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National Fire Performance Championship -Texas Regional 2008 Championships to be held September 26, 2008 at Mountain Breeze Campground on the Guadalupe River near New Braunfels Texas $80 per entrant gets 2 nights camping and tubing and an opportunity to compete for cash prizes, performance gear, and professional gigs! Competitors and Spectators Welcome Cash Prizes Fire and Perfomance tools and costuming prizes Opportunities for performance contracts to begin touring nationally in winter 2008 Event Categories Include: Male and Female twin single meteor fire poi Male and Female double meteor fire poi Male and Female fire staff Male and Female twin fire staff Male and Female 3 sectional fire staff Male and Female twin fire batons Male and Female twin double meteor fire poi Male and Female Fire Rope Dart Male and Female triple meteor fire poi Male and Female Fire sphere juggling Male and Female Fire Torch/club juggling Male and Female Fire sphere contact juggling Male and Female fire levitation Male and Female fire hoop Male and Female fire whip Male and Female fire sword Male and Female twin fire swords Male and Female fire lasso Male and Female fire rope Male and Female fire costume dance 2 person fire routine- female/female , male/male , male/female 3+ person fire Custom/original fire tools performance single meteor poi= a single chain with a single fire meteor......a meteor refers to a single ball of fire "Single meteor poi" are what most refer to as regular poi and commonly used as a twin set. What most refer to as "regular poi" are actually "twin single meteor poi". Double meteors are a single chain or rope with a meteor at each end. Twin Double meteors would be two of these used in tandem.
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2008 National Fire Performance League Championship- Texas Regional ( events » arts ) To be held Sept. 26 , 2008 at Mountain Breeze Campground in New Braunfels , Tx. on the Guadalupe River. Activities include a World Class Fire Performance Championship , Amateur Fire Performance Championship , Tubing/Rafting on the Guadalupe River ... read more
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Hello fellow fire fanatics!
This is an automated reply. Please join our tribe and stay tuned for updates on the upcoming NFPL Championship and tubing campout to be held Sept 26-28th on the beautiful Guadalupe River in New Braunfels ,Texas.

We are currently seeking DJs who may wish to promote themselves by providing music for the competition in exchange for the spotlight. We will need a link to review their music and their contact info. If you intend to use an independent DJ or band for y... read more
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