Elysian Fields

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Walk With You

   Mon, September 14, 2009 - 6:40 PM
The sky like a protective womb surrounds us in sound
My eyes open webbed lashes
Stuck together in heart pieces blown.
To forget my feet attached to legs- earthly things.
Even the light can touch what is buried beneath.
The way a spoonful of sun,
Casts a glow vast on horizon.
Where the ground stretches, dancing away from sky
Escaping from the story so many suns ago
Ground down by my own mind
My own unwilling heart plugged

The one who loved me back
The one I loved
We tried so hard to decide right
And lost one another despite it
Even after weighing every failed attempt at closeness against
an unknown future on the opposite scale.
And other stories of ghosts that missed this bliss
And continue drilling into oblivion
And keep suffering from not enough
The soul’s night carpets truth and locks up freedom.
To shut out the sound of this love.

Tap me free from the chamber
Will all the parts come out,
And how did they all fit in there in the beginning?
The shattered fact of me continuing
To reach across the canyon.
To where my father has been.
To where the healers go
When all is stitched back again and.
Liberated bruised and blistered from the story.
In the end there was no canyon to cover it was
A spiritual surrendering
A heart’s language to discover.

The day lifts all on to its fire soaked shoulders
And extinguishes shadows even sometimes the doubt
What was a rut becomes tracks one across the other
That fade when spirit holds up the rays.
With no maker of light in sight
Faith is a craft of sacrifice.
I can say I’ve been there too.
And I’ll walk with you.

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Mon, September 14, 2009 - 9:01 PM
"Love is a fog that burns away with the first daylight of reality "

- Charles Bukowski .

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