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The emporers clothes.

about me
I always have music in my head and if you sneak up on me you might catch me making funny noises with my mouth. I've been told that I'm a damn good mimic (close your eyes and I'll put a tiger in your ear:)

I love to make people laugh and stories hypnotize me.

I am not as smart as some (no matter how I might put on airs) but I have a pretty good heart in me.

I am kinda shy most of the time, but I have bonfires of courage.

My heroes are Martin Luthar King Jr, Thich Quang Duc and my grandmother Elana.
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Rambling on...

Its an art auction, its a dance party, its a benefit for homeless children ( Its all that AND......a bag of chips.

PLUS.. I will be debuting a WHOLE new incarnation of my musical shmorgishborg. Along with my partner in crime Alex, we will be unleashing the new and improved "Stochastic Music Labs" experiment. Its funky, its, cute, its fun and I guarantee you will dance :)

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1458 San Bruno
San Francisco, CA
Fri, December 12, 2008 - 6:28 PM permalink - 0 comments
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originally published at Brushing the Mirror
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