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Winter Solstice, Jesus, politics

   Wed, December 21, 2011 - 8:11 PM


decade after Jesus/Yeshua, Julius Caesar, renamed December 25th as the new winter solstice. However, astronomers and realists continue to recognize December 21st as the actual winter solstice.

While it is the general consensus that Jesus did exist, many people conveniently choose to remain in complete denial over the physiological and socio-political reality of this great man’s existence. Born in the year 4 CE (current era), Jesus was a simple, down-to-earth, roots man. It was written that Jesus is African because he said, “My skin is black… (Job). Others said, “His hair was like lamb’s wool…” (Rev)

Jesus was a black activist. He protested relentlessly against Rome’s foreign occupation, excessive taxation, political domination, uncivilized injustice, and materialistic greed. Poised on the edge of Kemet (ancient Egypt) in black Africa, Jesus did not hesitate to promulgate his disdain for Rome’s colonization of his homeland.

Then, as today, such people were/are considered enemies of the state. Therefore, the Roman government considered him a subversive and a threat to Roman interest$. In short, Jesus was condemned and crucified because he sought to empower the disenfranchised, poor masses of society.

We respect and honor Jesus because he stood for people over profit. His political views were steeped in social justice and economic equality. He identified with the exploited and disrespected members of society because he was a person of great honor, integrity, and compassion. Although Jesus is rarely represented as a dirt-poor, African/black, revolutionary, he is still considered the most famous human being and iconic figure to ever walk the earth.

So while we’re busy getting caught up in the commercialism of the season, remember the bravery of Jesus and the endless list of other brave freedom fighters, political prisoners, POWs, activists, and revolutionaries who willingly and unselfishly sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice their lives so that we might enjoy ours today. Peace on earth and goodwill towards all hue-mans!


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