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multifaceted mirrors

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gaze between reality and dreams.URDIVINE

about me
I am creature of light..that is having a human experience..ya know just like EVERYONE!!This is all a dream and i can be the dreamer.SO CAN YOU!WE ARE ALL ONE..
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Waking dreams

Film: "Earthling
( miscellaneous » other ) "if i had doubts before" i dont have any now....This is very educational..and disturbing.Makes me feel kind of be human..knowing that on a large scale we have accepted and still accept this is Normal behavior. MASS Denile is a powerful thing.... Guess ill stop e... read more
recommendation posted on Fri, January 19, 2007 - 3:08 AM
walkin in city
( miscellaneous » other ) "Is this some special day i dont know about .." This is the 3rd butt..Ive seen posted on tribe today...all 3 just this veiw....seems appreciate Butts.
BUTTT i mwondering... WTF, the deal is..Are we haveing a butt contest today? No one told me..heheheh
recommendation posted on Wed, December 20, 2006 - 9:48 PM
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dreams musings of aglowing peaceODUST

she wakes from dreams
to the dream within the dream within the dream
tis all an illusion
a test
mirror book
infinitely turning pages
with in cycles
wheels within wheels
the nothingness wishes itself to be everything
Eye see it
we are the sages of the
endless dream of nothingness
glimpses.. random thoughts of the divine dreamer..
the eyes which views and creates endless possibilities
nothing dreams everything 11 11
tis like a symphony..
frequency..... read more
Sat, September 20, 2008 - 10:14 PM permalink - 0 comments
the words hid inside her head..
because she couldn't speak them..
shit she couldn't even look at them.
tucked them safe away in the tattered red velvet box
with just a slot in the top..
anything that goes in..never comes out..
peeling away layers
The ego
the mask
masks covering masks
so many..
all part of the same...
each a lesson..
a step in evolution
baby steps..then 3 steps back..
the the Brat..
Broken chard's of the divine mirror
reflections of truth in all its ma... read more
Sat, September 13, 2008 - 1:56 PM permalink - 2 comments
Most days she is like a very consious of itself focussed inferno..
with the imagining of itself to brightly illuminate..and project LoVe
sometimes she forgets and burns it all up..
she keeps those around her warm
conduit of fire energy....
by its very nature heats it up..
dancing flame moves to the music and the suddle nuancles
fire under shy peoples asses..
we are all beautiful unique indivisulas yet

ALL one..
she is infatuated with the Sun...
and she burns for her mutha moon in... read more
Sun, July 6, 2008 - 2:10 AM permalink - 1 comment
There are many layers..
there are many facets and nuances...
potential is vast...
the past is not here....
now is allWAys NowHERE.
even tho i know theres NO time..
theres not much time....
blue star is coming.
so SPREAD da LOVE...
tis like a rainbow bridge...
the non exsistant time i speak of is moving faster...
towards.something my meaty brain cannot comprehend..
but i feel it..there..
it covers me in a blue light whilst i dream it...
there are many layers..
many places whic... read more
Wed, July 2, 2008 - 1:33 PM permalink - 3 comments
we r like perfectly unique snowflake gears
spinning infinitely together.
our hearts are like magnets
bringing us together then repelling us again
Allways spinning
allways changing.
.allways learning
perfect snowflake stars ...
with magnet hearts WE ARE!!

Eye love you guys!!!
Muah muah muah!!
Thu, June 26, 2008 - 6:04 PM permalink - 2 comments
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My Testimonials

February 24, 2008
such a joy... I am constantly reminded of the whimsical ideals of this life..
thanks to your gift of bringing those around you to NOW!
May 22, 2007
She is my Light, my Love.. She is ME, the very best parts!!! She is AMAZING, an Angel, muse, artist, clown, faerie.. She is Everything and Nothing. Eternal Light manifesting magnificently! So grateful to have found you here in the land of form, dear girl. May we be so close for all time. LOVE LOVE LOVE, ~mina
April 2, 2007
I believe that you just so happen to be the beacon of Sunday (period). Thank you so very much for recognizing in us what we recognize in you.

forms of the formless
sight of the seen

~+>just in time
March 31, 2007
She goes by many names, she knows how to play all the popular games, her heart hides no shame, she ceases the day again and again, her sparkling sprite beckons me so bright, in the darkness does her true might light........ Theresa Clownen I cant wait to see you again, you serve me the best kava i have ever had....
XOXO Kevin Heaven
March 23, 2007
Happy Birthday Super T!

You're such a sweet, wonderful and good firey soul in the world!

It's a genuine pleasure to know you beautiful woman



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