Holographic Pine Tree

You have come down a long path of self and a long path of humanness to get to this intersection of Truth. As you sit at this crossroads, perhaps your vision blurs. As your vison blurs..it is time to look inside to the very center point of your being. The place where these new truths have attached themselves. As this new consciousness attaches itself to your physical body it will force out old misunderstandings and old falsehoods that were issued to you as a safety net..a comfort zone.

As this new truth hooks into your belief system, you will be able to release the thoughts that no longer serve you and truly have never served you. Your Sacred Sight will be restored and renewed as you SEE the energies that need to be seen. You will remember the energy of illusion and what illusion is. Think about an earth magician that can make you see something that is not there by influencing your thought process and subconscious, holistic mind. Throughout all time there have been civilizations that have had these abilities.

I Believe I Can Fly
Change the Channels of your Life
There is not an end to You..nor a Beginning
You are a continual flow of Life changing Form
Over and Over Again
It is with focused Intent
That I offer this experience of Multidimensional Sight
This is a journey through the World of Holusion...the Stereogram.

Perhaps your consciousness will be jarred loose and expand to the knowing that there are other worlds that exist in parallel to your daily life and perceptions...and that they are real and you can see and touch them.

You have this Skill
Let it Awaken within You
Multidimensional AwakeningMay you walk gently in sovereign GraceMultidimensional Awakening
"A Hui Ho!"

Helpful Hints

Having "holographic vision" has nothing to do with IQ, age, maturity level or status of life. If you think about it ...it is a very equal-opportunity art form.

The ability to See the inner planes of and "get the picture" is directly related to your level of skill at letting go and being able to receive. Sound familiar? Hmmmmmmm....

If you want to do a little Experiment
Share this Experience
With the most highly stressed person you Know
It may take her/him a couple of days to find the Image!

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posted on Friday, January 25, 2008 - link to this photo

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