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I am all over the place everywhere and nowhere. I am a generally happy and outgoing personality with a flair for overstating the very obvious. I love to laugh and help others laugh at the sometimes cruel absurdities of life. I enjoy music with all my soul and love dancing and singing. I play guitar, drums and piano none perfectly but none badly. I try to live a spiritual life while enjoying the physical world at the same time. I love using words like simultaneously and nonetheless just to sound smart. I love the dark side of life but I really don't usually stay there too long because I always end up laughing and ruining it for everyone! I have 2 pet rats (Celest Jade and Misty Rose) Rats are very intelligent animals and quite affectionate as well. I just hate when I'm trying to sleep and they sit on my face!!! I love having friends over and making food for them. .. even when they decide to be on starvation diets~! Anyway, My life is one of randomness and total cliche.. but I love it!! Wanna Play?
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