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   Thu, July 21, 2011 - 11:19 AM
Webster defines the word “dimension” as:

Measure in one direction; specifically, one of three coordinates
determining a position in space or four coordinates determining
a position in space and time. (Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary,
10th edition, 1997.)

“Coordinates” can help us know “where we are.” When we know “where we are,” we can decide “where we want to go.” We can also know our relationship with other places. For the 3rd dimension, the three coordinates are: length, width, and depth. For the 4th dimension, the coordinates are length, width, depth, and time.

Most of us usually put our focus in the 3rd Dimension, and sometimes, more and more, in the 4th Dimension.

According to NonEuclid Geometry:

“Many present-day cosmologists feel that we live in a three dimensional universe that is curved into the 4th dimension. No one can point to the 4th dimension, yet it is all around us. The 4th dimension is a direction different from all the normal directions. It is neither up nor down, left nor right, in nor out.

“Some people say that Time is the 4th dimension. This is, in a sense, true. However, time is not the ‘different direction’ of which I was speaking. If we want to count time as a dimension, then we should say that we live in a four dimensional space-time that is curved into the 5th dimension!”

On the same page that I have referenced, there is a fictional description of a story, written by Edwin Abbott, called “Flatland.” Flatland is a two-dimensional world where things are completely flat, existing only in the dimensions of length and width. In the story, a Sphere comes to Flatland to teach the Flatlanders about the 3rd dimension!

Says the Sphere:

"I am not a plane Figure, but a Solid. You call me a Circle; but in reality I am not a Circle, but an indefinite number of Circles, of size varying from a Point to a Circle of thirteen inches in diameter, one placed on the top of the other. When I cut through your plane as I am now doing, I make in your plane a section which you, very rightly, call a Circle. For even a Sphere - which is my proper name in my own country - if he manifest himself at all to an inhabitant of Flatland - must needs manifest himself as a Circle." [Abbott-1884]

Now....Flatland does not have to be flat. A two-dimensional universe can exist upon a curved surface that is curved into the 3rd dimension. This universe would not appear curved to the
Flatlanders since all objects in it (including their own bodies) curve with the two-dimensional surface.

Similarly, a three-dimensional universe can “curve into” or “bulge into” the fourth dimension. This is because matter and energy, and their transformations into each other, have an impact on space. Think of a Medieval Chartres Cathedral, for instance. Think of a labyrinth. Think of “spacial anomolies.” Think of dousing. Think of ley-lines. Think of Feng Shui. Think of a Geodesic dome. Think of a womb. These are examples of how space can be transformed by matter and energy.

Some say that the 4th is the dimension of “Time”
others call it the dimension of “Architecture.” Some say it is the dimension of “The Internet.”’s a question for you: What if something from the 4th Dimension appeared to us? What would it look like? Well, if it were a bunny, we might just see its EARS. Or perhaps we’d see its FLUFFY TAIL. This all reminds me of the Sufi parable of the blind men and the elephant. Each blind man touched a different part of the elephant: One touched the trunk and thought it was a snake; one touched the leg and thought it was a tree; one touched the side and thought it was a wall; one touched the ear and thought it was a fan, etc. Each of them had a different experience of the elephant, but only all of them TOGETHER could understand the WHOLE EXPERIENCE of the elephant.

It could be that we encounter the fourth dimension when we are at “power sites” on the Earth--places where there is a special energy operating that seems to change our consciousness when we step into the energy field. While there, we are in a space that brings “sacred geometry” into play. The Sirians knew about this, and taught the art of sacred geometry in many ways throughout their relationship with our dimensions. They knew about the natural sites, and they also taught that matter and energy can be manipulated to produce “interdimensional doorways,” places where one dimension “bleeds into” another dimension. And, as Phil Mayhew puts it: “Gravity itself is not a force.... It is geometry.... and the universe ain't expanding, it's just curved a funny way.”

Perhaps geometry and “force” (“The Force?”) are part of the same thing in the 4th dimension.

When one exists in the 4th Dimension, one is able to identify oneself as a Multi-Dimensional Self with Aspects spread out across Time and Space. The Aspects include the Past-Lives (which are really simply lives in different “places” in the 4th dimension). They also include Parallel Lives and Counterparts...which are simply Aspects that share the same Time-Frame. Jane Roberts has described 4th Dimensional Consciousness well in her book: “Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology.”

The Aspects in their patterns across time and space have a “structure,” an “architecture” to them. In the 4th dimension, one senses the “shape” and the “structure”---the “geometry” of one’s expressions through time. The 4th dimension is made up of energy fields and structures that are usually invisible to us in the 3rd dimension...yet we DO feel their effects. What we get, when we view the complete structure of OurSelves in Time is a sense of a Self that is abiding and ageless. We may also get a “tone” or a “cosmic note” that defines this Self.

The SOURCE of that Self exists in the 5th Dimension. The 5th Dimension has been called “The Border of Infinity.” It is a place of “ETERNAL NOW” where we can see the whole pattern of being AS IT MOVES. This pattern can be described as “The Eternal Dance,” or, perhaps, “The Spiral Dance.” The pattern is often seen as a spiral, advancing, yet ever surpassing itself each time it circles ‘round.

The 5th Dimensional consciousness is consciousness of Hyperspace.

It is also the consciousness of the Holographic Universe.

Some also call this “Christ Consciousness.”

Others call it “Gaia Consciousness.”

One gathers all the energy fields to which one belongs as projections of ONE’S OWN COSMIC DANCE. It is an ecstatic consciousness, and one that we touch and, in our present state, have trouble holding on to! When we have tasted of this BEINGNESS, we often long to return. However, we must simply wait for the moment when Eternity itself opens and takes our small drop of consciousness into its limitless ocean of BEINGNESS. Or, in another metaphor, when our small candle is forgotten when it becomes part of the Sun Itself!!!

The 5th dimension is full of paradox....of light that can be BOTH particle AND wave. A lover looks into his beloved’s eyes and sees himself there. Paradox is somehow mysteriously resolved in the 5th dimension.

So, if the coordinates of the 4th dimension are: length, width, depth, and time, what are the coordinates of the 5th dimension? Obviously, length, width, depth, time.....and what else? Well, I’m going to call this 5th coordinate-- that certain “Je n’sais quois.” That mystery. Maybe it’s coincidence, or synchronicity. Or perhaps it’s the knowledge that “all is one.” According to Castaneda, Shaman Don Juan called it “The Knock of the Spirit.” One cannot “conjure up” the Fifth must surrender to it! Yet, it is a voluntary surrender, not coerced in the least! Never controlled. Something like falling in love. Here’s a poem by Rumi (a poet very familiar with the 5th dimension!) that seems to illustrate the entry into the 5th dimension:

I've lived on the lip of insanity
wanting to know reasons,
knocking on the door, it opens.
I've been knocking from the inside!

One cannot really prepare oneself to meet the 5th Dimension. However, if one has strong intent, the 5th dimension will open itself. Jesus of Nazareth had a saying: “Knock and it shall open to you.” So you’ve got to meet it halfway. You have to ask for it, open yourself to it, pray for it, get oneself in a perceptive AND receptive frame of mind. The 5th dimensional consciousness is both perceptive AND receptive. You will find, when that door opens, that you have been there all along....but you have just not been “aware” of it!

The 4th dimension sets up the “structure,” and the 5th dimension is the “eternal spiritual” that enters that structure and vivifies it. The “structure” can be a ritual, a series of lives, a city, a story, a sacred cave, even, a car! The “structure” is worked out through time.....and the “eternal spiritual” enters and everything changes! The 5th dimension is beyond time and so is able to insert itself at critical places in the structure....radiating from “the CENTER,” “the HEART.” When we are in the 5th dimension, we come from the heart.

So, what would something from the 5th dimension look like to us here in the 3rd dimension? Well, most likely we wouldn’t see it. We might get a slight glimpse of “something,” or perhaps we’d get a whiff of a smell that was vaguely familiar to us. Perhaps we would think we saw something (like a shadow that looks solid), and then decide we didn’t see it. Or perhaps we’d have a feeling sweep through us....not being sure just where that feeling was coming from. My 5th dimensional guides have told me that they manifest in the 3rd dimension through the physical properties of “light upon water.” I think this has something to do with THEIR NATURE, and also something to do with the feelings that “light upon water” evokes within ME.

Now, if we are in the 4th dimension, our experience of encountering the 5th dimension would change. We would probably see a “vision,” or feel transported with joy simply seeing the beauty of Nature, or have a sudden realization. We might somehow “know” the key to a problem in our life, or in the lives of those we care about. We might have a dream in which we discovered something wonderful. We might sense a spirit-guide and perhaps begin to hear their words-of-wisdom, or see “colors” which have special meaning to us in that dimension. Later, when we would return to the 3rd dimension, we might translate these experiences into art, or music, or poetry, or dance.....or we might be able to listen to and appreciate with more compassion those people in our lives who want to share with us. The creative output would most likely have an effect on those who are receptive enough to glimpse the 4th dimensional experience therein, and therefore, become a “doorway” too!

As we become more and more accustomed to functioning in the 4th dimension, we are able to create our art RIGHT THERE, with more of an immediate REALIZATION of our experience and being. We are able to let go of a lot of baggage and just work with the “essentials,” bringing us closer to the Source of our inspiration, and making our art and our relationships more focused in the Present, more conscious and powerful.

Obviously, the more we can access the 4th dimension, the easier will it be for us to perceive the 5th dimension. And, perhaps someday, we will be able to create IN the 5th dimension.

I am not saying that one dimension is somehow “better” than another dimension; I am simply saying they are different. They each have their “coordinates,” and in each dimension, we use these coordinates to tell us “where we are.” Each dimension (each place) has its uses, and the main quality that is essential to develop, as a Multidimensional Being, is the quality of “focus.” When you know “where you are,” be focused and aware. “Be here now, or get there later,” as Robin Williams has said. ;-)

Focus in the 3rd dimension can be honed and strengthened by keeping it “simple.” “Chop Wood, Carry Water,” as the Zen saying goes. Doing something with total attention in the 3rd dimension strengthens the spirit and brings out the beauty of the 3rd dimension.

Focus in the 4th dimension is more like a Meditative Focus where a “witness” watches the thoughts flow through the mind without latching on to any one thought. If one wants to later focus on one thought or subject later, one can simply note it and come back to it when one is in the 3rd dimension again. One can take that one subject and also meditate on THAT, bringing the 4th dimensional focus on it and seeing it with the “witness.” This kind of meditation would be taking an image or a sound and focusing upon that, while letting all other thoughts go.

It is possible to develop the quality of “split-focus,” where one engages in the experience and still keeps a “witness” consciousness out there to watch over everything. Many priests/priestesses and shamans, drummers, musicians, dancers have developed this kind of dimensional “straddling.” There is also a kind of “split-focus” that manifests after the event. For instance, you may be in a drumming circle and really get into the music, yet you do not have any other perceptions at the time. But later, perhaps in listening to a person talk, or listening to crickets or something, you have new memories about the event...perhaps you suddenly remember that a blue light came out of your drum. This is simply the difference in memories of events of the 3rd dimension and memories of the 4th dimension, which can happen simultaneously.

We use “coordinates” to tell us “where we are,” or where our “focus” is. Castaneda (quoting Don Juan) would say it’s where our “assemblage point” is. We are the ones who assemble ourselves to function in each dimension.

Things are done differently in each dimension, to take advantage of the unique coordinates of each dimension. Take for instance, the process of Healing. In the 3rd dimension, you might use herbs, physical therapy, surgery....many methods. In the 4th dimension, you might enter into a meditation and search your body in a visualization, then send healing energy to the parts that need healing. Or, you might meditate on a past life where your physical problems may have originated, and suddenly find yourself healed, simply by realizing that you can let go of the past. In the 5th dimension, you might feel swept away into a powerful current and feel that God was touching you; a miracle would occur and you would be completely healed.

These healing procedures can overlap in dimensions, too. When they do this, they are even more effective. For instance, the herbs that you would use in the 3rd dimension might have spiritual “personalities” (like “deva’s”) who would help you utilize the herbs’ special powers. If you could somehow come in contact with the herb-deva (perhaps in automatic writing, or by simply sitting by the growing herb and “listening,” you would partake of a 4th dimensional healing, too. Or, you could enter the 4th dimension in a “sacred place,” and feel the “eternal spirit” come in to the space and merge with you, for a miraculous healing. It is very possible that, at the moment of healing, someone looking at you from the 3rd dimension might not see you! Or perhaps they would see you differently….as if a bright light was shining within you, or around you.

We Multidimensional Beings, exist in many dimensions at once. Obviously, we are not aware of each dimension with equal focus. And it is not necessary that we have “equal focus.” Think of it as cooking on a stove with 4 burners and an oven. When you have something simmering “on the back burner,” you might be focused on something else (those veggies you are sauteeing in the front frying pan), but you do have an awareness of it being there. And if you’re NOT cooking at the moment, it is OK to let your focus go.

The more we develop our consciousness and our focus, the more we are able to become aware of the qualities of each dimension and how we can use and enjoy BEING in that dimension. We can become “well-coordinated” Multidimensional Beings when we bring our different Aspects into some common action, movement, or condition. Eventually, we will learn to coordinate all of our Aspects along the lines of our intent....and we will line up our intent in each dimension.

What is your intent? What kind of meal are you cooking up? And who are you feeding? And what do you use as fuel? And what happens if, some day, you have all burners on “high” and the oven on “broil”? Will you blow the fuse????? Or will you be able to handle it.....? Will you be able to sustain that exquisitely high energy and feel it activate a whole new dimensional banquet?

Alignment along the dimensions is inevitable. Like Kundalini rising up the spine, igniting each chakra along the way, we are asked to align our intent with the intent of the Universe....which, if you look at it in a 5th dimensional way, is US anyway! This light and heat is the power of LIFE itself and dimensional alignment will obviously create new life....just as a plant grows from a seed; the seed will fall away and become compost for the plant which pushes out into the NEW SUN. Anything is possible--so let’s create something WONDROUS together!


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Sun, July 24, 2011 - 9:03 AM
..........just like the strings of the guitar.......... ;-)
Thu, July 21, 2011 - 3:41 PM
Makes a ton of sense. Thanks for sharing Maggie! I've been trying to fully understand this concept for over a decade, intuitively but the way you put it makes it appear amazingly simple.
Sat, July 23, 2011 - 8:55 AM
Simple and Sense are my middle name! Thanks!
Sat, July 23, 2011 - 7:55 PM
Tao is empty
Yet it fills every vessel with endless supply
Tao is hidden
Yet it shines in every corner of the Universe
Sun, July 24, 2011 - 7:53 AM
Thank you, Ron
You are my true-seeing friend.

"Some easily find knowledge in a blade of grass; others must first fight and struggle their entire lives only to discover in their dying breath how simple it all really is.

Be well my friends. Be in the Know, be safe, be prepared, be open and clear.

No matter what happens, the time is now.

And…it’s all good.

Whoever can see through all fear will always be safe.

-Tao Te Ching #46
Sun, July 24, 2011 - 8:25 AM
Your post reminds me of my studies of String Theory. According to one theory, if you break open the tiniest atoms you will find the strands of time itself. There are supposed to be multiple strings all leading to different time lines. All the strings vibrate in harmony with the Universe, and lead to multiple dimensions.
Fri, August 5, 2011 - 4:38 AM
I loved reading this Maggie...
Sat, June 29, 2013 - 12:11 PM
I like this kind of info. I feel I am an fledgling inter-spatial explorer though not a very good nor informed one.
Thanks for the research Maggie K.
Sat, July 6, 2013 - 8:46 AM
Thanks, Eniad. We were never taught this kind of stuff, so we're all "fledging" in many ways here. Yet, we feel the urge to "learn to fly," as it were. As Tom Petty sings, "I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings, coming down is the hardest thing." I wanted to make sure that the "grounding" in the HERE AND NOW is understood to be the most important part. We need to cherish the Earth and 3D as our "home dimension." Everything else opens from there!