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The City of San Rafael, California has given me permission to display the 1.5 ton steel "Truth Sign"
in downtown San Rafael. This would be the heaviest and largest sculpture ever displayed in the City.
This is the city that George Lucas filmed "American Graffiti" in. Jerry Garcia also lived in San Rafael.

I need a crane driver for the type used on the playa. Set up date is 2-3 week in March. There will be a block party.
Fire Spinners are of course, welcome.

Message me here.

Cowb... read more
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La Peña Cultural Center presents social critic and noted author Michael Parenti speaking about Democracy and the Pathology of Wealth. Parenti will be discussing developments in the U.S. political scene, the occupy movement and the struggle against corporate capitalism.

Michael Parenti is an internationally known award-winning author and lecturer. He is one of the nation’s leading progressive political analysts. His highly informa... read more
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I recorded this interview with Jim of Tuna Camp in 2004. He was lost at sea a few days ago while entering Coos Bay, 2 miles out.
God Bless you Jim. The interview starts out with an interview with Wally from Jim's boat.
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The play from the writings of 23 year old Rachel Corrie, killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Palestine.
Produced, Jane Jewel, Directed by Lois Pearlmman and starring Mandy Cimino.

Live streamed at

Saturday, April 16, 2011 3pm. pst Music at 3 pm Play starts at 4:15pm

also at:
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In 1985 I had the honor of serving aboard the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in the South Pacific during its Pacific Peace Voyage to call attention to the horrors of nuclear weapons testing both current and past. Sadly, this was the Rainbow Warriors final voyage as it was bombed and sunk by French secret service agents in Auckland New Zealand in July of that year. Between 1946 and 1958 the US government exploded 67 atomic and hydrogen bombs in Bikini and Enewetak atolls. The Marshall Isl... read more
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