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Negative Spaces

Flamenco is a dance that comingles silence and percussion, stillness and motion, in an organic, human, and deeply sensual way. I suspect our lives would be far richer if we spoke with each other, and our loved ones in particular, in ways that used the Negative Spaces.

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Wool Removal

I curse the day I realized I could not make other people do things I wanted, because it was that day when I realized how helpless I had made myself. Self-loathing, however, does me no good, so I wouldn't go back for all the tea in China (presumably a lot of tea).

However, that "helpless" thing -- that was a good thing to overcome.

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Zombie vegetarians

Quick before I reconsider...

A rare IN FRONT of the camera appearance of yours truly.

My buddy needed zombies, so naturally, he thought of me. I didn't have the heart to tell him we'd already done this gag years earlier in Con of the Dead, but it was a fun afternoon anyway.

See if you can figure out which one's me:

and click on Zombie Vegetarians

(hint -- I was the one the director kept telling "Not quite so spastic." I figured if I was supposed to be dead, then my joints wouldn't be workin' so good.)

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Oh... sticky!

Been doing a bit of updating to the website.

Animated stick figures now allow for comments (they used to until someone tried hacking my server through my Perl).

And for those of you who've never SEEN my animated stick figures...


(not safe for work, probably)
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Somehow I don't think skipping steps on your staircase quite counts as parkour.

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The problem with a folder for sent emails... that you have an evergrowing list of people who can't, won't, or don't respond.

Been happening to me and those close to me in the past month or so. People just... blanking. And not on trivial stuff, but actual concerns, issues, and genuine questions or discussions.

Email, online, work-related -- in practically every communicative aspect of my life. It's as if a trependous Ennui spell has been cast or something.

Am I the only one this is happening to, or has there been some sort of flakiness wave that has passed over the world?

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"Holy cinnamon rolls, Batman!"

Why is it that religious figures appear in such mouthwatering things as tomatoes ( ), toast ( ), cinnamon rolls ( ), fish ( ), meat ( ), and tortillas ( ), but not in more humble objects, such as salad bars, piles of corpses, or poop? Surely that's got to happen. Surely that's got to be how [insert name of god here] shows that even in the most cruel and horrific and stinky things of life, the Holy Finger is there, guiding and creating Meaning.
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The cute -- it burns!

Ladies and gentlemen, Nikolai Tesla. He seems inordinately fond of my telephone and other electronics. He also appears to be the inspiration for monsters under the bed grabbing at your feet.

He is a hypoallergenic giant Siberian chirping kitty. He's a couple months old and already comparable in size to most adult Earth-type cats.

He does not like to sit still for photographs and the use of Acrylic Block Suspension has not been approved.
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Be Jerry Bruckheimer for a day!

Ever wanted to blow up a building, grow an extra limb, fly a helicopter into a combat zone, or rend flesh from the screaming remnants of humanity? Yeah, me too! 8)

"Flesh of my Flesh," a live-action zombie horror movie (with Lovecraftian undertones) based in Portland, Oregon, is on the final sweep of effects work and looking for a few good effects. Some of the effects still needed include helicopters flying, exploding, B52's on bombing runs, bombing runs, buildings going kablooey and a few more.

The shots are designed to be short -- a matter of seconds for each.

Doesn't matter what tools you have or use, as long as the result is an AVI file.

Compensation is full credit, and a copy of the finished DVD (well, also you can buy additional DVDs at cost). We are trying to push for completion by Autumn. You'll be working with the Director on this -- not a go-between. Several distributors have already expressed interest in FOMF, so one way or another, a venue is already lined up. It's a great way to get some feature credits on your budding reel, in any case! 8)

Guerrilla Productions ( has produced "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath," a feature-length animated adaptation of a novel by H. P. Lovecraft, as well as "The Cosmic Horror Fun-Pak," a collection of short films, both of which are commercially available. Other short films (not yet commercially available) include "Lord of the Rings: A Toroidal Epic," "The Statement of Randolph Carter," "Con of the Dead," "Run, Frodo, Run," "Manslugs! the making of a Sci-Fi Original," and "Cult of the Giant Brain." We're busy beavers, yes we are! If you go to the downloads section, you can find teasers for "Flesh of my Flesh" as well as a few other goodies. Oh yeah, and you can check out "Flesh of my Flesh" online at

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think would enjoy it. interested people, please drop an email to

Happy hunting!


Edward Martin III
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“But, but… I NEED an enemy!”

An awful lot of problems stop being “problems” once the other people involved aren’t being cast as “enemies.”

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