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Spiritualism, plain and raw. Yes, spiritualism, as we call it, is not an outer God or metaphysics or astrology or service or mantra. When we give it a name (e.g. spiritualism) we make it seem like something special or separate from life, a special interest or branch or hobby, which it is not.

Spiritual is our essential nature it is what we are at very elementary and raw state; a state where there is no ignorance (and ignorance ironically is what we call knowledge in general) . This "I" learned state or a doership state is the ignorance that veils our elementary nature. Yes, everything other then my pure nature is an interest or a concept or an opinion, more exactly an Illusion. Know how to connect to your inner Self and that's all it is...just Being...that which cannot be obtained, achieved, aimed or acquired but that is the "only" thing that a life searches for, aims for and wants to obtain or acquire.

When we are connected to the inner Self we are with (or simply 'are') the knower, the witness, the absolute, the universal soul, the higher power. But the path to that goes from inside and inside only. And then we realize it was all "him" (or "her" or "that", however one wants to address); always been and always will be. "He" is the knower, the known and the knowledge and process of knowing. I am Not but only "him".
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