And mind of child...

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Pledge Against Socialism!

I, as an outstanding Republican warrior fighting against "socialism" in America, do hereby vow the following:

Places I will no longer visit:

National Parks
State Parks
City Parks
Public Libraries
Any sporting event stadium funded with public funds

I will never again travel on:

City streets
The Interstate Highway System
Public transit

National Defense divisions no longer required to protect my family:

Air Force
National Gaurd

Benefits I will no longer accept:

VA loans
Pell Grants
Social Security
Farm Subsidies

Services I will no longer use:

U.S. Patent Office
Local Police service
Local Fire service
911 emergency phone service
State colleges
Community colleges
Public schools
Air Traffic Control
Municipal garbage service!
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unfuckingbelievable, again!

that's right, another stunning display of surreal anti-logical-ness, this morning the endlessly unhelpful california DMV greeted me with the following notice:

the cdmv is now closed the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd friday of every month. O_o

words are incapable of describing the seething contempt flowing through my veins.

that's right, closing on the weekends wasn't possibly unbelievable enough...we are now here to serve you an astonishing *17* days per calender month, so go fuck yourself...oh, wait, my bad, monday is labor day - so make that 16 days. didn't mean to exaggerate there...

my registration renewal is going to cost me $300 goddamn dollars, if i can ever be allowed the holy privilege of paying it. FUCK THIS SHIT, how much can the ticket possibly be?

see also:
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now that's a little more like it...

just shot 6 commercial spots for some dating websites, and i have to say, this was a straight up cakewalk compared to the shit i normally deal with for money. omfg, if i could do this once a month, i would be totally stress free, fat and happy.

the first 2 days mostly involved quick changing seamless backdrops in a studio and matching them to wardrobe, talent, etc. in various combinations. we did a couple things with a keyboard on a desk, but hardly anything to break a sweat over.

today was the shower scene, on location, and most of the higher-ups were nervous about the fogged glass and steam FX i had to worked perfectly, and we never had to reset it or even have the slightest glitch. which is important when you've got a nude actress in a full blast shower wearing platforms, balanced on an apple box to get her height correct - and the client rep is there eyeballing everything.

i kicked ass, the producer loved me, and i have a FAT check on the way.

everyone was super friendly and relaxed. the catering was fantastic, and i had plenty of downtime on-set to indulge...*burp*...even on 8 hour days. by contrast, the feature i worked on less than a year ago had the same size crew doing 25 setups on a 12 hour day compared to our 1 or 2 setups on an 8 hour day. for 4 days i didn't sleep, much less eat anything with the luxury of chewing it first...and i made twice the rate this everything went so smooth we wrapped before lunch.

my second career is actually happening....color me a corporate whore, but i could get used to this.
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so, i was in NY over the weekend, for my stepdad's 50th birthday (don't bother doing the math on that).

75 or so friends and family showed up from all corners to attend a brooklyn cyclones game in coney island. it was a truly fabulous time...and i do mean that. no, a minor league ball game is not my normal idea of a great saturday afternoon, but it really was perfect. we rented the party deck at the top of the stadium and the view was just totally unbeatable. and so was the weather. my dad was overjoyed. he also got a massage chair (he's been getting kicked out of the sharper image store for years) and an HD TV finally. nice gift.

normally i dread this type of thing, particularly being swarmed with relatives i haven't seen in a decade or two...and i'll be darned if the whole shindig wasn't just 100% enjoyable. complimentary food and beer also has a way of taking the edge off not being able to remember aunt sylvia's name at the right time.

and i had my camera with me to shield myself intermittently from air kisses and reiterating my life's progress in 50 words or less. mostly i was just digging the view and wanting to hit the midway and boardwalk, which seems to have been greatly revitalized since i'd been there last...maybe next time.

and i got a free hat and a t-shirt. a 100% organic cotton cyclones shirt in my preferred size. when did ballparks start giving away organic cotton? perplexing and wonderful at the same time...

my mom even got to patch things up with her old friend debi, they'd had a falling out, like, 15 years ago. so it just kept getting better and better...we ended up stopping at debi's coffee shop in ditmus park after the game (and fireworks), and chatting with her for awhile. she told us the bizarre story of how their statue of liberty replica was kidnapped by art terrorists and beheaded, and invited us to march across the brooklyn bridge with them the next day (we politely declined, i've had enough media swarms and long-distance walking in my life already).

in any case, the coffee shop was really cool. there was some shadow puppets going on when we arrived, and then some acoustic guitar. the place had a great vibe, very much a community hub and hangout. debi seems very much in her element there...

here's the coffee shop news:

here's the original kidnapping video:

also got to see my sister's apartment, which is lovely...spent sunday hanging out around the folks' house and resting. mom's doing really well, her craft stuff is taking off - she's gearing up to have a booth on one of the bigger craft show circuits, yay. and the house no longer looks like it's about to veer off into 'grey gardens' territory...i was beginning to worry a little.

brooklyn wins, 11-3. happy birthday, mitch.
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sorry, we're OPEN! - yes! we're CLOSED.

nice party. not bad for a thursday, anyways...

aside from the hundreds of glamorous attendees, there was a sweet dj/electric violinist combo, wine tasting, and one of the guys from 'heroes' showed up (and probably plenty of other celebs i couldn't even see). total madness. not exactly the type of shindig you can accomplish much networking at, but i'm sure it got a landslide of media coverage here in the bay area. in any case, i got tons of compliments on my work, and pretty much plowed on ketel one. good times.

my work is done there for the time being, but i have a feeling it'll come back around.

BEHOLD: The Memory Lounge is now open for business.
more pics:
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Re: cycle

i got laid off last friday. unceremoniously and unexpectedly let go. the folks over on treasure island have shot, and overshot, their financial load...serves them right for refusing to budget or plan anything on this huge, unorganized project, but serves me nothing but trouble.

it was a really cool project, but agonizing at times...i'm not cut out for babysitting half-hearted interns and clueless church group volunteers.

horribly underpaid for the position, even more so for all the collateral bullshit involved. but, the gigs are ramping up nicely in hindsight. each one more impressive than the last. there's some potential future potential with this company, although it involves me drawing some very distinct lines in the sand before going any further with them...

racked up massive experience points, scored fantastical portfolio shots, got my foot in with some well-connected people and am utterly exhausted. the opening event will be next week, where i will engage historical quantities of 'free' booze and distribute several hundred neatly printed business cards to the upper crust of SF's event and photography elite.

then it's off to NY for a couple days, attending a brooklyn cyclones game with the family in honor of my stepdad's 50th year on earth. good show.

mental note: in desperate need of a cat sitter. the kitty doesn't fall far from the 'hang in there' tree, she needs her meds twice a day just like daddy.

grateful for a few days to recover, terrified of returning to the freelance hunting grounds...*sigh*

made it out to alcatraz a couple weeks ago with magpie, my sister and her boyfriend. totally amazing. had no idea it would be so photogenic (or unrestricted!), it'll take some weeks to properly process all the photos. same goes for the work pics. watch this space, etc., etc...

oh man. gotta sift through my gear, clean the toxic filth out of my tools and my self, respectively. i see many loads of laundry and several long hot epsom salt baths in my near future...
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Astounding! True Tales of Idiocracy...

imagine my surprise pulling into the (nearly) empty DMV parking lot today.

i expect a long wait and a hassle from the DMV, or the post office, i'm not entirely stupid...but i don't expect it unless i'm actually *in there*.

in their infinite wisdom, the state of california has decided that the DMV is not a service that needs to be available to it's hardworking citizens over the weekend. never in my life have i lived ANYWHERE that the DMV is closed on a saturday. actually, it's sort of a running joke/urban wisdom that you simply do NOT go there on the weekend ***because there are so many people there***.

i'll give them the benefit of the doubt, simply because it will better illustrate their evil nature: i'm sure this has something to do with our hip, happening budget crisis. closing the office an additional day a week is a very rational, sensible way to trim some operating expenses.


can i get a tuesday? you mean to tell me it's more important for them to be open on tuesday? no, it's simply because the DMV employees get the entire weekend off, therefore forcing the majority of the state's population to MISS WORK at their own jobs, and their own expense, in order to get to the DMV.

i'm sure the 'nice' gentleman who kindly misinformed me about the length of my temporary permit's validity, therefore resulting in my driving around 2 full weeks (make it 3, now) with expired tags deserves his precious weekend off more than i deserve to work a full week to try and pay for this bullshit...i'm sure he'll be the first one to step up and offer to pay for the ticket if i get one.

you're going to charge me $300 for my registration, smog test, and plates, and then not even have the sense to be open on (what would be) the busiest day of the week? guess what? FUCK YOU.
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happy easter...

i have no chocolate.
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how now

gung hay fat choy...happy chinese new year.

last year (of the rat) sucked. now we have lucky best brown earth cow year!

i hope to focus on my own work this upcoming year, paintings in particular...and still manage to avoid eviction by any means necessary. not the best year coming up for my element chart, but not the worst either. we'll see...
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