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   Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:18 PM


By Gururattan Kaur Khalsa


the Sun moves into Capricorn we celebrate Winter Solstice, the longest
night and shortest day of the year. (in the Northern Hemisphere) we
stand still, the timeless cord of silence rings in our hearts. the cold
winter sets in, and we get in touch with our deep insecurities, we light the
Yuletide fires to warm our bodies and brighten our spirits. the Sun

emerges from its sleep, we rejoice at the fact that the days will now become
longer. We feel spiritually regenerated as "the dark night of the soul"
fades into the past and we get ready to celebrate the New Year. It is a
time of endings and beginnings, cleansing and renewal. Scorpio's death and

rebirth are very much an inner process. Capricorn announces its commitment
to a new life, a New Year and now a new century and a new millennium, in the
open air, to the whole world, on the summit of the mountain.

As the Sun moves through the Zodiac, we are all influenced by the energy and
modalities of that particular sign. We are all and under the guidance of
that part of "Heaven" for approximately 28 days. While the Sun was in
Sagittarius we may have felt excited and restless. Capricorn gives us a
moment of time out, especially during the holiday season, to regroup,

re-evaluate our lives, to consolidate our energy and in January to get back
to work. While the Sun is in Capricorn from December 21 through January 19,
it is wise to take advantage of the stable moment of the Earth energy to
assess our past and design our future. We won't get this close to the Earth
until the Sun (and this year 6 other Planets!!) move into Taurus in May.


Capricorn is the most stoic of the Earth Signs (Taurus and Virgo are the
others.) The Earth signs deal with matter and material reality where we
Souls get together to carry out our human experience. The Earth element is
concerned with the laws and workings of the physical plane and how to direct
energy to create in the most solid dimension of reality.

In the physical world our efforts, mistakes, actions and thoughts produce
tangible results. Tangible techniques and tools are required to survive and
thrive on Planet Earth. For Capricorn these tools typically include
self-discipline, caution, thrift, perseverance and hard work.

The Earth signs are associated with physical resources, the environment,
money, work, security, basic needs, service and achievement. *(1) The Earth
signs are also related to the five senses and sensations. The Earth signs
perceive reality through the rational mind, i.e. what they observe, hear,
taste and touch and through their sensations, i.e. what they feel in their

The Earth element poses challenges, tests and lessons in relation to

* the physical health and comfort of our bodies
* the ability to support and care for ourselves
* competence in finding and creating meaningful work which unitizes ourunique talents and skills
* contribute to sustaining a healthy personal and collective environment and our willingness to act responsibly and to express authority in our own lives.

Capricorn teaches that to feel useful, we must each offer our unique
contribution to the collective whole of which we are an integral part. We
establish our sense of worth by offering our service. We are rewarded
through recognition, money and material payment or gifts.


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Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:21 PM


Matter and the material plane have traditionally been held in contempt by
most religions and spiritual paths. We are taught that materialism is bad,
desires are greed and the body is sinful. However a closer look, shows us
that the Earth element is honored by most religions as giving us the final
key to our liberation.

The student's initiation is not complete until he or she is able to apply
spiritual principles in everyday life to their relationships, to their
physical environment and to their own body. Buddhism teaches us how to live

righteously in the physical world. Sikhism is the path of the householder
who selflessly serves humanity. Christianity is the path of healing others
through an open heart. Human life is acknowledged as the means to bring
Heaven to Earth.

It is only when the body is honored as the sacred container of the Soul that
the duality of matter and spirit is resolved. It is in the body that the
actual experience of Oneness of all life and our intimate connection with
the Universal energy field is revealed and sustained.

It is my observation that there are thousands, indeed millions, of us humans
who were priests, nuns, sages, monks, yogis and even saints in past
lifetimes who are here on Earth at this moment to try to understand the laws
of manifestation and workings of the physical plane. For our liberation
requires that we master the power of bringing Spirit down into physical
Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:22 PM


Capricorn is the sign of initiation. Having completed the tests or phases
of the first nine zodiac signs, the Mountain Goat is ready to pass through
the Gateway and ascend to the mountaintop. The Goat must pass three more
initiations to reach the top of the mountain.

(1) First, it must experience the Oneness of humanity and humanity's Oneness with Planet Earth.
(2) Second it must learn to express its emotional energy in the highest vibration of Love.
(3) Third, it must devote its talents and gifts to serve the collective purpose and Divine Plan.

Capricorn links the mental, emotional and physical planes in order to
manifest spirit in physical reality. Capricorn integrates the most subtle
and the densest elements.

(1) The experience of Oneness is perceived through the Mind or the mental body, THAT is the element of Air.

(2) Transmuting emotional energy into Love is the task of the emotional body, THAT is the expression of the element of Water.

(3) The passion with which it commits to serve the collective good is an
expression of Spirit-the Fire element. The actual work, the manifestation
of concrete results and the creation of structures require the physical body
and the Earth element.

Capricorn's Earthly role is to define and encode the Laws of Manifestation.
Capricorn creates the structures and order that bring the Divine Plan into
physical existence. Capricorn teaches how to acquire the emotional
stability, surefootedness, and the ability to function wisely in the
physical world-- the prerequisites for taking on a major responsibility for
world service.
Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:23 PM


It is on the "mountaintop" that seekers traditionally have peak experiences
that reveal the mysteries of the Universe and open the consciousness to the
Oneness of humanity, and indeed all life. It is in this higher state of

awareness that the seekers see visions of the future. Nose to the
grindstone Capricorn is not the sign one would necessarily associate with
peak experiences. However, with a closer look this makes total sense.

The Path of Enlightenment is up. In yoga we raise the Kundalini up the
chakras. The Path of Manifestation is down. We allow the enlightened
energy to descend through all our chakras, clearing old patterns and
programs so we can embody our Soul identity. Capricorn realizes the
necessity of both the raising and grounding of our energy in our physical

body. It is relatively easy to raise our energy. To actually embody
spiritual energy and hold it in our physical bodies is the greatest
challenge. Capricorn knows that it must feel the sensations of Spirit in
its body in order to express the spiritual dimension of its being in human
life. With each step up the mountain, it anchors its consciousness in its
emotional and physical bodies.

Traditionally spiritual paths focus on "up and out" and cultivate leaving
the body and the Earthly experience. Absurdly enough, the lower chakras and
body below the heart are even considered "bad." The lower part of our SOUL

is the seat of our Kundalini, creativity and individuality. Not simply our
transportation system! Capricorn teaches us that the highest spiritual path
is the spiritualization of matter. To even get a glimpse of this
possibility is a peak experience.

Capricorn puts the three pieces of the spiritual path together.

The Path of Enlightenment is up.
The Path of Manifestation is down.
The Path of Liberation is mastering both the Path of Enlightenment and the
Path of Manifestation.

It is interesting that many spiritual masters were born under the Sun sign
of Capricorn, including Yogananda, Swami Vivikenanda and Mother Mere who
currently lives in Germany. Mother Mary has been assigned her birth date in
Virgo. Buddha's birthday is celebrated in Taurus (Earth sign). History has
chosen to place the birth of Jesus in the sign of Capricorn, even though

there is no historical proof that this time is accurate. Jesus' final peak
experience was on the cross when he declared "Forgive them, they know not
what they do." He taught us that Christ consciousness is attained when we
can open our hearts enough to forgive others for their ignorance.
Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:24 PM


Capricorn's work is here on Earth. Capricorn is here to bring Heaven to
Earth. To do so Capricorn teaches us that we must know and honor the
limitations of the physical plane. We must make "right", i.e. sustainable
choices as we use the Earth's resources to take care of the human

population. Capricorn embodies integrity. Capricorn energy teaches that we
must be objective and transcend personal gain and self-aggrandizement in our
use of both natural and financial resources. Capricorn teaches us to
respect money as energy and as a means of exchanging value.

The Planet associated with Capricorn is Saturn. Both are often associated
with attachment to physical forms and material wealth and the limitations
and restrictions that we confront when we focus our attention on material

desires. The role of both Capricorn and Saturn is to teach us how to break
free from our attachments to material forms of life, so we can be the
co-creators of these forms in physical reality. *(3) Capricorn is about
hopes, dreams and ambitions. But when they are defined in terms of solely
material gains, we create karma and activate our fate instead of our

Our attachment to material wealth and gain is often challenged by the
physical loss of things, situations and persons. Our "karmic lessons" teach
us about our own mortality and the cause and effect relationship between our
fear driven desires and thoughts. These lessons are not meant as

punishment. Awakening Capricorn discovers that the purpose of loss,
restriction and limitation is to educate it about the guidelines and
parameters for spiritual manifestation of its own Soul path and the
expression of a spiritual life on Planet Earth. Awakening Capricorn learns
to move out of egotistical greed into a mindset of sustainable abundance.

What greater peak experience than the realization of one's own wholeness,
greatness and ability to co-create your personal and collective realities.
In wholeness, the Goat discovers its destiny path. What a wonderful feeling
to know what you came to this Planet to do and to actually be in the process
doing it.
Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:24 PM


Capricorn is represented by 3 symbols, which correspond to 3 levels of
consciousness. (1) The Mountain Goat is spiritually asleep. (2) The
Sea-Goat is waking up. (3) Awakened Capricorn emerges as the Unicorn.


Asleep Capricorn is doggedly attached to the physical world, possessions and
status. It is fixated on amassing objects and property. Its obsession with
creating a world of appearances is an attempt to cover up a deep inner
insecurity and fear of not getting its needs met.

Its vision of what is possible and desirable is defined by social mores,
family conditioning and often a "keeping up with the Jones" mentality.
Asleep, earthbound Capricorn denies the spiritual basis of life because it

simply does not perceive anything else than what it sees with its physical
senses. This limited view of reality and blind attachment to form is the
root cause of the difficult lessons that asleep Capricorn must endure.

it must be banged against the head to wake up to an expanded view of
reality. Its myopic vision continually creates and re-creates problems,
which over time finally, serve to jostle it from its snoring, often
nightmarish, sleep.

Asleep Capricorn's problems are seemingly of a material nature. It is
apprehensive about not having enough, losing what it has and not getting
what it wants. The preoccupied and worried Goat always seems to be fighting
an uphill battle. Fear is the glue that keeps its limited worldview,

trauma-oriented outlook and excess emotional baggage strapped to its back.
Whether this baggage is from this lifetime or previous lifetimes, it is
certainly karmic from the point of view that unless the Goat drops its pack
of fears and insecurities, it will continue to re-create the same old

stories and scenarios throughout its life. Unless it opens its eyes enough
to make better choices, the weight of its own fear will create some kind of
disaster, which will serve as the alarm clock and accomplish the task.

Asleep Capricorn spends most of its time hitting its head against the wall
and chasing lost causes. When it is ready to end its pain and to find
resolution by integrating tools from the other elements in its tool kit, it
begins to alleviate its self-inflicted suffering. As it lets go of its need

to program and control all outcomes and starts to let life unfold, its
thwarted instincts begin to guide it to growth, opportunities and eventually
to recognition and rewards.

The sleeping Goat plods its way through life. It is often depressed by the
dreary prospects for success. The asleep Goat often seems to take one step
forward and two backward. No wonder it has to learn patience! This makes
sense when we look at the symbology. The goat's anchor is its fish tail,
which connects it to its emotions and anchors it into the vortex energy of

the Earth. Unacknowledged emotional energy will dislodge anyone from what
an ambitious ego perceives as a path to glory. The Goat slips back in an
effort to connect with the messages of its Soul as expressed through it
emotions. Once it honors its whole being and willingly listens to its own
internal guidance and intuition, it no longer sabotages its own journey.
Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:25 PM


Awakening Capricorn begins to see the spiritual value in the Earthly lessons
that it has attracted. Life becomes less of a burden and more of a learning
center. Material forms become tools to accomplish goals. Money becomes a
means to achieve desirable ends, not an end in itself.

One of the major turning points in its life is when the Goat reorients its
desire for worldly status and recognition to making its unique contribution
to the world. Capricorn will always be motivated and ambitious. The
question is motivated by what? When its goals are defined in terms of world
service, Capricorn feels less burdened. Its inner drive becomes a viable

and valuable asset to accomplishing its tasks. There is no harder worker
than the Capricorn who is determined to reach its goals. The Goat's
patience, fortitude, fairness and seriousness of purpose empower it each
step of the way.

The key ingredient for the Sea-Goat is to be unattached to the glory or even
the success of its projects. DETACHMENT is the evolutionary goal that
determines Capricorn's ultimate freedom and success. For Capricorn's real
goal is not the goal, but the appreciation of Path and the enjoyment of the

It is the Sea-Goat that makes it possible for us to start a new cycle on our
Soul journey and to make another turn on the spiral of evolution. The tail
of Sea-Goat allows it to be in touch with the emotional attachments that are
thwarting its climb. As it swishes its tail in the deep sea, it rids itself
of emotional baggage and lightens its load so it can make its way to the

Although Capricorn is an Earth sign, the Sea-Goat embodies both the Water
and the Earth elements. Its fish tail allows it to take in the spiritual
energy contained in the crystallized minerals in the Earth as it borrows its
way to the deep subterranean sea. It is this profound connection with its
emotional roots that gives the Sea-Goat the stability and patience necessary
for its climb up the mountain of life. It is the acknowledgment of its

emotions as the expression of its Soul that leads it to discover its destiny
path. It is the depth of integration with the Earth, its mother, which
nurtures its sense of security. It is the experience of Oneness with the
Earth that anchors in its courage to make the climb to the summit of
personal integrity and to offer its unique contribution to the world.

As the Sea-Goat develops the concept of Self as its anchor, it gets more and
more in touch with its creative gifts and talents. As it turns its
attention inward, it establishes a deep connection with the fluid rhythms
that pulsate and flow through all life forms including its own body and the

Earth. The awakening of this profound awareness in its consciousness opens
its inner vision. The two horns symbolizing body and Spirit, or the duality
of the mind, merge and the one-horned Unicorn emerges.
Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:26 PM


The two horns of the Mountain Goat symbolize the perceived duality of Spirit
and Matter in unawakened stages of consciousness. Capricorn resolves this
duality when it perceives the camouflaged spiritual meaning of ambition and
the spiritual essence in all physical manifestations. *(4) The single horn

of the Unicorn symbolizes a Mind, which perceives the unity of Matter and
Spirit. When this Oneness of Earth and Heaven is a conscious experience,
the Unicorn can pursue its Destiny Path with one-pointed resolve,
disciplined action and devoted commitment.

Awake Capricorn cultivates a magnetic presence by being energetically
present in its body. "Be Here Now" is its power and its touchstone. The
Unicorn's continuous outpouring of creativity is a by-product of its ability
to experience the wholeness of its being. The Unicorn tunes into the Divine

Plan and aligns its will with Divine Will. Its evolved intelligence is able
to synthesize and integrate multiple objectives of the Plan. Its worldly
gifts enable it to organize physical resources to bring goals to fruition.

The Unicorn's combined physical, mental and emotional strength gives it the
power to eliminate outdated forms and structures and to create new ones.
The Unicorn can appear aloof and cold in its relentless mission to bring
about change and revolution. In fact, the Unicorn is whole-heartedly
devoted to manifesting the Plan. Its actions are one-pointed. Its speech is
direct. Its intentions are pure.

The Unicorn points its horn to the Heart of Humanity with the goal of
opening our hearts so the Light of every Soul can shine through. The solidn
ess of its Earth essence and its focus on physical reality and structures
make the Unicorn one of God's most effective servants in manifesting Heaven
on Earth.

The Unicorn empowers its horn with its ambition to open the door of Destiny.
Capricorn has liberated itself from its attachment to form and material
illusions. It is free to serve humanity and be rewarded for its ability to
see and manifest spiritual reality on Earth.
Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:26 PM


Capricorn's territory includes ambition, recognition, honor, achievement,
authority and purpose. The Goat is the businessperson with the mental acuity
that knows what needs to be done and how to do it. It is also the worker
bee that accomplishes the task.

Capricorn symbolizes the outer image that one projects into the world, which
is determined by the inner image that one has of one's role in the world and
deeper raison d'être. Capricorn's need to achieve and to prove its self

worth is not a superficial egotistical goal. It must make a contribution to
society by expressing its unique Soul purpose. Capricorn's deepest drive is
to find and follow its Destiny path.

This sounds fine so far. Capricorn's life challenge is to overcome the
obstacles and difficulties that seem to always delay and get in the way of
its achievement and success. One key that unlocks the door is
self-determination. Capricorn must exercise its own free will, makes its
own choices and take responsibility for its own life. It must quit blaming

others for its plight. It must learn to accept the preparation and hard
work that it takes to manifest its dreams in physical reality. It must
honor and utilize the power of its inner drive, instead of using it to beat
itself up.

Capricorn must learn to enjoy its work because it is not here to rest. It
is here to make lasting changes and leave a legacy. When it realizes the
importance of its "assignment", discovers its own role and purpose and
cooperates with the Plan, it is able to transcend fate and its fatalistic

mentality. Setbacks and delays will be replaced by a slow, but steady,
climb to the summit of success. Capricorn teaches us that we are all born
with gifts, but in order to express them in life we must be able to meet our
challenges with courage, patience and skill.

Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:27 PM


Capricorn's psychological challenges include fear of failure, sensitivity to
the opinions of others, self-questioning and a basic sense of inadequacy.
Capricorn must learn how to overcome inertia and get started. One key is to
establish goals based on its intuitive guidance, not external values set by
others and society.

When it is time for Capricorn to move on, it often reflects that it should
have done so long ago. It is perhaps universally true that once "we see the
light" we wonder why we wallowed so long in the darkness. Capricorn energy

teaches us that the reason is we have to learn our lessons first. Plodding
through physical reality takes time. Capricorn instructs us to be thorough.
Once we have learned and are wise in worldly ways, we are truly ready to
take the next step up the mountain of evolution.

Capricorn learns about serious soul-searching from its mentor Saturn.
Saturn, the god of entrances and doorways, has two faces. "One looks to the
past and has an understanding of the of history. The other looks ahead and
has knowledge of the future.

Capricorn reaches the gold in its own psyche through self-honesty,
objectivity and detachment. Not easy to achieve, but Capricorn shows us
that it is possible. Capricorn teaches us that if we truly prepare
ourselves, we often find ourselves in positions of great responsibility and
authority. The personal integrity and sense of compassion that Capricorn
embodies qualify it for positions of political and diplomatic leadership.

The Unicorn teaches us, "Keep up and you will be kept up." (Yogi Bhajan)
Facing our challenges, living our lives and achieving our goals may not be
easy, but with Capricorn's enormous capacity for self-discipline and sense
of duty everything is possible. The ultimate gift that Capricorn has to
offer us is the demonstration that the summit can be reached. In the end,
it is our personal choices, grit and commitment that determine if we make it
to the top.

Wed, December 21, 2011 - 2:28 PM


The first New Moon of the Millennium is in Capricorn January 6. This is an
optimal day to reaffirm your life purpose goals and to begin taking concrete
steps to accomplish them.

Capricorn invites us to examine and define our personal purpose that gives
meaning and significance to our lives. Capricorn offers us a time of
stillness so we can consult with our own hearts. It is a good time to

acknowledge ourselves and our accomplishments during the past year(s). I
personally find that acknowledging what I have done in the past year brings
peaceful and meaningful completion to the past and unleashes powerful energy
and even serendipitous events that kick off the New Year.

Capricorn lends us a moment of silence so we can actually listen to and hear
our Soul speak to us about why we are here, what contribution we have to
make to the world. The is a meditative to time is to ask and to listen the
answers from our Hearts - How will the world be different because I came for
a visit? What special contribution will be lost forever, if I do not make
it myself?

Capricorn helps us get in touch with our own mortality, not to make us
pessimistic or fatalistic, but to motivate us to truly live full, rich
lives. Capricorn helps us realize that our greatest fear is not of dying,
but the fear of the tragic possibility that we could end our lives feeling

that we never really lived. Capricorn gives us time to discover our
innermost desires, to acknowledge what gives us the greatest satisfaction,
and to define our unique skills and talents, our purpose. As we embrace our
uniqueness, we uncover the motivation that fuels our passion and uncovers
our destiny path. Then come Capricorn empowers us with the
strength and the courage to get to work.
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