A Sybian Alternative - Dewalt 18v Cordless Concrete Vibrator DC530KA $589

Much cheaper than a Sybian, more powerful, and more versatile. Uses handy 18 volt rechargable batteries.

(UM: clue to the clueless: this is NOT appropriate for use as a sex-toy, at least not off-the-shelf!)

However: The repetitive stress injury form of Vibration White Finger is typically caused by using vibrating tools. Holding a vibrating workpiece is another cause. There are several risk factors and hazards that can increase the likelihood of developing Vibration White Finger when performing one of these actions.
Risk Factors for Developing Vibration White Finger

Vibrations between 2-500 Hz
Vibrations between 5-20 Hz are
Using a tight grip
Prolonged exposure without breaks
Direct exposure without personal protective equipment
Large area of the hands exposed
Poor circulation (due to cold, tobacco use, poor cardiovascular health, etc.)
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