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July 12, 2008
Ellen is a great friend and valued member of my tribe family. she is caring and compassionate, loving and generous and I wish there were more people like her, as the world would be a happier place, but she is rare and precious! Stay the way you are, you're brilliant! Love Michy
July 1, 2005
me wuv ewen
November 1, 2004
Ellen is fabulous. This needs no qualifiers. It also helps that she's a good cook. Her zine is great, check it out - "The Body of Christ is in my Sweat Hogs Lunchbox."
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boyz in da hood

My son is the product of the modern "blended" American family. He even has 5 gandmothers!!! (OK, three are actually step-grandmothers). Anyway, my son's family looks like this, as far as children are concerned:

He has 2 half-brothers

He has 3 male cousins on his father's side

He has 2 male cousins on his step-father's side (my husband)

He has 2 male cousins on my side, who are the lovely children of my sister.


I just found out I'm having a baby boy. What the hell d... read more
Thu, August 4, 2005 - 2:13 PM permalink - 4 comments
So my son and I decided to go to Camp Mather this summer for a week of rest and relaxation. For those of you that don't know what Camp Mather is, it is a camp in Yosemite owned and operated by the City of San francisco for the recreation of its residents. S.F. snagged this bucolic little place when they purchased Hetch-Hetchy watershed which provides water to San Fran.


I wondered what a gathering of 100 San Franciscan families would look like. I was surprised to find out t... read more
Sat, July 30, 2005 - 6:50 PM permalink - 5 comments
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