


During our practice of Kundalini yoga is a perfect time to direct our mental and emotional energy to caring for ourselves.�

(1) First, always do the exercises in a way that is loving. Don't beat yourself up. The purpose of the exercises is to stimulate, activate, awaken and align. Not to punish, hurt or strain yourself. Do not force yourself beyond what works for your body

example, experiment doing breath of fire to open your belly, massage your internal organs and bring life into your body. Sometimes the difference between loving and punishing is subtle Sometimes the shift is dramatic.There is a fine line between stimulation and abuse.But you will find it.You instinctually know. Live, breath, think, act, and do what that feels loving and nurturing.

(2)� Second, use the spaces between each exercise to absorb and integrate the energy shifts Be with what you are experiencing just the way it is. Then bring one of the ideas listed below into your consciousness. Feel how it feels to be with your breath, the sensations in your body and your awareness in a kind, accepting and nonjudgmental manner. Don't rush this part.

The spaces between exercises are sacred moments. One of the reasons we do the exercises is to create these precious moments. Taking full advantage of them is a profound declaration of self-love. There is so much beauty, love and peace during these times.These are openings where our perception of ourselves transcends our normal human limitations.

Our awareness of reality opens beyond the denseness of the physical world into the expansive dimension of spirit. We get a touch and a taste of the vastness and light of our soul.We get a glimpse of the loving nature of our pure essence. Falling deeply in love with life, the Divine and our Souls is no longer a goal. It is a gift that we humbly accept and treasure.

It is the experience of our spiritual essence that makes loving ourselves a natural response. We practice KY and shift our attitude and intension with practices like those listed below in order to open ourselves to be able to experience our soul essence. We also use these techniques to build the human habits that allow us to enjoy and maintain our connection with Love.

We have to have the human mental and emotional patterns anchored in to be able to sustain a connection with our soul.Otherwise have can have fleeting experiences of bliss and then fall back into the pain and fear of our emotionally created and mentally sustained trauma-dramas.
Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:59 PM


The ideas below could be expanded endlessly. Be creative in how you care for yourself. Pick one idea that resonates within and work with that while it commands your attention Then move on to another idea and integrate that into your self-care routine. Come back to the different touchstones to deepen your experiences. Explore and enjoy the process and the many dimensions of yourself.

Turn your attention to yourself, your breath, your inner space and the sensations in your body.

RESULTS --Cultivates self-knowing, awareness and sensitivity.
Consolidates your energy and presence.


Be with what you are experiencing exactly the way it is. Do not try to change anything.Do not evaluate either positively or negatively anything.

RESULTS -- Releases resistance and fear.Allows the creative feminine flow of energy. Activates the neutral mind and releases you from the duality patterns of the rational mind.


Be kind to yourself, like you would be to a child or a pet.
Be patient with yourself.
Do what you do gently, lovingly and easily Do not force anything.

RESULTS -- Engages the emotional body in a productive and positive manner.
Releases stress and tension so that your energy can flow and you can feel alive.


Nurture yourself with your breath, with your movements and with your thoughts.
Do everything in a way to feed yourself life, love and affection.

RESULTS -- Brings you more and more present to yourself. Creates a loving relationship with yourself � between you and you.


Whatever you are doing simply enjoy the moment, the process and the energy of being alive and living life fully.

RESULTS -- Releases old struggle patterns and replaces them with the ability to relax, let go and enjoy life.


Much religious and cultural program leads us to believe that focusing on ourselves is selfish.Obviously narcissistic, egomaniac behavior is not recommended. Neither is self-negation and self-abuse.If you need an excuse to transition yourself into the self-love mode, imagine that how you treat yourself impacts the lives of others.

When you treat yourself poorly, others suffer too.Your pain creates pain in the collective unconscious. Everyone gets a dose.When you treat yourself well, others benefit. We are all share the same world, collective consciousness and universe.� Self-love therapy for ourselves heals us all.

Wed, December 21, 2011 - 3:01 PM


At the end of your KY/meditation practice, during the day, and when you wake up and go to sleep -- Feel yourself radiate loving energy. Know that you are a lighthouse. Experience being a magnet of love.

When we are kind to ourselves, we walk in the territory of self-love. In the field of self-love we nourish our body, enrich and empower our emotions, open the flower of our heart and expand the Light of our soul. When we walk on the path of self-love, we share love in so many beautiful ways that we aren't even aware of.The silent gift is that the more we love ourselves, the more we infuse the world with love.We actually expand the field of love in the universe.


We can cultivate an experience of our soul and self-love during our practice of any Kundalini yoga set or other spiritual practices. I use many of the sets focusing on opening the heart in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World. .This set very powerfully opens the heart and creates the navel strength to empower the heart center. Every moment offers us another opportunity experience love in a special way.
Wed, October 16, 2013 - 7:51 PM
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