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Emmy Pearl

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last updated 04/30/07
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They like me, they really like me!

January 20, 2007
yes it is all true! she is an iridescent goddess! we have danced through the dawn, holding sacred space on the dance floor. this beautiful lady has brought so much magic in to my life. thanks girl!!!
December 5, 2005
I like you! I am glad that this hard core mama is up on my shit. I mean, get her on the dance floor immediately! Give her a paint brush, and check her right on down the scene. Keep on being you Miss Emmy Pearl, Big LOVE.

August 11, 2005
This fearless goddess has one of the most delicious sense of style! Her dance moves will inspire you to get up & shake your thang! Shes a wonderful friend whos presence is felt deeply by many. Take a moment to see the Divine in & through her. Her sense of family value & devotion to her intentional community brings a deep sense of joy, bliss & happiness to the circles everywhere! Lov'in You Emmy/ Goddess/Friend/ Dancing kin/Sista
July 24, 2005
Emmy is pretty damn close to an angel. Ok so she does devious things sometimes, (hey it was just the viper room bathroom) but she's very pure at heart and appreciates the simple things. I love Emmy! *does she come in doll size i wonder*
May 20, 2005
I don't know how to describe Emmy except for she is the nicest lady on the planet. And adorable too. We all love her!!!!!!!
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about me
I am a mama of a sweetpea Lily. I am a painter, photographer, and glassblower. I proudly work retail in NW trendy third at a fabulous store. I am an ever and constant observer of people, patterns, and structures. I am a friend and girlfriend. I am a dancer and try to be a catalyst for the creative energy flow between people on the dancefloor. I am a Taurus to the core, meaning that I am a bit possesive and hoardy of my treasures, but I really love many beings.
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~brainwaves~ or intangible ideas

I have no idea what is happening world event-wise, nor do I know anything about popular media...I rely on the messages of those around me- the "news" is flitered through mumblings and Did-You-Hear-About?s. So, if someone would please inform me- I'd like to know whats goin on...I do not watch TV or listen to the radio or read the paper anymore. Its pretty cool to hear about the important things rather than the collective conscious mind control gov't Information station. Let me know...
Mon, March 5, 2007 - 12:35 AM permalink - 8 comments
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This little ball of fur is the cutest most lovey little thing ever! I just wuv him so much!
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