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Tempus Fugit...

   Sun, June 22, 2008 - 10:40 PM
...I must be having fun!
It hasn't involved being on tribe much though. I don't know what it is. An astrologer recently told me after looking at my chart that she could see how I might not be inclined to get terribly excited about technology and the internet the way that some people do. I much prefer communicating face to face. Writing is great in a way, because it's just you- a complete thought put out there, uninterrupted. It can be a way to go deeper, pausing to carefully select each word. I recently acquired a new phone and in the last month I've used up a little less than an hour and a half of time on it. I tend to use my phone to make a plan to see someone face to face and talk then. I want to see your face so that I can watch your gestures, hear the inflections in your voice, and you can see all of this in me as well. A conversation has a life of it's own. And although I may censor myself in talking with you depending on our relationship, the opposite may also be true. Especially if we trust each other, our interaction can become like mirrors being held up so that we can see our true selves, perhaps even more so than we might alone. Being witnessed with empathy can be powerful. And why not? Why shouldn't we be more real, more alive when in the company of people who love us? How much of who we are really exists as some completely separate entity anyway? Buddhist's will tell you none, and a fair number of scientists today would nod their heads in agreement. We exist *in relationship*, to each other, and to the more-than-human world around us.
That being said however...
I am interested in the cares and concerns of my friends, some of whom have taken to doing the sort of uninterrupted complete thought writing that I mentioned, on a fairly regular basis. And I want to hear those words too. Another friend leaves tomorrow for a new life in Hawaii. I have in the past lost touch with people that I cared about, and regretted it. I don't want that to happen again.
So I'm here. I'm writing. I can't promise you daily blogs, that's for sure. But I'll try not to let a year go by before I update my page again!

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Mon, June 23, 2008 - 1:06 PM
Good to see you, Douglas. :)

Looking forward to more.

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