Internal Blogg.

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I shall sleep to this : tonight.
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I wish I could go to this.

I'm a Mike Oldfield junkie.
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Need I not say more?

" I wanna know everything, I wanna be every where" I wanna fuck everyone in the world. I wanna do something that matters"

And all that stuff.


New stuff.

And all .......................whatever................

What say you?
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I just found out a few things today.......

I was doing some research on Jaco today and found out a few things I did not know.
I went to wikipedia and found this:

"Josef Zawinul, Jaco's former Weather Report bandmate, died on September 11, 2007; 20 years to the day of the assault that led to Jaco's death. (September 21, 1987)"

I also found out he has children. I think 2 sons and a daughter.

The daughter by the way is pretty damn FINE.

The sons, for the ladies, most likely are good looking too though I have not taken the time to go check.

The Jaco site is still being worked on but can be found @

The wiki is definitly worth looking into also as Jaco had one interesting life and death.

I miss Jaco!
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Macheads and PC-heads alike will like this!

First Apple-Authorized Tablet Mac Shipped

Axiotron's Modbook offers 512 levels of pressure sensitivity to achieve a level of precision needed in creating and editing digital art.

By Antone Gonsalves
January 2, 2008 03:22 PM

Axiotron has released to retailers its Apple-authorized tablet Mac, which targets artists and design-oriented professionals.

Axiotron's Modbook is a modified MacBook running Mac OS X that has had its screen and keyboard severed and replaced with the tablet screen.

The Modbook, which started shipping Dec. 31, uses a pen-sensitive LCD slate-style display from Wacom for onscreen writing and drawing. Axiotron unveiled the Modbook a year ago at Macworld.

The Modbook pen offers 512 levels of pressure sensitivity to achieve a level of precision needed in creating and editing digital art, the company said. The computer comes pre-installed with Mac OS X Leopard, officially OS X 10.5, and is powered by a 2.0 GHz or a 2.2 GHz Intel (NSDQ: INTC) Core 2 Duo processor. The device uses Leopard's built-in Inkwell software for handwriting recognition.

The tablet has a 13.3-inch screen, a built-in iSight Webcam, a global positioning system, and a CD/DVD combo drive. The computer also has built-in support for Bluetooth and 802.11n Wi-Fi. It has a triple layer of metal plating, including nickel over copper and topped with chrome, and is available in standard satin or optional mirror finish.

The Modbook is a modified MacBook with its screen and keyboard severed and replaced with a tablet screen. The device, which is available through Axiotron resellers, has a suggested retail price starting at $2,290. The computer will be shown at Macworld 2008 in San Francisco, Jan. 15-18.

Bloggers have been chattering for months about the possibility of Apple releasing its own tablet Mac or an ultra-mobile computer. Others have also speculated that the company may be readying a handheld device that would be separate from the iPod Touch or iPhone.

On the Windows side of the market, Dell (Dell) last month released its first tablet PC, saying that businesses were ready to consider more flexible types of computers for employees. The Latitude XT weighs 3.5 pounds and features a 12.1-inch daylight-viewable display for indoor and outdoor use.
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Ok, What'd I do?

So I got a little crazy.

It's the "NEW YEAR".


Tribe is the only place I will let my hair down.

I get stoopid from time to time on the internet. Not often but after all, it is NEW YEARS.

No resolution but I will try to post as much as possible on this and the white blogg, what is on my mind this year.


I see a need to do this.

The security is a little too tight on the DIGICAST INTERNATIONAL site. I shall work on this but not today as it is......I'm too fucked up.


I am working on some API's right now that could be beneficial to the web.
I will not give details. only by PM. . If there are any programmers or developers out there that have the spare time, I could use the help.
I am going to stick to, as much as possible, to the WWW standard as per the hate doing this)

Seems my colleagues think I should use the industry standard. Sooooooo, Digicast International will use the standard up to a point.

I am not going to stifle the creativity that is necessary for progress with Digicast.

Please post anything you think is necessary you think could help Digicast.

Thanks and have a more than HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Real time Tribe, 2008. What does it mean?

I've functioned in real time all my life.

This is the way it is this year.

What say you?
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To all Artists, Musicians, and Writers.

There is now "The White Blogg".

You know what that means.

Put your best foot foward.
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So now there is a way for Tribers to communicate when Tribe goes down today and there after.

Just go to

It took me 3 weeks to get the parts, servers and no help to set up 3 redundant servers just in case one or more servers goes down and a laptop just in case worse comes to worse. We just need to find out what load the servers can handle so we can get a grip.
Not gonna get into too many details but the backend is "Plone". (if you dont know what that is, dont worry. it aint important.)

As of now anyone can PM me if they want to join or go to the site and register (Just dont check the "email me my password" box. I've been working on this all night and I am tired right now. Dont feel like setting that up right now.)

or email "playacast" at gmail......

The site design is still under development and will have a chat, longdistance phone and other services including a photo album, fileshare, audio and video streaming.

Any artists that want to upload art or music or any other files are welcome to do so. Anyone that wants to help in the design or just suggest anything, IS MORE THAN WELCOME TO DO SO.

It's only for the serious.


I'm going to bed.
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