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Removing Glans

   Sun, July 3, 2011 - 5:33 AM
It has been sometimes since my last entry. Well so much as happened. First, my scrotum is healing nicely, thank you. I got into 2 play areas recently. The first was Hanging and the second was glans removal.

On the first: everyone agrees that hanging done alone is dangerous. I however, overlooked that. I got a pulley and a hook into the ceiling and tied the noose and jumped. I did this a few times. I almost fainted twice. the rope leaves a mark and my face gets numb sometimes. I did this for someone else.

Second: glans removal. Two men online have been wanting me to remove my dick or cut it in half for weeks now. Well yesterday, i finally got down to it. I had my exacto knife and a towel and started cutting.....
guess what? its not as easy as you might think. Remember i cut my scrotum and that was a sinch. But the dick head? No way. I start by puncturing the head just under the crown and then moved forward with the cutting. the knife would not move. Turns out that the glans tissue is quite strong. It can withstand a knife cutting into it. I tried for 30 minutes, hitting 15 different points on my dick, lots of blood spurting out. Nothing. I pushed the blade into my cock and moved to the right to cut and resistance.

Results: i realized that i am sexual addicted to performing for others. the idea to hang was not mine, but once i started i couldnt stop. first it was a belt on my neck and through the door jamb and hanging, then i got a pulley system on the ceiling and jumping off a stool, HIGHLY DANGEROUS, actually i just slipped off the stool. i didnt do any of this for myself, it was for someone else. That is fucked. it should be for me. so i am pathetic.

Next: when someone tells you that they have cut a dick head or done some kind of cock or ball mutilation. don't believe them so quickly. they sound great. they know how, but the actual act..i doubt it. WHY? because, i was cutting my cock head and everyone said it was easy. I thought i would just put a few serious cuts on it, some small separations. It was way harder than that.
It is not easy to cut the glans. It will put up a fight. It takes time. No way it will take 5 minutes.

So i have put cock and ball play altogether on hold.

Oh, I have been doing sounds and i got a ribbed sound that was a 16 gauge. it has a pee hole in it. i pushed it in all the way. How beautiful it is.

My future play is to insert the sound and either leave the tip hanging out or push the tip of the sound into the glans and sew the piss slit shut or sew around it to keep it inside...

So what is everyone else up to?

And yes men, are still asking me to remove my nuts. I have 2 guys who want me to remove it. One is the original cut guy who got me to cut my nut sack before and the other is a guy into similar play. I checked it out. cutting the nut out is not easy either. these guys say, just cut the cord and clamp it and sew it together.

Have you seen a cord, it is a bundle of cords. It's not just one. Well of course, I wasnt going to do it, but as you know i am addicted to pleasing others...But no, its still there....does anyone have thoughts about castration and how it is really done..please post responses..

well there it is. I am on pause now.

looking for other play that does not involve cock or balls...any one have suggestions? any ideas on how to torture the butthole?



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Sun, July 3, 2011 - 5:12 PM
Romoving Glans
If you really want to remove your glans try something sharper than an Exacto knife. I used a double edge razor blade to do my glans liberation and it cut like butter. If you try to remove your glans it in one session be prepared for lots of blood unless you cauterize or use stitches.
Tue, October 29, 2013 - 8:46 PM
Please stop mutilating your dick, men
You only get one penis. It's hard enough to find a man with a good one. Once you cut it up, remove the glands, split it in half, it is useless for fucking. Isn't that what your penis is for? Think about it. Get some OCD medication, counseling, or a hobby. Make at, sculpture, metal work, welding. .. There are so many ways to keep yourself busy other than tearing up your dick. BTW, have you heard of MRSA, superbugs, infections that can't heal? Do you think that split dick guy managing on the video looks happy? Hell no. People that are mutilated want others to do the same, because they regret doing it, and seek others to join their misery. You won't be able to satisfy yourself or your partner with a dick that's cut in half or with the top cut off.
Sun, September 21, 2014 - 11:32 PM
Hey Momo!
We ain't got no GLANDS on our penis! It is called a glans. Do everyone a favor and look it up!!!