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For Bay Area Dancers In My Life: Frédérique Ongoing Classes

[Photo of Frédérique at Tribal Fusion Fair '07 by Scott Schappell-Schappell Photographics]
~ . ~ . ~

From the woman herself:

Ladies and Gents!

I've been itching to teach another class and reconnect with my roots; ATS (American Tribal Style) belly dance!
So I've decided to start up an East Bay on-going beginners class on Thursday nights from 7 - 8pm beginning the first Thursday in March!

The short version:
ATS is an improvisational dance form with a system based on nonverbal cues.
This was my first and only formal training in belly dance. I have much love and respect for it and I can never let it go completely though my style has evolved so much that I am no longer true to the format. However, I spent years dedicating and training in ATS since 1997 - 2005; a little more then the later half of that training spent evolving and pioneering into what is my own style now... It is because of ATS and the improvisational factor that I've not ever once choreographed a solo piece and I owe everything I know in belly dance to it.
Though I am not a purist, I still hold ATS in high regard and I am looking forward to sharing my version of it with you...

The long version:
If you are interested in finding all about ATS, where it came from, and who pioneered it, etc... Click on this link below:

So for those of you who have been waiting for this class I've been talking about to materialize... Here it is!

Beginning in March:
Every Thursday (drop-ins welcome): :
Beginner Level / ATS Format (slow - medium paced) with Frederique's urban / fusion twist: 7pm - 8pm (1 hr)
Drop in = $13; 4-class card avail. in adv. : $44
Location: Temescal Arts Center, 511 48th St., Oakland, CA
~ . ~ . ~ . ~
And don't forget my beloved Wednesday class which allows for freedom of expression...Welcome to my style...

Every Wednesday (drop-ins welcome):
Mixed Level / Emphasis on Details & Expression (fast paced) 8pm - 9:30pm (1.5 hr)
Drop in = $15; 4-class card avail. in adv.: $52
Location: Temescal Arts Center, 511 48th St., Oakland, CA

Hope to see you there! À bientôt! ~Frédérique
~ . ~
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PGroove 2nd set Moe's Alley Santa Cruz Show Avail

Download 2nd set:

SC Feb 20th Moe's Alley setlist *:

1: Crockett & Tubbs, Out Here, Three Weeks, Sundog, Get Down Tonight
2: Wasted Endeavors, Glock Jam, Stealy Man, A Day The Way, The Golden Path, Save For One

*As best known at this point, subject to revision.

More PG on tribe here: ttp://
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Congrats to Angelique Kidjo!

Her 5th Grammy nomination-- and her recent release Djin Djin won for Best Contemporary World Music Album!

I my world she's an amazing woman and fully deserves this honor.

"She dedicated her award to her parents in Benin, to the African continent, to 'the women of Darfur, the women who are fighting every day to give their kids an education', and to late Billboard editor Timothy White, whom she said encouraged her from the earliest days of her stateside career."

Pic used with permission.
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Baily the Snow Dog Tribute

AKA the Unknown Reindeer.
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Jan 26th: North State CA Children Perform Monster Piano Concert

What has 58 legs, 58 eyes, moves 560 fingers on cue, may pause for a good measure (sometimes for half a rest), thrives in both common and uncommon times, and understands commands in Italian?

Why a Monster Piano Concert ensemble of course!

On Saturday, January 26, 14 or more pianos will be on stage at CSU, Chico’s biggest performance venue, to be played by 200 or more North State children ages 6 to 18, during the 9th annual Monster Piano Concert. While playing under a conductor in groups as large as 28, students will enjoy an exciting performance opportunity usually reserved for big name acts, performing in front of an audience of over 1000 at the Laxson Auditorium.

Fully story here, by yours truly:
North State Children Perform Monster Piano Concert
An Interview With Music Teacher Conica Patnaik

The 9th annual Monster Piano Concert takes place on Saturday, January 26th at a 2:30p.m. matinee and a 7p.m. evening performance, at CSU, Chico’s Laxson Auditorium. Tickets can be purchased the University Box Office, (530) 898-6333. For more information call Dustin at (530) 879-0567.
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RIP Heath Ledger

This is sad- he was a young father, very talented, willing to take risks. Too young for this. I'm pissed at the pressure of "fame" and the crap that goes with it.

Heath Ledger Died
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The Hour of Arriving


Okay, often I write stuff or blog stuff elsewhere and don't share here-- this I love though, so went back and got it for here:

From Neil Peat's Dec '07 Blog:
The Hour of Arriving

Excerpts of note:

...Back in April of this year, just before the Snakes and Arrows tour, I did a TV interview for the Canadian music channel, MuchMusic. The cameraman placed the interviewer and me in the rehearsal hall, in front of my drums, where I had been laboring for several weeks by then. Some of the interviewer’s questions seemed to angle toward a certain starry-eyed view of my work, especially the touring side of it, and I tried to explain to him that I didn’t consider touring, or even drumming, to be my life.

He seemed perplexed, and to appraise me as clearly jaded and cynical, because his next question was, “When did you start to feel that way?”

I paused to think for a couple of seconds, then was glad to feel the mental light bulb illuminate a true and clear answer. I was able to answer honestly, “About a month into the first tour, in 1974.” That really was when I started to feel that touring was “not enough,” and turned to reading books as a way to make more use of the days and nights.

Partly out of sheer contrariness, but partly out of a desire for context, I often refer to playing the drums, with deliberate disrespect, as “the job”—hitting things with sticks. Obviously it means much more to me than that, and has been a central focus in my life. But still, it seems rather sad to hear anyone say that their work is their life.

Not family and friends? Not reading and writing? Not hiking or cross-country skiing or birdwatching or motorcycle riding or swimming?

Just work?

I don’t think so.

Earlier in the tour, when we played in Portland, Oregon, someone in the audience had apparently seen that interview, and ventured to disagree publicly with my opinion on the subject of my life. Far back on the stage-left side of the house I saw a large sign, in big block letters, “NP—THIS IS YOUR LIFE.”

Well, thanks, but no thanks.

Of course it’s just my opinion, but to me, my life is not dedicated to the place, but to the journey, and to the hour of arriving.

All the while knowing that, all too soon, there will come the hour of departing.
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Tinariwen & Carlos Santana

In the spirit of a friend's sharing of classic music vids-- this isn't old classic, but is classic, and Carlos mentions how the roots of this music inspired some of the greats that he honors.

Tinariwen & Carlos Santana: "Tinariwen perform 'Amasskoul' with special guest Carlos Santana at the Montreux Jazz Festival." I believe that this took place 10 July '06.
This is a slow-n'-steady song-- Tinariwen also gets deeply into other more intense guitar modes- here I think they are stepping back for Carlos to take the lead (who wouldn't?!). I love Carlos' movement at about 4:07 and his face about 4:37! He's deep in the groove and loving playing with these guys.

I had the honor of experiencing Tinariwen live not long after I'd been part of a posse of folks helping out at benefit show in SF to raise funds for those helping nomadic people in Niger- I posted a bit about that experience below, for anyone interested.

From something I wrote a mutual friend recently:

I saw Tinariwen live not long after being involved with/helping out at a Niger Benefit show in San Francisco November 2005. Was amazing to see Tinariwen do what they do-- I'd been following them for a bit, knew what amazing people they are. Also amazing was meeting and talking at the benefit show with Leslie Clark ( ) founder of The Nomad Foundation. Leslie was to be a recipient of the funds raised by the benefit, and she was deeply touched and astounded by the event- which to her happened out of the blue- she had not solicited help from anyone involved, rather she was found because of the work she's been quietly doing, mostly on her own. She lives in Niger half the year to work with people there. Was great meeting someone DOING something so positive (as well as meeting the amazing people that came together for the benefit.) Leslie was speaking about the ways they have to do things to help in Niger-- like, they cannot buy or bring in bags of rice-- the gov. seizes it to sell and pocket the money. So she will hire kids to buy rice one bowl at a time in order get food in bulk to the nomadic people that need it... one bowl at a time bags are filled to be given out. Much of what is done to help is done as covertly as possible. Help includes setting up wells and helping people create businesses- building physical structures that can help support these grass roots business, such as art, by being a place where things can be constructed and stored.

One thing that triggered the benefit was Leslie's sharing with a friend a tragedy she had experienced- Leslie had been back in the states after a recent trip to Niger. An artist she works with in Niger, who had become a friend, called late one night, after the '05 drought had hit hard and fast with the locust swarms eating anything left that was green-- in turn starving the livestock the nomads did have. He shared the news that in the short window of time since they had last seen each other, his wife had died of starvation. In case you are not clear on why he didn't get in touch with Leslie sooner, it's that there isn't the technology of communication devices or quick transportation to such technology available in the environment we are talking about. And news of such world events from "third world" countries is slow to hit the media until it's news-worthy, meaning after things turn tragic.

More things of interest on the topic here:

NY Times article: Journeys- In Niger, Using Vacation to Help the World’s Poor:
Tinariwen: ; ;
Nomadic Culture on Not many recent posts, but a lot of info on Nomadic Culture (including music events) from these past few years.
The benefit- and more nomadic info:
October 9, 2007 Touaregs massacred in Niger. This is from Tinariwen's manager in the UK:
Dear Friends, There is terrible news coming out of Niger, where the FAN (Forces Armée du Niger) are pursuing a government backed policy of terrorizing and harassing innocent civilians, in a bid to quell a Touareg uprising led by the new rebel group, the MNJ (Mouvement des Nigériens pour la Justice). Please read below for two officially unconfirmed reports of recent civilian massacres.
Many thanks for your interest. More news to follow. Best Regards, Andy Morgan.
Music makes a difference in so many lives...
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2007: 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

From: :

101 Dumbest Moments in Business
Ah, what a dumb year it was! Fortune chose the absolutely dumbest of the dumb that the gods of fate and humor delivered into our laps - and yours - this past year.

Includes such gems as:

2. Eli Lilly
Thank God. We've been so worried since Lucky dyed his hair jet black and started listening to the Smiths.
Eli Lilly wins FDA approval to put Prozac into chewable, beef-flavored pills to treat separation anxiety in dogs.

5. Stanley O'Neal
Payback is a bitch
In August and September, as his company is racking up the largest quarterly loss in its 93-year history, Merrill Lynch CEO Stanley O'Neal squeezes in 20 rounds of golf, including three rounds on three different courses in a single day. In October, O'Neal announces his "retirement," walking away with a compensation package valued at $161.5 million.

50. The Defense Department
Makes you wonder what it would cost to ship a million German screws
Exploiting a flaw in a Defense Department purchasing system, South Carolina parts supplier C&D Distributors rakes in $20.5 million in shipping fees on just $68,000 in sales. The scheme is finally detected when a Pentagon clerk spots a $969,000 bill for shipping two 19-cent washers to an Army base in Texas.

68. Thomas the Tank Engine
Sir Topham Hatt was very cross indeed
Illinois-based RC2 Corp., maker of Thomas the Tank Engine toys, recalls 1.5 million of the wooden trains because of excessive levels of lead in their paint (see Mattel). Consumers who return the tainted toys are then sent free boxcars, some of which are recalled three months later for the same reason.

73. Easy-Bake Ovens
Hasbro quickly files suit against all 278 kids
In February, Hasbro announces a recall of nearly one million Easy-Bake Ovens after 29 children get their fingers stuck inside, some suffering severe burns. Five months later the company is forced to reissue the recall after receiving reports on 249 additional incidents, 77 involving burns, including one that required a partial finger amputation.

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Joshua Tree Music Fest May 08 ♪ Lineup Announced

May 16-18, 2008 Joshua Tree Music Festival in CA

♫ More to be added soon. ♫ Early Bird tix on sale now $60 (+ $10/night camping) ♫

Ivan Nevilles' Dumpstaphunk ♪
On the One ♪
The Afromotive ♪
Dubconscious ♪
Telepath ♪
Dusty Rhodes & The River Band ♪
B-Side Players ♪
Flowmotion ♪
Lynx ♪
Sol Jibe ♪
Amy Lavere ♪
Mojow & The Vibration Army ♪

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