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My Testimonials

December 9, 2009
HOT HOT HOT! Luv you!
October 12, 2007
He's da Man.

No seriously, DA MAN!

A solid brother- and crazy fun, in the best sense of the word, as in free spirited and playful.

Rock on, dude!

See you next year, Black Rock City or bust....
July 25, 2006
One hot lover!
April 17, 2006
A friend indeed : )
And one I'm greatful
To have in my corner--
both the metaphorical one
and the one with the little faces
on the left of my screen....
November 4, 2005
Someone who listens, makes you laugh, and says the nicest things about you. He's the best kind of friend. Its a pleasure to know you, Ct.
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about me
I am the Viscount Gerald the Radiant of Piddletrenthide Under Booth.
I want only the best of things for my subjects and friends, that will become obvious as you get to know me. I'm open and liberal in people and Art. I prefer to not discuss politics, however I will if pressed and you have good reason to want to. Religion with me, is a choice for you. I'm a loyal friend to my friends of choice as I would hope all of you are. I like to write movie scripts and have associated produced one mildly erotic horror film, and acted in it as well. I'm an only child with a severly troubled background and I've survived. I've done my part in the military and believe everyone ought to to their part. The all volunteer Army is to much like what Rome did. If we don't pay attention to history we looking up a dead goats ass. lol
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My Blog

Suffice it to say, it was great. I covered about nine hundred mile, shot about eighty minutes of film, met several very interesting people and thought about moving there. Enough said. I'll have a couple pic's later...maybe.
Mon, March 12, 2007 - 8:02 AM permalink - 1 comment
I'm off to Liberia, C.R. tomorrow morning, then on to some fishing, beach bumming, mountain hikes , hot springs, good food, good friends. I will make a DVD brochure advertisinf real estate for sale. Should be a fun trip..ten days. Everybody stay happy while I'm gone.
Wed, February 21, 2007 - 9:34 AM permalink - 7 comments
[1] What is your middle name? Pendleton

[2] What colour is your mailbox? Paige

[3] Do you have a crush? Yes. But I can’t tell anyone who it is.

[4] Have you ever hit a deer? No.

[5] Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? Yes.

[6] Do you get the paper delivered to your house in the morning? No.

[7] Who checks the mail in your house? Both

[8] Do you have a small driveway ? Room for 2 cars.

[9] Do you know anyone with the same ringtone as you? Yes.

[10] What do you do first in the morning? LOL..Pee

[11] What brand is your printer? HP Laserjet.

[12] Do you enjoy fighting with people? No, neither verbally nor physically, but I do enjoy a good intellectual debate.

[13] Is your hair naturally straight or curly? Straight as sticks.

[14] Who was your kindergarten teacher? Mrs. Shockhauser. Spelling could be wrong, after all it's been a long long time ago.

[16] Are you taller than your mother? Oh yes, big time.

[17] Do you have a favourite word? I have lots of favorite words.

[18] Are you God? Maybe, it's all how I feel on a given day.

[19] What do you do to get over a broken heart? Old japanse provert: Best thing for old love is new love....rather you mean it or not.

[20] Do you have a deep, dark secret? Yes of course, doesn’t everyone?

[22] Do you enjoy writing in coloured pens? Not really, but I suppose I could. Can I write on your body?

[23] Does anything hurt on your body right now? Yes, butI'm pretty pain tolerant.

[24] Do you often cry during movies? Always if it's a good movie. I'm a real sentimental sort of guy.

[25] Do you hate your life? No, I like it. I have made it the best I can at this time.

[26] Do you get mad easily? No. I made a conscientious effort to change that at a very young age. It got me no where but into trouble and it never solved anything. Besides, I had no limits to my retributions.

[27] Do you drink to get drunk? No. I am strictly a social drinker. However that floaty feeling half way between sober and dead? That feeling is golden.

[28] What is your biggest pet peeve? Man's inhumanity to man.

[29] What is your away message? Your message is important to me. Please leave your name and number. I will get back to you.
[30] Do any of your friends have kids? Yes. Most of them.

That seems to have changed in the last decade or two, so: Whoever asked the other out. Although I don’t have a problem going dutch.

[33] How many years older than you are you willing to date? Maybe 5.

[34] Do you have any friends? Yes, a few.
[35] Do you have any mean friends? Maybe, but they're trying to be better.
[36] What is the ugliest colour in your opinion? Orange.

[37] Have you ever liked someone who all your friends couldn't stand? Yes.

[38] Have you ever felt like driving off a cliff, seriously? No.

[39] Have you ever been fired from a job? Yes, more than one. I’m much more suited to being my own boss.

[40] What year was your first love? 1950

[41] Do you have a cell? Yes.

[42] What brand are the pant/jeans you're wearing right now? Links Addition (shorts).

[43] How tall are you? 5 foot 11 inches. I'm shrinking.

[44] What is the closest green object? A Book;*The Right Moment* by William E. Hyche

[45] What is on your feet? Brown Sandals.

[46] Do you like watermelon? Yes, but no salt for me thanks.

[48] Do you want to have kids? No, I have enough already, two boys.

[49] What is the brightest colour you're wearing? Oh God..Power I really don't like that color. But it is two tone Black and Power Blue. Brings out the baby blues.

[50] Who is the last friend you have that you would ever expect to be gay? Bobbie

[52] Whats your mothers middle name? Marie

[53] Stupidest movie you ever saw? So many…

[54] Do you collect comic books? No.

[55] Do you like your dad? He is gone. I suppose I liked him as an interesting man, but not as a traditional father. .

[56] Do you have any TV shows on DVD? No.

[57] Are you wearing makeup? lol, not today, not any day unless I'm on stage.
[58] Do you have a tattoo? No.

[59] Have you ever been happily in love? Yes.

[60] If you won the lottery you would... Set up trust funds for the boys and my ageing mother, I would endow a chair at the University of Toledo for Dr. Raymond HenryI and one at the University of Houston for Mrs. June Waldman. I would , maybe give a large sum to one of my oldest and unforunate friends.I would invest most of what was left and live my life much as I do now, only without concern for where the next dollar was to come from.

[61] Is there something you want to tell someone, but you haven't? Yes, and I won't.
[62] Do you know how to draw? No, not very well.

[63] Who is your hero? Donald Rumsfed
[64] Who'd you last IM? SunnyAz

[65.] Do you work a lot of hours? This is work?

[66] What do you do when you are stressed out? lose sleep, and resolve myself through it...much like today..

[68] Is there anything you regret? Momentary things..nothing really, maybe a spoken word. *Voltare* He who regrets is twice unhappy and doublely weak*

[69] Do you know where your family names originated from? Yes. Germany.

[70] Is there any animal that creeps you out? Yes, a Dog Fish.

[71] What was the last thing you did for fun? Visited with the new neighbor over a bottom on Pinot.
Tue, July 18, 2006 - 8:42 AM permalink - 3 comments
1.) I feel life is racing away and I haven't done what I was put here to do.
2.) I've just about completed an excellant screen play.
3.) I think I would enjoy and make a great Poly Partner.
4.) I miss being a nudist.
5.) I'm not as sure of myself as I once was regarding Government spying on erotica in our posts. I always thought they had to much to do, more so than checking up on people without cause.
6.) I love to read good novels.
7.) I love my two boys more than anything.
8.) I like sex alot.
Sat, June 10, 2006 - 8:03 PM permalink - 1 comment
Hey friends, I'm having a good (stressful) time shopping (going into debt) and getting ready (catching a cold) for the family (little beggers) and loved ones (haven't had any in a month) to celebrate (get shit faced drunk) the holidays. I hope your doing fine ( better than me) and enjoying (not drinking near as much as me) the holidays.
Love, Hugs (appropriate hugs) and kisses (those that ones one)
Mon, December 12, 2005 - 8:28 AM permalink - 5 comments
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