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December 14, 2004


Okay... here's another of my "Christian Rap Tunes" for my Sistah Diva:

Total Heart...
Always close by, not apart...
How loving and kind...
She's beautiful and divine....
Keeps God in mind...
Day, night... all the time...
Always on fire, happy, go lucky... again...
Always there... my true best friend.

December 14, 2004
Let me tell you about Sandy. Although in front of a lot of people she giggles and is totaly timid. Don't let that fool you. Sandy is the most brave and heartfelt woman I have ever met. Don't let her go off on you cause' she will hit you at the core of your heart and half the time she does not even know she is doing it. She even hits me when she is not goin' off. She is truly a wonderful person and I am glad to have her. Sandy you truly are the book of Acts!!!!! But don't act up too much honey. She's tryin' to go on sleigh rides HE HE HE!!!!!!!!
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I'm a Godly Woman of God, A Woman after God's Heart.... I'm inspirational and faithful...
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