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What they say about me...

March 13, 2007

Or DTLB for short.

If you ever meet this amazing lady, you will remember her as one of the more seriously gifted goofballs in this quadrant of the Western Spiral arm of the Milky Way. She has the gift of gab, and can shake that snow ski toned ass with the best of them. She'll make you laugh until your sides are aching, and then make you laugh some more. She has a very powerful mischievous twinkle in her eye that can coax you into doing things you'd rather not admit the next day. But when you wake up hungover and spinning, wondering where you are and where half of your clothes have got to, she'll be right by your side, limping back to some semblance of consciousness...ever so gently suggesting that last night was just a warm up for festivities tonight. And if things get really rocky, or if you're ever in trouble, she'll be there before you've hung up the phone.

Lora is just an all around, kick ass friend to have and I feel very luck to know her.

So BOW DOWN, to LORA BROWN, bitches!!!

...Lo Pan has spoken...
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