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gr00vy posted a photo:

Entering TANGENT!

yes way.

Mon, August 18, 2008 - 11:16 AM permalink
originally published at Uploads from gr00vy
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wishes de amazon

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"communal living in the heart of the Guatemalan highlands..."
"take an hour for yourself"
"amazing 'outsider folk art'"
"If he don't get yer booty movin' there's something wrong with you."
"genius sweaters!"
"Volunteering never felt so good."
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the goods

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squeezing time

Sun, June 21, 2009 - 12:49 PM permalink
Fri, May 29, 2009 - 12:46 PM permalink
Tue, May 26, 2009 - 12:42 PM permalink
originally published at squeezing time.
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i talk to plants. and monitors.

i forgot about tribe since it doesn't have a blackberry app.

anyone still here?

also - how does amazon know? on tribe's front page there's an amazon advertising box - for some reason, amazon thinks i'm interested in knitting and books by ed rosenthal (for those of you in the know, you know who ed rosenthal is - otherwise, investigate).

and finally - it looks like Ilianowear is *still* advertising its hideous clothing here - and crawling up to the times - finally getting over that to... read more
Mon, August 3, 2009 - 10:04 AM permalink - 7 comments
so, you know the adage, "If you build it they will come?"

well, Michael got a wild hankering to start working on the chicken coop, and then someone he works with had too many...


so, Roy came to join us but he's all alone in his new coop wondering "where my bitches at?"

we need some hens.

in lieu, we decided it would be kind of fun to see what would happen with a box of chicks. for fun, there are also two baby ducks in that box. We'll have to keep them in the house wit... read more
Tue, February 17, 2009 - 3:04 PM permalink - 4 comments
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kind words

March 22, 2008
this girl has mojo, moxie, guts, sense, and heart! dori sets her ground rules up front and lives with admirable integrity. she is forthright and honest in her communication, generous with her attention and her thoughts. she is considerate of others while maintaining a strong voice, an intense individual presence, a truly courageous level of disclosure, and deep compassionate eye contact. she'll matter - of - factly reach across a chasm of time and pull you right into the moment before you know what's what!

dori is an exquisite vessel for a sweet and powerful soul. she inspires many with her words, actions, art, and beauty. i thank her for joining us in this flesh, blood, time and place.
March 7, 2008
Dori is so easy to enjoy. I have been blessed with sharing delicious time with this sweet and lovely lady. Her talents, especially in writing, amaze me and inspire me. She delivers a raw and refreshing honesty in her presence that I highly value. It is an honor to witness the multi-faceted beauty that Dori shines forth. Take notice folks as we have been lucky to welcome home a powerful woman who is in process of blowing up Portland with inspiration and integrity. :)
February 29, 2008
What I love, respect and appreciate about Dori is her general sense of fearlessness, her fierce realness, total expression of authenticity at all times, and her deep connection to the cosmic / psychic forces within the universe and yet total repugnance for the egoic attempts of mankind to box them in and narrow them into cultural cliches. I perceive Dori to be a strong woman who can withstand the presences of lethal spiders and scorpions while high on peyote, who picks up sacred feather signs in magical forests still inhabited by indigenous tribes. She will fearlessly abandon herself to her gypsy journey and plant herself fully where she is and be in acceptance of that; whether that means buying a hostel in guatemala, getting a job at bookstore in asheville, taking advantage of the magic moment of her birthday in new mexico, or rooting herself in her community of friends here in Portland.. I have long loved reading her blogs and writings about her journey, and am always amazed by her expression of rawness and truth of feeling. She lives fully and allows herself to bask in vulnerability and misery when time calls for it. I see her power and her journey through all the layers to find it.. Blessings to you, a true many layered Human Being.
November 15, 2007
you have a hagen das coming, lady ;)
October 30, 2007
so many morning's when i need something encouraging, funny, beautiful or true. I always check out Dori's blog and never fail to be amazed.

Thank you for exactly who you are. Your presence on this earth is, perfectly what it needs to be.
July 11, 2006
I have only met Dori once,
however I feel I know her....
She'll respond to one of my blogs
every now and then.
I very much enjoy
getting to read bout her life
through the many blogs
bout of San Pedro

; )
May 21, 2005
This woman is a beast of luscious beauty and is chock full of profound wisdom. That, and she will put you in your place if you even THINK of talking out of line (unless of course your yappin' East Coast style and then she'll let it go.) I adore her, I can't get enough of her amazing writing, and even though all her clothes and furniture is in a storage unit in NYC she has amazing STYLE! (Suck it up Dori, it's true and you F__ing know it.) She's as close to a 10 as it gets. XXXXOOO - zz
January 24, 2005
If age didn't matter, we might be more than friends,
but I enjoy this goddesses energy anytime I'm around her.
Her smile sucks me in and doesn't let go.
A reflection of my sarcastic/cynical side, we share a sense of humor in our hippie community that is at times under appreciated,
but always respected.
Peace Love Light
and Blessings to this Beautiful Being
November 24, 2004
I thank my lucky stars every day that Dori relocated to the Left coast. We need more of her no-bullshit-takin smart-talkin go-gettum types out here. That said, I do believe that Dori needed more hugs and aura treatments, so it's probably best for her over here, too.
June 22, 2004
One reason why this girl is cool is her ability to communicate, no bullshit and honest.

Dori, one of my favorite and funniest memories includes you. I'd laugh with you any day.
February 25, 2004
dori is stunning. And I don't mean the skin deep kind of stun. Her personality regularly lights up the whole of Brooklyn. She's kind and she kicks ass. She never stops exploring or sharing so much of herself with the rest of the world. We all benefit. Thank you dori!
February 23, 2004
dori is sas and more sas, with a hot ass.. :)
December 9, 2003
I met Dori in a market in New York. I was just another customer off the street, but she showed me an amazing openness and willingness to connect. We've been in and out of touch for years now, and I am still impressed. She and her lovely man opened their (stunning) loft to me on a recent visit to Brooklyn, providing for me a wonderfully unique NY experience. She is an amazingly talented, sweet and beautiful woman.
October 9, 2003 ......makes beautiful monster....loves animals(lucky for me)......i've personally witnessed the tequilla consumption........make sure there are high backs on the chairs and that they are bolted down securely..........that's if you can get her "bootae" off the dance floor...... you know what's good musically( or if you're an adequate d.j.) by whether dori is up or down........................................................................she rocks.
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