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Who? Wha'?

about me
Adores the Music.... in all its wondermentalismical, myriad, whimsical varieties.

Singing, yawping, howling, pounding upon drums and guitars, burping into didges......Jammin' in operatic
rock'n'rootsaroll style.

I also enjoy: food, sleep, love and the occasional nightcap.... and dancing, so much dancing.

Was Scottish by birth and blood and upbringing, but got Canadianed by time, chance, love and fortune's favour.

And I am very, very happy to be here...
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My Testimonials

February 15, 2006
MacKinnon is such a conduit of great vibrations at a high frequency that you'll have trouble turning him down. He is nearly all ways on and shines so brilliantly when he is!!

You will feel his heart beating every time he shares his sound.

I am honoured and grateful to consider this man a friend.
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