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The few, the proud, the insane

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My inner child is a mean little fucker

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Oh the horror

September 27, 2007
I miss your mad oral skillz.
May 10, 2007
He is a Giant Sleeping Pill.
February 1, 2007
Dem *RED EYES* Melt me!
January 16, 2007
Has anyone ever told you that you're a pain in the ass? Just thought I would let you know (and everyone else who was too ignorant to know the truth).
January 3, 2007
delusions of grandeur...totally
god complex...absolutely

and yet strangely entertaining and hysterically funny I give him 2 thumbs up.
December 6, 2006
Oh what can I say about Endless.......

Well, since he doesn't call people back like he said he would (typical male), I'm just gonna type a bunch of random letters.... in all caps.... just cuz I can!


November 23, 2006
What can a sock puppet such as myself say about such as endless? He's the devil incarnate! Put on this Earth to show us the errors of our goody-two-shoes ways and namby-pamby thinking. Rock- or- Sock on, Endless, my man!
November 6, 2006
He has the cutest little blowhole.
October 30, 2006
LMAO Spanky just cracks me up.
October 29, 2006
How sick is it that I would get the same response from my son for saying that? haha! You just need a time out and maybe those guns taken away for a while! But your still my big boy!!
October 29, 2006
I wuv my wittle Endless-snooky-kins!! Oh WHOSE a big boy?? Whose my big boy?? YOU ARE!! Oh Yes you are!!!
October 23, 2006
OK, so we made out a little. And yes, technically there was some "under the zipper" action. But stealing my underwear is really crossing a line, yo.
offline 68
September 19, 2006
I have named thee... sweet's pussy posse protector!!

Quite honestly, I couldn't think of anybody more fitting to take on that roll. You must promise to fuck with any and all who stand in our way! pick on any who dare claim, they don't know the pussy posse.

or you just get a special spot on the profile!! haha
September 7, 2006
i first met endless when he was in canada on an undercover covert mision with some american agency or other. his car had broken down . i found him walking down a hill so i gave him a hand up to the back of my horse, got him to the bus depot and thought i would never see im again. then while vacationing in south florida, i was walking along the beach and i see a guy surrounded by girls in bikinis. he apparently had convinced them that ther was a state law forbidding the wearing of bikini tops, so they were all in the process of removing them. he waved at me, but was clearly too busy to talk. my next encounter was here on tribe. i has just joined a tribe for people recovering from pathological lying. he dropped out shortly after that and i haven't seen him since.
June 16, 2006
To the people who don't know me very well it might seem that Endless is all of the things I would not like in a person. Maybe they don't know me very well, or maybe they don't know him at all. I won't tell you how amazing he is because he wouldn't want you to know unless you earned it yourself, but I will say I am so glad I really looked and got to know him. and I'm not just saying that to kiss up for when he takes over the world(o;

May 5, 2006
No matter how stressed life gets, as long as Endless is out there wreaking havok among the masses I know that all is right with the world.

....All is right with the world
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